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  1. spiderpigrider


    Welcome boss
  2. spiderpigrider

    PC Build/Pre-built deals?

    Nzxt’s website has a prebuilt thing where you choose your price range, built type (intel or amd) and what 3 main games you plan on playing. They make a prebuilt to fit your options and gives you an estimate FPS you are gonna get with the build.
  3. spiderpigrider

    Im graduating and thats epic

    Class of 2019
  4. spiderpigrider

    How old are you suppose to be now

    @BabyNicol3 Happy Birthday you toxic Bastard!
  5. spiderpigrider

    Jailbreak Revival

    I agree with Booch. Remove maps that kill the pop for now. Maybe if the ENGs have time, they can add a plug in that require new players to play a certain amount of time for CT Revision of the Rules (Killwhoring and etc)
  6. spiderpigrider

    Stepping Down

    Welp, you will be missed. Thank you for all that you did for JB.
  7. spiderpigrider

    Minigames Mapping Contest

  8. spiderpigrider


    Happy birthday ya hopper
  9. spiderpigrider

    Trelvick's Application [PENDING]

    https://plays.tv/video/58676a8d47a8d6da30/proof You've seen the video... 10/10 worst person 8/30
  10. spiderpigrider

    Totally new SG person

    shitty person but welcome
  11. Kys blue 17/30 Shitty comp player. Baits me every chance he gets and makes weird sounds with tongue. Edit: looks like I did the one thing he said not to do...
  12. spiderpigrider

    sG | Sunday Funday - May

    I'm always going to startle the witch when we play L4D2
  13. spiderpigrider


  14. spiderpigrider

    Community Vote to Remove de_hamsters

    @LindsayLoo REMOVE THIS GOD AWFUL MAP Thank you
  15. spiderpigrider

    New donation from sweetrock

    Thank you boss
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