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  1. Post a picture of yourself

    Remember the Ratatouille guy? well this is him now, feel old yet?
  2. Lets pop the jb server!!!

    lets pop the sg server again. @fps_trucka, @Absolute_Zero and other jb regulars are on right now. 2 days ago we got it to 35+ wich hasnt hapend in over 6 months.
  3. Jahova's Application[Approved]

    IGN: BajinYemen (i was a BajanCanadian fanboy and im from yemen) how did i find sg: 3 years ago jb have i read the rules: yes
  4. New PC, Need Help!!

    Since my very old laptop has recently broken down, im building a new gaming pc with the buget of 650$. Because this is only to play low end games like csgo and league of legends for now, im not going to put a gpu in my build for now and have a decent rest of the build. I do plan to add a 1060 or better gpu in the near future. i already bought the Ram a while ago My build so far I dont know what mobo or case im going to get, but i have an idea, any sugestions would help NZXT Mid Tower Phanteks windowed mid tower MSI Atx Mobo
  5. TTTGO Summer Event! (July 22nd-August 5th)

    sign me up scotty
  6. Post a picture of yourself

    that's very DISRESPECTful of you to post a fake face reveal
  7. POP JB!!!

    i don't know if this is the right thread to post this in but the jb server hasn't been pop in a while and there's already 10+ people on the servers. let's get this server populated tonight. who's with me?
  8. Mouse Suggestions

    had my mouse for about 2 years now, its been holding up very well but recently i left it out in the sun in 90 degree weather and my right click popped and broke. im looking for quality but mainly looking for durability because i need this to last for a while. Old Mouse
  9. *calling all meme lords* Show me your memes

    made this one myself edit: oh shit i just realized i spelled forums wrong lol
  10. Post a picture of yourself

    i didnt know u look sexy af [;
  11. Community Digest - 4/1/2017

    We all new it was a joke when we heard this
  12. Favorite dramatic sad song?

  13. I am looking for a specific video

    is it this?