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  1. Yeah I've been wanting to get into a unit doing some Tfar stuff
  2. Does anyone here play Arma 3 at all? I've recently started getting into it and thought it would be cool to try to put together events and such in sG utilizing Arma
  3. This show on netflix is fucking amazing. Great attention to detail and the story telling is incredible. It's a bit jumpy so if you have trouble understanding jumps in time you may dislike it but I just wanted to post this here because I really like it so far Side note, it's really well done Horror and I jokingly said it reminds me of the pacing of FEAR with how it does horror. The entire time you know something is up, in FEAR you were just gun guy shooting bad guys and having a blast. Then the fucking scary shit starts happening. Works well to describe the pacing of this show as well
  4. Shade Runners damage goes through evasion, not sure if intentional or not. Kindof figured it wasn't considering how most other races work relating to that
  5. So gametracker is pretty bad at tracking stats because they don't track name changes, so if you change your name it creates a new score for you this is what you want http://sg.gameme.com/players/csgo
  6. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/warhammer-40000-space-marine
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