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    Zombie Escape Changelog

    So, I'm the new ZE Dev! I've been making many changes to the server based on what the community wants, and what the server needs. On this thread, I'll post all the changes I make to the server, major or minor. 4/7/16 Set all pistol ammo clip sizes to 100, except for the CZ75a, which is at 50. Set all rifles and snipers clip sizes to 50 bullets. Set every smg clip to 75 bullets. Set M249 and Negev's clip to 200 bullets (will probably nerf soon.) Added a Self-Mute option to mute players when no one is on (!sm). Added Night Vision Goggles (NVG) (beta). Added persistent !stopsound with clientprefs. Added colored chat for admins only in preperation for the shop plugin, in which colored text will be an option. Added a timeleft extension plugin (!addtime and !settime <seconds>) Added two new maps, Sorrento Escape Update 2016 (ze_sorrento_escape_v1) and Mako v5 (from css). Removed Sorrento XMAS and original Sorrento in place of the new Sorrento (most likely will add original Sorrento back). Added back ze_inboxed due to much community pestering (;~;). Removed ze_fire_emblem_beta due to it crashing the server often when played. 4/10/16 - Added new version of EntWatch, edited to fix the crashes with the !hud command, and edited plugin to allow the hud to be shown through a PrintHintText, at a smaller font to see powerup users and cooldown times. - Bound the NightVision command to <period (.)>. - Fixed some errors in the advertisment text. - Added a ButtonWatcher plugin to see who presses buttons (to see people who grief using buttons on maps like JurrasicPark.) - Added more EntWatch plugins to go with the new update and fix. 4/16/16 THE LONG AWAITED UPDATE - Store plugin has been added to ZE! Finally! - Changed human models from Spartans to standard CT / T models to accomodate the new Spartan models in the store. - Removed color text plugin due to some difficulties with titles. - Fixed particles and ammo after CS:GO server was updated. - Added the map ze_gris. 4/17/16 -Removed ze_DOOM_WAD due the map crashes the server on Level 3 (We found a new version of it). -AntiTeal added more titles to the store. -Reduced the price of the Pets in the store. -Buffed the regeneration of Mother Zombies and Infected Zombies: Mother Zombie regenerate 1hp every 0.5 seconds. Infected Zombies regenerate 5hp every 5 seconds. Old setting: Both zombies regen 5hp every 20 seconds. 4/20/16 -Removed almost all the custom titles. -Added Sawed-Off for testing purposes and to get opinion from regulars. -Removed ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_p8 to replace it with ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v5_3_v5. -Added rules to the MOTD. -Added one final model to the store Zero Suit Samus (Admins Only, it will be avaible to everyone when the event is over). Image is at the last post. 4/24/2016 -Added a !thirdperson plugin for both humans and zombies. -AntiTeal added a bunch of new maps: ze_sky_athletic ze_jurassicpark_csgo ze_boatescape_b5 ze_spacestation_sgfix ze_lila_panic_escape -Tested a map over 150MB. Yes, ze_Portal_Story_v3_2 is in our ze server, map exceeds over 150MB and it's playable, client can't download maps over 150MB if they're compressed, if you add it as a map only, it will load. With this mentioned, most of the maps over 150MB will be added on the future. 05/01/2016 -Removing rule of inboxed to prevent more bans in our servers, replacing it with a new version without the shortcut, thanks Jodas. -Added the happy command, similar to gimp in Garry's Mod. 05/04/2016 -Added ze_30_seconds__bb2 and ze_DOOM_p2. -Color chat is public and avaible in the store. -Console text changed from orange to green. -Surf Facility fixed and added back to our server. -Store discounts is over, everything is going back to the original prices (except color chat). 05/13/2016 -Molotovs now slow the zombies. -Players banned from powerups are able to appeal their ban. 05/20/16 -ZMish maps removed: *ze_defense3003 *ze_defensepart_escape *ze_escape_of_the_eye_p2 *ze_voodoo_islands -Zero Suit Samus avaible for all players. 06/05/2016 Following commands added: -sm_consolesay ''Display a message in front of the screen to all players'' -sm_leader ''The leader gets a big spray on him saying ''Defend here'', special perks, score, title and clantag, so new players can follow him'' -sm_mvp ''Set the MVP stars of a player'' -sm_score ''Set the score of a player'' -sm_clantag ''Changes the clantag of a player -sm_humanify ''A zombie is turned into a human and teleported to the human team'' -Sprays added 06/12/2016 -Server moved to Chicago: -Server tickrate changed to 64. Most of the AI bosses are working. -Added a gun shop, you use leftover money to buy guns, grenades, decoys and molly's. -Added and updated alot of maps. -Fixed entWatch on mako_reactor_p8 where it used to crash leveling materias. 06/25/2016 sorry for the late update. -Server went back to 32tick due lag issues on 64. -Store was removed for a week to get more players and it was added back Tuesday 21st. -Paidmins lost voting privileges. 19/05/2016 -Server went back to 64 tick. -Readded store -Updated the gunshop plugin -Removed maps over 150MB because new fastdl can't accept them. -5 new maps added and 2 of them updated. 07/27/2016 -Removed fall damage on humans. -Reduced drastically knockback on zombies. -Removed the human regeneration. -Added the Daily quest system. 08/29/2016 -Buffed the zombies health and regen: Mother Zombies: 12k Health and 100hp Regen x Second. Infected Zombies: 6k Health and 35hp Regen x Second. -Nerfed decoys freeze time to 3 seconds to 2. 09/13/2016 -Removed the freezenades completetly and replaced them with Slow Grenades. -Rescaled the zombies HP and Regeneration: Mother Zombies: 9khp, 50hp/sec Infected Zombies: 7.5khp, 35hp/sec 10/7/2016 -Increased knockback for zombies from 3 to 9. -Added a !crobot command to disable it. -Reduced ignite time on HE grenades. -The following weapons have been banned: -AWP -Scout -SCAR-20 -GS351 -p2000 -Added hint texts command for timers.