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  1. C++ Coin Counter!

    This is a lot more simple than I thought when originally seeing the title. Good job my guy
  2. Papy's Whitelist[Approved]

    Ign: JustPapyrus How did find sG? Csgo Read Rules? Heck ye -fire emoji- -okay emoji- -100 emoji-
  3. Can you guess the word?

  4. Humble Bundle Tale Tell

    Right now theres a humble bundle going on for taletell and it has some good games. You can pick up the first walking dead for a dollar
  5. https://gyazo.com/84f649832b57793db608fd50947ef4d5 NOW I CAN GET PUBG q:^) p.s. Too lazy to use imgur to upload image. q:^) @Atari Breakout
  6. TTTGO Summer Event! (July 22nd-August 5th)

    Sign me up
  7. Finally completed my two year journey.

    Congratulations! I hope this college you got accepted into is prepared for Swed because if not they got a whole new thing coming their way =]
  8. Goodbye for a while everyone

    Booch you were so much fun to play with and dear god you were a good friend. I'm praying that you recover and that you get through this. If any chance you come back and read these know that we're all here openly for you and that you can message every single one of us if need be. Please take care
  9. I dont know what you would do for this but a suggestion like a Papy Fd? maybe unmute and is allowed to talk about spaghetti or something like that.

  10. TheOrangeGrape's Application [APPROVED]

    Conf, Another decent JB player that is helpful and thoughtful. He knows how to have fun and is still learning the ropes. Really cool guy =]
  11. List Of JailBreak LR's

    Cool i'll add these Lr's soon =]
  12. List Of JailBreak LR's

    Added Boosh q:^)
  13. List Of JailBreak LR's

    LR List currently updated q:^) Thanks for making JB great again
  14. Thanks Tackytime

    Am I too late for the free post?
  15. "New Thread New Me" -Killer 2016

    I noticed a lot of people on with me here