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  1. 1st and I would love too! steam id : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198236865240/
  2. RTD

    no I know but since we have it I just said idk how
  3. RTD

    um idk how.
  4. Aye whats up

    Welcome! Glad to see you wanted to start fresh with sG. stop by the war3 server sometime its fun
  5. Fortnite + Tornado = I don't mind dying while gaming

    I bought it and I play with some of my friends its really fun!
  6. Lets make a story only two words!

    South America
  7. Games to play?

    LOL thanks man!
  8. Games to play?

    Thank you both I will look into most of these! <3
  9. Games to play?

    So I play cs and other popular games but I was corious if anyone had some good games I could play?
  10. Post your favourite Dish's or recipes.

    I really like Crab Cakes. I just think they are so good and I don't know the recipe since my mom makes them lol.
  11. America's 43 most and least trusted professions

    Tbh, this list does not surprise me really. Its just society these days
  12. hi

    I have played TERA in the past... currently don't have it downloaded. But hope you have fun
  13. 0.0000001% WAR3 PLAYER CLUB

    two problems with this. 1. I am the retarded one. 2. We don't live in Greenville but ill take it? Thanks tho @zebra ps. look at our KD oof we just too good xD
  14. hi

    Welcome! what mmorpg do you like playing? I play a lot of them.
  15. Happy Birthday Beerman!!!

    Happy B-Day hope 40 treats you well.