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  1. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    Arma 3 ?

    Yeah I've been wanting to get into a unit doing some Tfar stuff
  2. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    Arma 3 ?

    Does anyone here play Arma 3 at all? I've recently started getting into it and thought it would be cool to try to put together events and such in sG utilizing Arma
  3. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    The Haunting of Hill House

    This show on netflix is fucking amazing. Great attention to detail and the story telling is incredible. It's a bit jumpy so if you have trouble understanding jumps in time you may dislike it but I just wanted to post this here because I really like it so far Side note, it's really well done Horror and I jokingly said it reminds me of the pacing of FEAR with how it does horror. The entire time you know something is up, in FEAR you were just gun guy shooting bad guys and having a blast. Then the fucking scary shit starts happening. Works well to describe the pacing of this show as well
  4. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    Shade Runner / Evasion

    Shade Runners damage goes through evasion, not sure if intentional or not. Kindof figured it wasn't considering how most other races work relating to that
  5. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    Everything we know is wrong

    So gametracker is pretty bad at tracking stats because they don't track name changes, so if you change your name it creates a new score for you this is what you want http://sg.gameme.com/players/csgo
  6. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    Free Game

  7. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    [Race] Disciple of The Holy Light

    Does not stack means you can't have multiple uses of Atonement on a single player Purify is simply if you're holding still all allies within range gain immunity as long as you're still, when you start moving the immunity goes away. It would probably work similar to High Priest and not work until the round has started as well
  8. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    [Race] Disciple of The Holy Light

    5 Levels (Passive) The Balance Gain 30-60% invisibility, upon dropping below 25-65 HP gain an extra 20% 5 Levels (Passive) Pain Suppresion Spawn with an extra 5-20 HP and gain 5-20% DR 5 Levels (Passive) Atonement When an ally is affected by any of your abilities or passives YOU and your ally gain .5 HP/sec for 10-30 seconds. (Does not stack ) 5 Levels (Passive) Penance (10 CD) Upon shooting an ally, heal them for 1-15 HP, if you shoot an enemy deal 1-10 damage 5 Levels (Passive) Purify If you hold still for 1 second grant all allies within 400 units immunity to movement impairing effects 5 Levels (Ability) Rectify (20-10 CD) Grant an ally 15 HP, multiple this amount by every stack of Atonement currently active 10 Levels (Ultimate) Psychic Scream (90-50 CD) Force a target to teleport to spawn Posted this in the wrong section, can someone move this to "Race and Shopmenu Suggestions"
  9. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    Gravity + Parachute

    To clarify, it's simply the purchase of parachute that will remove your gravity I'm fairly certain this is intentional for balance reasons, because of buy low grav + parachute on races like Human A Human Gen Pistoleer and others races that have a similar ultimate
  10. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    Yrel, Velen's Chosen / Maraad's Hammer

    When you survive a round your secondary is replaces with your teams default secondary and you drop the one from last round without having its ammo reset
  11. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    4th of July Event suggestion

    Giant Machine Gun Chickens *Edit Someone said that I was shitposting so I guess I'll actually type a bit more ( @KiD Fearless ) Basically the idea was if the server is low pop to spawn a GIANT chicken and just give it a negev and random abilities and have it go crazy, also you could have it happen once a round or something along the lines just for fun. I highly doubt this would actually happen but it would be hilarious
  12. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    Joining server / Respawns

    Someone who has just joined the server when they're respawned they don't respawn at the default spawn location but instead a random location on the map. I'd guess 0,0,0 Maybe filter out people who have just joined to be respawned?
  13. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    Judge of Dynamis / Unending Resolve

    Odd, the last thing I leveled was Blessing of Dynamis, and it was happening to me at 40/40
  14. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    Judge of Dynamis / Unending Resolve

    Note, when you're above 55 it doesn't set the ammo count down
  15. Mr.Thaco-Olmon

    Judge of Dynamis / Unending Resolve

    Upon kills sets the UMP to 55 ammo instead of the spawn amount of 60.
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