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  1. LunaBadger


    Someone wanna give me hella spoilers since I haven't watched since, like, season 5?
  2. LunaBadger


    add a row of points for the start. alive is one point across the board, dead is potential second point bonus or bust are WW guesses mandatory? i never really looked into that, i just figured non-ww guesses were safe enough
  3. LunaBadger


    i feel exposed
  4. LunaBadger

    New donation from LunaBadger

    Thank you, LunaBadger for your donation of 15.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  5. LunaBadger

    What the hell happened?

    Just between new games and school I think most people stopped playing. I'm sure there'll be a small increase during summer. It became a lot of the same old same old. Face doesn't have enough time to make the changes that people want to keep themselves interested.
  6. LunaBadger

    Dealing with Hackers

    u @(player) is prolly cheating ` record (player)obvihacks u @(player) is prolly using (type of cheats)
  7. welcome back u dumb nerd


    war3 dead tho good luck

    1. Destin


      yeah I just surf now

  8. LunaBadger

    Thor crashes server on round start

    That's what you get for playing such a shit tier race
  9. First skill on Alistair declares increasing immunity to abilities and ultimates. Is affected by Glacius ice prison or w/e it's called. The snare ability.
  10. LunaBadger

    Goliath Ult Not working

    Well, I'll be on today from now til 9 unless something comes up. Otherwise I will probably be on tomorrow from noon to nine as well if you want to do some empirical testing.
  11. LunaBadger

    Goliath Ult Not working

    A lot of bonus damages often go through evasion. It might be working as intended
  12. LunaBadger

    Christmas Nightmare Teaser

    Wat. Disable that HUD nerd.
  13. LunaBadger

    Necromancer/reanimated feedback

    A lot of it is just massive Nerf. The damage reduction was really strong and the range on exploding corpses was ludicrous. I understand the shock value of instantaneous reanimation, but maybe have it be delayed a little or affected by distance to the caster. Plus it would be nice as a reanimated to have a little warning first. Reanimated seemed fine and fair. It was fun the hectic battles of trying to run away from and kill them while also worrying about the necromancer maybe peeking you. Overall it was playable against. I spent most the time playing scourge though because movespeed is bae. The necromancer farmed kills like crazy through reanimating. If a teammate did enough damage and was reanimated the poison from corpse explosion netted a lot of finishers. All in all was neat. I'm not sure if I would rather it stay strong and event only or be released as playable.
  14. LunaBadger

    Halloween War3 Event

    Woo! I made number 10!
  15. LunaBadger

    Halloween War3 Event

    Nobody. Nobody won.
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