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  1. New RPG Surf Rule Implentation

    I like if you have around 5 seconds of spawn protecton
  2. RPG Surf Mini Event; Wednesday to Wednesday!

    Please pop my butiful server
  3. Happy birthday Midnightx!

    Thanks bros
  4. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Official Trailer

    the no season pass is very unexpected hopefully it has more content then the first game
  5. Can we revive surf

    Surf rpg has been dead for a long time now and i think it needs a change to try revive the server mabye a new rpg plugin would help or something.
  6. First game you played as a kid

    I was given Half life 1 and cs 1.6 from my uncle. i was 6
  7. Can we try to find some new maps for Surf rpg?

    When the guns think didn't work we had to play like that. alot of people really did not like it and we lost a ton of population on the server. But that was back in the good days.
  8. Halloween

    Im gonna be going as a 1950's bully
  9. I had a question about If It is okay to find maps to play from differnt servers and bring it to these.
  10. I think if we find some new maps for the surf rpg server we can try to revive this dead server with new content
  11. Please fix surf rpg

    Surf rpg Doesnt have all talk any more its really has gone down hill please fix the all talk