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  1. You can always wait for a steam sale. You can also get games through other ways
  2. You darn hippies
  3. Welcome cat
  4. $20 steam gift card, $20 game, or Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  5. congrats Branden, nice raps
  6. Do kills after the round ends count?
  7. Welcome to the fourms. Check out our csgo servers if you can
  8. I have heard that switching your router setting to 5g from 24g will increase your speed
  9. Welcome to the fourms!
  10. Happy birthday Same here.
  11. Need a team MrKon#1191 http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/881352 Won't be able to play.
  12. My friends were playing DnD decided to make a character for me who was a Chinese gangster called Mr.Kon and it ended up sticking as a nickname.
  13. Good bye, good luck, and thank you.
  14. What if they kill the pope? Do they just say oh well and elect a new one?