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  1. jehovas witness

    The realist maybe back ;)

    he refused to where sgr tags he said because it's for bitches, then proceeds to mfk because he got his app revoked.
  2. jehovas witness

    Jailbreak: A Star Wars Story

    to be honest, i didnt think i would've won XD, congrats to everyone, specially Wolfshade, he spend his life on the server for the past week XD.
  3. jehovas witness


    Hey Young Fellow. Welcome to the forums. You should stop jailbreak sometime, fun server and funner events.
  4. jehovas witness

    Post a picture of yourself

    Pull your fucking pants up Do you not see his SUPREME underwear
  5. jehovas witness

    Post a picture of yourself

    Remember the Ratatouille guy? well this is him now, feel old yet?
  6. jehovas witness

    Lets pop the jb server!!!

    lets pop the sg server again. @fps_trucka, @Absolute_Zero and other jb regulars are on right now. 2 days ago we got it to 35+ wich hasnt hapend in over 6 months.
  7. jehovas witness

    Jahova's Application[Approved]

    IGN: BajinYemen (i was a BajanCanadian fanboy and im from yemen) how did i find sg: 3 years ago jb have i read the rules: yes
  8. jehovas witness

    New PC, Need Help!!

    Since my very old laptop has recently broken down, im building a new gaming pc with the buget of 650$. Because this is only to play low end games like csgo and league of legends for now, im not going to put a gpu in my build for now and have a decent rest of the build. I do plan to add a 1060 or better gpu in the near future. i already bought the Ram a while ago My build so far I dont know what mobo or case im going to get, but i have an idea, any sugestions would help NZXT Mid Tower Phanteks windowed mid tower MSI Atx Mobo