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  1. Wait, is this @Leeroy fake irl friend? jk. welcome to the forums.
  2. Mjone.....you're just looking for trouble now LOL. Jk. Let's raid more when I get on :^)
  3. You left out the part where they all started accusing me of cheating. :^) Lmao, wow. Better watch your language then (;
  4. Thank you for the case, Jarwins @Shiro @Iherdcows @Revöker
  5. bruh, when you're going ham with the hammer, there's no time for thinking.
  6. You have no idea.........trying to upgrade stuff and you randomly hit a wall and now it's ugly and the odd one out.
  7. Excuse you. Not only are you a terrible admin, you're rude as fuuuck.
  8. Dilly is the worst admin abuser ever. He's changed so much since he was given staff.
  9. Oh it's my new friend! Or acquaintance.... but Jarwins is the glue to our friendship...so friends it is.
  10. So that's what is wrong with you, got it.
  11. omg @Ghoul you're hilarious XD @Swed did you ever figure out the window?
  12. Same. I started today but it's light work for a couple weeks. So if we want to do this, we should do it this wipe or next.
  13. Can I hand pick my group of gatherers? LOL.
  14. Oh pick me as farming/gathering leader....that's all I do...and build jails.
  15. Thank you Chosen for all you have done for this community, and everything you will probably continue to do!! #Chosen4LEG