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  1. That's what I said....we just have to put @Iherdcows a bag inside it :^)
  2. Which one...
  3. Go back to minigames you freaking noob
  4. This is actually fucking cringy.
  5. T0t3sMag0ats#1294
  6. Confirm! Sharpie- An active member of the community. Positive attribute to the servers and a decent forum presence. Although he is a little shit at times, he is a good kid. People just hate on him cuz he is a war3 hacker. :^) Stay active and don't turn into an idiot! Overall good person, should be allowed in. (:
  7. This is the best thing I have ever heard... @Beerman iloveyou
  8. @Iherdcows @Moose @ctark I am sure one of you can answer this..
  9. done:)
  10. done!
  11. confirm ref. Spons-- Although he has gotten mixed up with some of the toxic little children of this community, he is one of the more laid back and non-toxic ones. He has had his moments, and he won't deny that, but for the most part, he's been a nice little squeak. When you aren't playing Rust, Sponsored is a fun guy to play games with. I'd ref him any time.
  12. done.
  13. GMOD is coming up. Hold tight