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  1. I will get you two your bingo cards in the next 20 minutes! Also, @sweetrock don't submit your screenshots here and please keep in mind, a lot of the non-objective achievements are revolved around staff members not SO's or other admins.
  2. TTTGO (: Achievements go live in 6 hours!
  3. Did I ever even use waivers? LOL Last year was so stressful.
  4. he made some great trades last year LOL poor beerman.
  5. Don't forget me please I'm gonna beat Zach this year.
  6. Oh, and don't forget. You like to sit in our channel and ghost So, can you really blame us for not wanting you around. Hmm.
  7. Jah!!! Welcome to the forums. Glad to have you around. War3 wouldn't be the same without you.
  8. You literally join our channel to troll and be toxic. We used to enjoy you playing with us, until you turned "too edgy". Last night, I literally said, "I am leaving this channel because I don't want to be around imperium." I left and people followed or messaged me to move them. You proceeded to follow. I asked you to leave politely as at this time, you were just trying to troll. You didn't want to listen, so you got kicked. Maybe next time, ask your "friends" to come back to your channel. All I ask is, for you to stop being a toxic troll. Kthx.
  9. Elena (:
  11. WOAH I ALREADY AM SECOND YOU NOOB! jk uhm....I forgot about BB (I have been moving and getting settled in, etc) So I should probably find a way to get caught up But is that my boy Paul I see??
  12. You the B E S T bb. thank you. can't wait to play :3 #youvechanged @Daileyyy
  13. donerino
  14. until
    Join us for the TTTGO Summer Event. Sign up below!
  15. Unfortunately you do not meet the requirements it takes to apply for the community. You listed people who are no longer even in the clan, and others who can't ref you. You may reapply when you have the correct refs for your application.