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  1. LunaBadger

    Orcish Horde - sG|Warcraft Mod Race Guide #3

    Good work. When you make a video on commands there is also the third spawn option _none. I might recommend making the music a little quieter, but neat video.
  2. LunaBadger

    Missing Mini Maps

    Added de_frost_se I do need to fix a thing on it, but I have to figure out how I want to do it. Whether well or poorly and so forth. Make a mention here if there's specific things you want retooled on the minimap.
  3. LunaBadger

    Missing Mini Maps

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mWlSYyVhWoMdfeD7cgQg82PX1bu7N5Qt Here's got de_icewerk_csgo. Dolls is already done, but I'll add it to the Google Drive folder I have. It didn't take me this long to do one; icewerk's is minimal effort and it's kind of weird, but largely functional. Militia is fucking weird with so many levels to it, it will be a project for tomorrow. e. Never mind that. idk what I was thinking. Just rename Valve Militia duh.
  4. Spectre can use zeus during ult.
  5. LunaBadger

    Missing Mini Maps

    Hey y'all, If you find a map without a minimap go ahead and post it here. I'm getting kinda bored of the game so I need something else to do to occupy meself. Just let me know what maps need one and I'll look into making one for someone to add to the server. Google Drive Folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mWlSYyVhWoMdfeD7cgQg82PX1bu7N5Qt?usp=sharing If you want to install these files before an admin adds them simply download to <game dir>\resource\overviews Boot and enjoy! Contains de_icewerk_csgo cs_militia_2 de_dolls_sgfix_v2-1 de_cambodia_final de_frost_se Also, they're going to look like shit. I am not an artistic person and am fairly lazy. I'll revisit the images eventually, but just the function of a radar is nice. If you want to help out just ask and I will point the way for you.
  6. LunaBadger

    Default - sG|Warcraft Mod Race Guide Video #2

    Neat. I'ma need you to censor me name in future videos. The shame is too great.
  7. LunaBadger

    Business name suggestions?

    It's never too late to rebrand, Rock.
  8. LunaBadger

    Business name suggestions?

    terrorists are gonna bomb it tho thinking its a site. E. I have a cafe near me called the Let's Play Cafe, neat little arcade and board game bit. Maybe something like, "The Laggy Lager". Have a theme beyond bar arcade?
  9. LunaBadger

    Lilith Invis w/ Hostage

    Lilith can go invis with hostie
  10. LunaBadger

    Undead Scourge Race Breakdown Video

    until the third week when it repeats* because rotd is a myth.
  11. LunaBadger

    Undead Scourge Race Breakdown Video

    That's neat. Undead Scourge is also known for being underpowered and in need of a buff. That resolution tho That left hand tho oh dear. Nah, nice video though, bud. Neat content.
  12. LunaBadger

    No Suicides on Pre-game?

    Oh, okay. May I ask what was getting abused?
  13. LunaBadger

    Shade Runner Can buy MP7

    Is this intended? Also I forgot to mention the pistols deal the bonus damage as well. Is the bonus damage supposed to proc every hit? I've had it skip a few as I dueled with Hawk who was on a Shade Runner as well.
  14. LunaBadger

    No Suicides on Pre-game?

    Is there a reason that suicide ("kill" in console) is not allowed before there are players on either team?
  15. LunaBadger


    Who wrote this for her?