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  1. JahIsLoved application [APPROVED]

    Ref jah is amazing and always trys his best to populate the war 3 server and greets everyone that joins He deserves SO

    AtomicBlade78 CSGO Yupper
  3. Weeb birthday

    Happy Brithday You SN @Shiro
  4. sG official YouTube channel

    I have no experience at all which makes me 100% down
  5. Iherdcows Resignation

    Noooooo not cows ;-; ill miss you
  6. Who wants their voice in jailbreak?

    I vote @The Lowki
  7. Piggy piggy

    Happy oinkday!
  8. Youre a nerd

    HAPY BIRTHDAY @im meanryd ill boost u in league
  9. Post a picture of yourself

    Cute dog The voice doesn't match the face XD
  10. Mouse Problem

    I have tried using different usb ports I'm braindead how do I check the drivers? Fairly new mouse I don't consider myself a heavy clicker at least I don't think I click too hard Do you think that it doesn't help that I play league and I click m1 a lot @Karma @water.exe
  11. Mouse Problem

    So idk why but randomly my mouse starts picking up feed back on mouse 1 or 2 and just holds it down like if I just move my mouse up or down it starts highlighting stuff or picking up stuff If I try to change a browser or something I haven't really done anything to affect my mouse it started today when I got on but yesterday it was fine Pls helperino I'm not even holding down^ Or like this happens in team speak just by using scrollwheel
  12. Banned from CS:GO

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yo wtf do u have saved on ur gyazo tho lol
  13. Step down thread [Denied]

    Ty for your work Will be missed
  14. R.I.P Only reason I know him is from the cod zombies dlc
  15. introduction?