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  1. Hello. :)

    Welcome to the forums you should play War3 sometime!
  2. Las Vegas Shooting Massacre

    One of my bestfriends live in Las Vegas and i cant get in contact with him... praying he is okay. Dont understand why people do this like wtf.
  3. The Great Debate - +Damage and Molly Damage

    THEY ARE STILL GOOD. just not broken
  4. not alot of people on war3 server anymore

    Well I try to get on everyday and I pretty much do but classes and just sports are getting in the way a lot. but i'm on by like 5 every evening to play!
  5. Stepping down

    I'm a few days late to this but idk how surf is gonna run without you man! Thanks for everything if you need anything let me know.
  6. If u blink u miss 2 h of editing

    So a rust Fragmovie? uh okay, nice!
  7. Zombie Escape: Feedback Thread

    So I don't really play ZE but I do like it a lot, and I feel like if there was like an overview of the map it would be helpful on where to go when you start off... idk just thinking
  8. New donation from Leeroy

    Thank you!
  9. Player Feedback Needed

    honestly, I want it to be balanced and not one race overall (kadgar) but I don't want it to be perfect like all races are GREAT. It makes it more fun to play underplayed races, or not as good races and kill cocky motherfuckers like Marzu with a bad race.... ALL IM SAYING. ps. would have commented earlier but have been LOA for the past week
  10. Happy birthday Yunki!

    Happy B-Day man!
  11. Salutations

    Welcome to the fourms!
  12. Console gaming

    I have a Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, and a ps3 and 4. But I mainly just play PC now. #PCMASTERRACE
  13. 0 Players Online - No Incentive To Wait

    Yeah i agree, even if they dont give a lot or any xp it would still be fun to bhop and one tap some bots here and there just my imput.
  14. Picture of your Favorite Car

  15. Petition to reinstate No Balls Rule

    I thought this was a joke when I saw the thread. A lot of players that are on war3, JB, etc, are younger kids, yes they can be hard to deal with, but they just want to have fun. Plus we were all younger like them before. cut them some slack.