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  1. What's your favorite video game?

    super smash bros melee.
  2. still new sorry for being a newb

    it's best to keep these appropriate to their topic. this would be considered spam, not a meaningful, insightful post about war 3. on a lowkey note, if you want posts for sG application, browse some other sort of subforum and see what you like, the pub has some interesting topics to chime in on, also try not to "shitpost"*, we all spot em out. *a worthless post on a forum (or etc). and yes this counts as a post. a "shitpost"
  3. Post a picture of yourself

  4. If u blink u miss 2 h of editing

    just the inspiration I need to get back into rust. nutty shot gun kills.
  5. Custom TTT Feedback

    !trainfuck please.
  6. I'm super critical of jb, I meme on jb alot. "ay another jb thread, good read, same time next week" no amount of pop jb threads will revive jb. nobody wants to play jb anymore guys, and if it's true that pubg is the reason that csgo community servers are losing pop, we should have focus on pubg. things come and go, time keeps moving, people change, we adapt. alot of our members are already playing pubg religiously, use that to our advantage.
  7. JB Population/Competition

    ay! a pop jb thread, good read. same time next week.
  8. Populate sG servers and JB!

    I swear i've read this before somewhere..
  9. keep me out of this shit @October. dont let me catch you with a link.
  10. When do you normally go to bed ?

    10pm wake up for 7am.
  11. panhandlers and homeless people everywhere. There is this place here called "tent city"; that's where a large portion of the homeless people tend to hangout. You can also spot them on any street, any intersection, and any corner. I've noticed a few "No panhandling" signs at intersections but that doesn't stop anyone from begging, had the occasional homeless guy come up to the window and ask for change.
  12. Mouse Suggestions

    make sure to get it chroma cause COLORS!
  13. Look what i unboxed

    was a good week for sG people.
  14. DannyShr's Application [APPROVED]

    confirm. is a really good paidmin, a better memer, alot of people know you on the server, you've solidified your spot as a regular, let's get you some tags.