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  1. Theres a bug on night elf elder where when someone gets too close to you, you come out of invis and aren't able to shoot at all.Unless you go back invis and come out again which takes too long and you are dead by that time
  2. Nav

    JahIsLoved application [APPROVED]

    Ref jah is amazing and always trys his best to populate the war 3 server and greets everyone that joins He deserves SO
  3. Nav


    AtomicBlade78 CSGO Yupper
  4. Nav

    Weeb birthday

    Happy Brithday You SN @Shiro
  5. Nav

    sG official YouTube channel

    I have no experience at all which makes me 100% down
  6. Nav

    Iherdcows Resignation

    Noooooo not cows ;-; ill miss you
  7. Nav

    Who wants their voice in jailbreak?

    I vote @The Lowki
  8. Nav

    Piggy piggy

    Happy oinkday!
  9. Nav

    Youre a nerd

    HAPY BIRTHDAY @im meanryd ill boost u in league
  10. Nav

    Post a picture of yourself

    Cute dog The voice doesn't match the face XD
  11. Nav

    Mouse Problem

    I have tried using different usb ports I'm braindead how do I check the drivers? Fairly new mouse I don't consider myself a heavy clicker at least I don't think I click too hard Do you think that it doesn't help that I play league and I click m1 a lot @Karma @water.exe
  12. Nav

    Mouse Problem

    So idk why but randomly my mouse starts picking up feed back on mouse 1 or 2 and just holds it down like if I just move my mouse up or down it starts highlighting stuff or picking up stuff If I try to change a browser or something I haven't really done anything to affect my mouse it started today when I got on but yesterday it was fine Pls helperino I'm not even holding down^ Or like this happens in team speak just by using scrollwheel
  13. Nav

    Banned from CS:GO

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yo wtf do u have saved on ur gyazo tho lol
  14. Nav

    Step down thread [Denied]

    Ty for your work Will be missed
  15. R.I.P Only reason I know him is from the cod zombies dlc