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  1. LunaBadger

    Opinions are cool

    Maybe instead of making who-knows-what-this-item-does cheaper how hard would it be to "shopinfo shopitem"?
  2. LunaBadger

    Skin Colored Green

  3. LunaBadger

    War3 Stray Sunday

    Never is it okay to force a person to play a race unless they are over using a race in my opinion. My only goal, much like the next Joe, is to level, but god damn would I slander and smear this shit more than CE were I forced into a character I do not *want* to play.
  4. LunaBadger

    anyone who plays war3

    I'm not saying he can't; I'm just looking at his posts and saying I would love to give him a step by step for his goals in this new environment. Unfortunately his and my time schedules don't align often. I'm not always or frequently available to talk to him for guidance which to me he seems to be asking for. It seems something he's excited about; so I want to encourage him where I can.
  5. LunaBadger

    anyone who plays war3

    @JahIsLove Hey bud, you might want to start adding SG members to your friends list and talking to them on steam to help you out. You're not doing too poorly so far, but I know some people might end up becoming upset by, your words, ignorance of forum procedure. If I am ever online on Steam, send me a message and I will do my best to give you instructions and information for this whole process. You'll be a part of SG easily enough. All you need is a bit more information on a personal level. Half alone the War3 server could get you into the clan/group/syndicate, but by and large you need a few of the part time others (on War3) or the part of the SG community that makes up the other servers. I would love to give you a referral, but I can't- I'm not an SG member, right? Anyway, I'm glad you are on the forums, Jah. This place has needed your presence for a good while. Alternatively, if you would like, I could give you a rundown on private messages and send you some instructions VIA that method until you caught on. I love ya buddy; I'm glad to see you here. Regards, /Toad
  6. LunaBadger

    [Race] Murlock Fowlomancer

    Ha ha ha! That sounds like a good de_inferno race! I thought you should know that Fowl Aura sparked an idea for me. At first I read it I saw Fowl and Aura so I wondered if maybe it was gonna affect races with low grav or flying races or something- which would be interesting to see on a race. Make it so people that fly get sucked in toward a target or crosshair but that's a new tangent- but it started me on wondering about what kind of classifications we have for races. We all know that Holy races rape Undead races in terms of damage dealt, so it just made me think that maybe we should start pushing for classifying races based on certain traits such as Race and Class and see if we can get some pseudo MTG/Pokémon/AOE counter shit going on beyond 'oh this class with these skills play that class with those skills'. I think it would open up more avenues for not only experienced players, but also players that really just want to focus on leveling without having to worry about 'try-hard' or what have you players. Anyway, I wanted to share this with you because I think you'd be able to take this idea and make something out of it for the engineers to work with.
  7. LunaBadger


    The one and only!
  8. LunaBadger

    War3 Supporter Benefits and Suggestions

    Yea no money. Otherwise I'm not really supporting the server, innit? I really like the levelbank idea Frankly I feel like you are going to have a better pool of race ideas in the suggestion forum, and that you oughta work off those anyway. I guess I'd use that were I to- well, i'd take the level bank a couple times so I could max up these knife races. But past that- id mainly just hound ya to make some of those other ideas. maybe a reward would be super supporter for a month- 1 extra xp% and three cash rounds or something. That'd be a neat gift. Wins for everyone, too.
  9. LunaBadger

    Item Purchases

    I think for me its just because its never really been clear whether damage received is physical or magical. I don't know how many abilities deal one or the other- but my general tactic is just play tank or don't get hit
  10. LunaBadger

    Visual Bug

    It's a hit and miss thing. Next time I have the opportunity I'll record a demo for you. I don't know if it will record what all ought be. I think it might be something outside of the mod to be fixed. It's hard to point out the CS:GO update that ruined the whole thing.
  11. LunaBadger

    Restricting movement skills

    Yea you're right, fuck autocorrect. It's what it is. I mean, I can hardly say, I'm probably off for another few months- until then I'll periodically check in. I don't know- the culture that inhabits War3 (myself included) is 'you're trash get good'- which is entirely backward due to the constant 'lol this is casual' attitude. Honestly, unless SG, as a whole, takes a stance against 'gatekeeping', it will die a slow, hemorrhaging death.
  12. LunaBadger

    Restricting movement skills

    @B-cock #1 lol trust the SOS that's a good one. I kid, but frankly two or three people cant be the only people there to instruct and inform newcomers. Ideally the community would come together to make it inviting, but this is SG- if it's not toxic it's not SG.
  13. LunaBadger

    Restricting movement skills

    Cycling through all the commands War3help (or w/e shorter text) for commands and info Raceinfo [race name] to find out more about a specific race Skillsinfo for quickly finding out what your race does Changerace [race name] lets you quickly change to a race you want to play Shopmenu lets you buy useful items that enhance your abilities Shopinfo will tell you about shop items and what they do Or something that goes over general abilities Invisibility will make your player and gun model transparent Leech will give you a percent health back for damage you deal Long jump increases the distance you travel in air There are two types of teleport: blink and lunge. The former is an instantaneous travel of distance where as the other acts as a sort of long jump. When using a lunge type teleport (see Human Alliance) make sure to aim up a little and jump so your teleport isn't wasted. Stuff like that The FAQ of War3.
  14. LunaBadger

    Restricting movement skills

    Really the best thing for the server, in my opinion, would be making all the resources a lot more intuitive. Shopinfo is a mess, and is there a specific reason it doesnt operate similar to raceinfo (raceinfo [race name])? Newcomers into the server really rely on the server not being in a toxic mood at the time. I feel like we could add a few more useful automated messages to the chat scroll. For me it is easy to say, dont like beimg spawn killed? Play a tank or a leech- play a speed and get out of spawn. Newcomers aren't going to know or understand that, and the regulars that "aren't as good" have already resigned to their "place" on the server. The answer should never be "remove/reduce a feature".