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  1. Sure! Be sure to check out the other servers as well. Come stop by JB if you want to have some fun! 16/20
  2. Papyrus

    Hi Noobs

    Heya, Hows it going?
  3. Papyrus

    B t w

    Congrats! Actually thinking about proposing to my girl in the forseeable future. Currently have the engagement ring!
  4. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
  5. >Be me >Join Bhop for the first time in months >Some dude says "Are you cool enough to ref me" >Be cool guy now forever >10/10 17/20
  6. Welcome to the forums! Stop by JB Or MG sometimes if Nicole ever gets on
  7. Papyrus

    Stepping Down

    Thanks for everything! I’ll miss you bby
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