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  1. sign me up scotty
  2. that's very DISRESPECTful of you to post a fake face reveal
  3. i don't know if this is the right thread to post this in but the jb server hasn't been pop in a while and there's already 10+ people on the servers. let's get this server populated tonight. who's with me?
  4. had my mouse for about 2 years now, its been holding up very well but recently i left it out in the sun in 90 degree weather and my right click popped and broke. im looking for quality but mainly looking for durability because i need this to last for a while. Old Mouse
  5. made this one myself edit: oh shit i just realized i spelled forums wrong lol
  6. i didnt know u look sexy af [;
  7. We all new it was a joke when we heard this
  8. is it this?
  9. i played the trombone for two years, i stopped cause i moved and didn't have time to play it nor did i bother to join the school band.
  10. I've been looking into this for a long time now and I'm considering postponing my pc that I was going to build until zen comes out. I really want them to make a better gpu then the 1080, but hopefully it comes close. Im also expecting the 1080 to go down in price when zen drops.And the 7th gen cpus from intel were not much of an upgrade, so i may get it. hopefully it dosnt bottleneck your fps like it did with previous generations of processors.
  11. The ghosting would be real, so there should be a plug in where you can only spectate the hunter when your dead. and also when you dead you can see you teammates threw walls casue there outlined (even if you're spectating someone else) so that should be taken out to. but other then that i think this is a great idea
  12. i always dream of having a beard as good as yours
  13. about 80% of my friends smoke weed and they always offer it to me. Because of lack of sleep and me being on my computer 24/7 have bloodshot eyes, so everybody thought i was high all the time. recently i've been really tempted to do it since because someone of my close friends are doing it and how easily accessible it is but this made me actually think about it more.