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  1. youre an idiot

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    2. Hei


      everyone on sg I talked to started just replying with "kys" so I fucking lost it

    3. Zip
    4. Hei


      yeah I knew that no one liked me in the first place

  2. wait I thought u were leaving
  3. @Bulldonger affirmative
  4. @DR3Y @DR3Y @DR3Y
  5. Pike is like silver 2
  6. papas is barely played now so ya
  7. wait who are you again?
  8. I just wanted to know who swims cause I guess swimmers are rare nowadays & I wanna know your 50 free :]
  9. lol sg jb rules are too strict compared to other servers
  10. If you're going that far to smoke weed why make it into an edible if it's not for hidden purposes
  11. having good lungs
  12. maybe don't smoke weed at all
  13. wait I'm not really caught up on Star Wars but there's only 2 Jedi????
  14. wait who r u