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  1. waylon331

    Waylon's Application. [DENIED]

    ive been picking up shifts at work, so i can make that money and im busy tryin to set up a dnd session with buddies from work i apologise
  2. waylon331

    Night elf

    Note: we went to mirage and the same thing happened. so not just ice twerk note (2): all entangles are doing the same.
  3. waylon331

    Night elf

    Me and keeve around 8:42 pm pacific, discovered a bug on Icewerk. The entangle does not work when the person is on the ladder. They can move freely up and down the ladder. Without being entangled. basically bugged.
  4. waylon331

    War3 CS:GO 5v5 Competitive Tournament - Poll

    fuck off lol i still have other races up my sleeve
  5. waylon331

    War3 CS:GO 5v5 Competitive Tournament - Poll

    This would be great, I already play league draft matches. I know the rules and I am good to go. rottweiler ftw.
  6. waylon331

    Waylon's Application. [DENIED]

    uh huh, ya thats me. Ive changed cboy. im more laid back than ever. Im not letting people get under my skin
  7. Name: Waylon Age: 21 Location: Washington Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:104945986 Provide a link to your GameMe profile: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/978991 Favorite Server: (War3) About Yourself: (I am laid back. I enjoy a pat my back or keep it real mentality. If you got good knock knock jokes you my dude/girl.) Do you use a Microphone? (All the time) Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? (Thats a negative Ghost Rider.) Questions or Comments: (Due to not being able to find my original introduction, I had to create another.) Referrals (need at least one L2 or above): (sG | JahIsLove [SO]) Link to Introduction Thread:
  8. waylon331

    Love you

    Yo, its ya boy Waylon. It seems I should reintroduce myself as i've changed over the last couple years since I first joined the SG Forums. I am a semi-good looking dude, laid back and such. Unless you say something that sparks my anger issue. I can take a joke or two but if it gets out of hand Ill shut it down quickly. I enjoy playing cRPGs, anything DnD esque. I love the chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Bayern Munich (German (football) team in bavaria). Have any questions hit me up on steam or through the forum Have an awesome day. Love you.
  9. waylon331


    Do you guys not remember the Roll the Dice minigame in these kinds of servers? Like for example: You rolled a 1 and a 3, you would literally throw chickens out of your body for 10 seconds and then blow up
  10. waylon331


    Roll the dice.
  11. waylon331


    I was playing alistair on italy, and the krillin user used his ultimate and i was blinded for a good solid 10 seconds. I was just wondering why ali is immune to ults and abilities but is still affected by a flashbang effect ultimate?