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  1. Sure! Be sure to check out the other servers as well. Come stop by JB if you want to have some fun! 16/20
  2. Papyrus

    Can I get an Staff approval?

    xd epic prank
  3. Papyrus

    Hi Noobs

    Heya, Hows it going?
  4. Papyrus

    B t w

    Congrats! Actually thinking about proposing to my girl in the forseeable future. Currently have the engagement ring!
  5. Papyrus

    The Bens step down thread

    Thank you so much for all your hard work!
  6. Papyrus

    Hey Guys

    I miss you =[
  7. >Be me >Join Bhop for the first time in months >Some dude says "Are you cool enough to ref me" >Be cool guy now forever >10/10 17/20
  8. Papyrus

    Hello World!

    Welcome to the forums! Stop by JB Or MG sometimes if Nicole ever gets on
  9. Papyrus

    Stepping Down

    Thanks for everything! I’ll miss you bby
  10. Papyrus

    New donation from SmugJack

    What in the actual frick frack. I dont even have enough money to buy free games on steam
  11. Papyrus


    Welcome! Come stop by on csgo and get some toxic cancer that youve been missing out on q:^)
  12. Papyrus

    Jailbreak Server Suggestions

    I like the reducing prices on skins idea but maybe we could also incorporate a free/cheap skin so new players could have some freedom of choice and then unlock the other skins later. If I joined a new server, and saw that there was a cheap skin I could buy easily, i’d keep playing until I got that skin. Think of it as milestones. Just some thoughts.
  13. Papyrus

    Jailbreak revival?

    It's been a rough patch for JB down the line but honestly since we're able to get people on again we're actually getting new members. We need to do this routinely and try to convince new members to actually stay on the server when they come on. Best way to do it is explain the rules, don't be a killwhore towards them and once they get settled in just free kill them every round. ez pz right?
  14. Papyrus

    Destiny 2 Free Weekend

    isnt this game trash though? q:^)
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