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  1. Harmy's Application [PENDING]

    For the little time ive played ZE i saw you on and you seemed nice... so ill Ref you Feel like they are taking a joke to far. don't make me regret this plz!
  2. Start's Application [PENDING]

    Good guy, been around for a long time seen him on war3 too Ref 4/20
  3. Race name change

    I actually really like this, it suits the race better.
  4. just for you sweet pea

  5. War3 pop

    Last night or this morning lol, we had full population on war3! I just wanted to say nice job guys for poping the server and with that many people on its always more fun to be on! Also maybe we could try poping the server not at 2 in the morning @JahIsLove @ATG_AGENT @Grincch @Star @Serif The Sheriff Also wanted to say thanks for these people who play and make the server more fun and help pop it
  6. School Survey

    Anything for you Cat-o! Also, I know other people have said it but I don't get the last question you are trying to ask lol.
  7. Greetings

    Well Welcome! seen you on war3 a lot glad you decided to join the fourms!
  8. Willy's sG application [APPROVED]

    ref only heard good things about this guy and is active
  9. Im 17 now :P

    When IT HITS you that I'm only 15 and Rock is 17. BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  10. :^)

    Well, its good to hear from you glad you are doing great in boot camp lol. But to answer your questions War3 is pretty good getting decent server pop, JB is still kinda dead with players getting on a little bit, And idk why there are so many RO's good question
  11. Stepping Down

    Its sad to see you go played with you a bit and seen you on a lot good luck with school and finding that collage!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! @TotesMagoats Even though you are not that active...
  13. Ice's Application [APPROVED]

    Ref, seen him on the servers a bit and active on the forums helping with problems where he can Ref count 19/20 (including me)
  14. Invisible Textures

    Well since Face and other Staff members know about the issue and they have not said anything about it. So I guess its fine to play the races and using the "broken" abilities Ps I could be completely wrong but I'm guessing its fine for now.
  15. Guardian's App [APPROVED]

    will ref seen him on seems like a good member +1 18/20