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  1. LunaBadger

    Necromancer/reanimated feedback

    A lot of it is just massive Nerf. The damage reduction was really strong and the range on exploding corpses was ludicrous. I understand the shock value of instantaneous reanimation, but maybe have it be delayed a little or affected by distance to the caster. Plus it would be nice as a reanimated to have a little warning first. Reanimated seemed fine and fair. It was fun the hectic battles of trying to run away from and kill them while also worrying about the necromancer maybe peeking you. Overall it was playable against. I spent most the time playing scourge though because movespeed is bae. The necromancer farmed kills like crazy through reanimating. If a teammate did enough damage and was reanimated the poison from corpse explosion netted a lot of finishers. All in all was neat. I'm not sure if I would rather it stay strong and event only or be released as playable.
  2. LunaBadger

    Halloween War3 Event

    Woo! I made number 10!
  3. LunaBadger

    Halloween War3 Event

    Nobody. Nobody won.
  4. LunaBadger

    No love for war3 stats

    Remember what top 10 tho
  5. LunaBadger

    Those damn ghosts and their casual ghosting

    Psh leave it! I'm not saying I do it, but casual ghosterino is casual fam.
  6. LunaBadger

    Halloween War3 Event

    That's what I'm talking about
  7. LunaBadger

    Everything we know is wrong

    no no no no this is not the way Shodscroll is number one
  8. LunaBadger

    Everything we know is wrong

    Cash is bae tbf Lol shod doesn't even play anymore what is this
  9. LunaBadger

    Respawn toggle bind

    nerd it's only scripting if it's an outside script, duh
  10. LunaBadger

    Respawn toggle bind

    mine is better
  11. LunaBadger

    WAR3 Map Suggestions

    Since Jah is resurrecting the thread: de_log does have minor issues regarding the bomb. If it gets dropped in T spawn, it will drop below the map and become irretrievable.
  12. LunaBadger

    Staff Changes - 10/1/18

    @Bear-Man-Thing congratulations! I like their pick with you. @ATG_AGENT thanks for being advisor for while you were! Have fun in a place not quite America.
  13. LunaBadger

    A halloween war3 event

    Resounding yes from me!
  14. LunaBadger

    Missing Mini Maps

    Added de_dust_css Added cs_compound_gc_sgfix1_1 Compound has three levels, I'd recommend using them all; you might be able to get away with just the regular one and the lower one.
  15. LunaBadger

    Missing Mini Maps

    Added de_speedcastle_sgfix. Could anyone shoot me the .nav files for de_dust_css? I don't want to sit while my computer generates that, lol. Added de_piranesi_csgo cs_compound_gc_sgfix1_1 will be next. I might look into recompiling it if staff are willing to replace it on the server; the current version has a broken/missing texture.