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  1. -Sharp-

    Newest addition to sG

    Congrats tell her to get on that war3 server when possible lol.
  2. @Kojoun As Trav has said please don't shit talk on this app. current vote is still 2/20 I believe.
  3. -Sharp-

    TheLJH L1 App [PENDING]

    yes 6/20
  4. Damn never thought this shit would happen lol. Gonna have to give him that good ole hell fucking no. (wish I could vote no)
  5. -Sharp-

    Back at it again :-)

    Welcome back. Glad to see you playing war3.
  6. -Sharp-

    Kingpins Application [PENDING]

    love this guy on war3 3/20
  7. -Sharp-

    Free Game

    Bet! Thanks.
  8. -Sharp-


    gonna have to agree with this loser!!
  9. -Sharp-

    Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

  10. -Sharp-

    Happy birthday to sG’s favorite 13 year old

    Happy birthday
  11. -Sharp-

    I'm back

    Welcome back I already know @vexer will be trying to pop the JB server
  12. -Sharp-

    About my absence

    I'm sorry to hear about all of this had no idea! I hope you get better soon and goodluck with the surgery. miss seeing you around on the server.
  13. -Sharp-

    Stepping down as SO

    Thank you for everything you did sad to see you go again
  14. -Sharp-

    Booch's Step Down Thread

    IM GONNA MISS YOU BOOCHY PLEASE COME ON WHEN YOU CAN. Goodluck with your classes! I'm starting my junior year aswell kinda worried about it.
  15. -Sharp-

    Bought a 1080, should I be worried about temps?

    I have a 1080 and only two fans. Never have had a problem with mine and I bet your airflow is better than mine lol.