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  1. Tier Listings

    How is Elemental a "B-Tier" race I mean that thing should be S tier I TOP FRAG OVER THE WHOLE SERVER WHEN I PLAY IT. Edit: A lot of these races like swat officer being "C-Tier" is kinda crazy I think this race has better base skills than most "B-tier" races?
  2. My introduction!

    Welcome and since @Lindsay doesnt claim you, I will
  3. Don't have a team, but would love to play in it so if anyone needs a player i'm open.
  4. I Am Back BABY!!

    Welcome back. Please come to war3
  5. Happy Birthday BullDog!

  6. Happy Birthday Turtle!

    Happy birthday!!
  7. Favorite Mercenary down

    OUCH! Sorry to hear that man. or other superhero movies, I think are really good. Also "The 100" I enjoyed a lot while watching. Hope you get better soon man!
  8. [Race] Soldier of Sol

    like the race a lot... nothing like it on the server seems interesting IT KINDA COUNTERS ELEMENTAL REEEE
  9. pudge vs forest elf

    while forest elf is in the air he does not get pulled by pudges hook
  10. ashleyann23

    Welcome to the fourms
  11. Happy birthday Jah!

    @JahIsLove JUST SAW THIS wanted to say happy birthday thank you for all the time and effort you spend on war3 and for the community... YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND <3
  12. Map XP bonus

    I agree, again not my words but the way to fix this is suggest new and GOOD maps.
  13. Gremlin

    I like the race idea. But I feel like it would be WAY too strong in some areas like the "Foul ball" or "What is that?" or even "pariah's touch" I mean these things alone can counter a lot of races (any race with an awp (ex. Archimonde, Accuri, Master Sniper). Also, the nade that makes it where the enemy drops their weapon and then turns around... sounds like Lady Hede but worse especially since this is a gun race. I just think most of these skills can counter a race by themselves without help from the rest of them. Kinda like there are too many stacking abilities on the race at once?
  14. Map XP bonus

    Well, honestly I feel like we just need to wait until more maps are added... Once that happens we will have more maps with 20%, and the maps with 20% that we don't like (institute) we would play a lot less. Ps. I've talked to Music about it and he's said that "people don't like change and that we just need to get used to it" so I believe the map will stay, but he said that he will be adding new maps soon and would love suggestions if you just make a forum post about it or use the one fearless made.
  15. War3 Survey Results