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  1. I think it'd be funny and useful to use clan funds to sponsor a child in Gaza for pennies a day. We'd get photos of them and updates throughout the year. Just think of all the moments we'd be missing out on if we didn't. First meal cooked for his family, first day of school, first day of ISIS training camp, first and last day of suicide bombing. It would be a blast. http://www.child-sponsorship.com/child_sponsor_gaza.html
  2. He's not from Nashville. In case you don't know what Nashville is, it's this place https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nashville,_Tennessee
  3. Idea to bring back Custom

    In other news I'll buy a microphone if we bring back DarkRP
  4. Or do we only play Minecraft maps these days.
  5. Jailbreak Night - Friday August 11th

    Uhhhh Maybe bc I fly back and move into my apartment that night I think
  6. Steam Summer Sale has Begun

    Disappointed in the Summer sale this year.

    Yo mia if ur reading this lemme slide in those dms like swag kelly
  8. Transgender Community

    I don't care if you're trans. I do get irked by Trans people who act super offended when someone doesn't find them attractive or considers it odd. If you're 20 years old when you transition, you've already developed physically as a male due to hormones. Your bone structure, muscle development, etc. by all means is that of a male. If you start taking estrogen and develop breasts, that doesn't mean you're a "woman" in the sense of physical looks. You still have the square jaw and build of a man, alongside the voice being different. By all biological means it isn't "normal" for a homo-sapien to change physical sex. Our bodies aren't equipped to do it like certain species of animals. People are going to find it odd and yes, you won't be treated normally by the vast majority of people. It's not because they're bigots, it's because it isn't natural whatsoever and somewhat awkward. I find irony in the general "YOU'RE A BIGOT AND HATEFUL PERSON" response because that group is literally a mirror of what it preaches against. People eventually get fed up with it and it just deepens the rift between groups. I have an issue with LGBTQ only communities because in essence, it's segregation and moves us further away from solving the climate surrounding it. To clarify; I don't have an issue with LGBTQ groups, just when they limit it to only members of that community. There was a movement at my college to have a black only "safespace" which was literally segregation. While I don't have an issue with transitioning, I do have a MASSIVE fucking issue with parents transitioning their kids at age 5 because he plays with barbies. That's way too fucking young for them to mentally even decide on that and there are millions of women who grew up as Tomboys who identify as women. There needs to be an age limit of some sort on transitioning because mentally children haven't developed to the point to decide. In terms of gender identity, I think it's this generations Freud and Jung. The attack helicopter joke exists for a reason, there is valid criticism of it. Oh and shameless pipe in for legal steroids. I don't understand why they aren't legal when transitioning is literally the same thing.
  9. Class Of 2017

    Wow i'm old

    Buy me ark and i'll tame a dino and murder a tribe of indigenous people in the name of america
  11. Post a picture of yourself

    Where are the Pupper pictures
  12. Anyone around from back in the day?

    Am I still not old yet fuck