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  1. TotesMagoats


    Thank you guys yall are pretty cool. except @Beerman, fuck you, fgt.
  2. TotesMagoats


    I appreciate you too, Jah. The real war3 mvp. <3
  3. TotesMagoats

    Big Brother 19 Contestant Draft

    gg @Grayson Levi and thank you @Travesty <3
  4. TotesMagoats

    Fantasy Football League

    Thanks my dude (:
  5. TotesMagoats

    Fantasy Football League

    @waffles you can have my spot if you want to play. I have a lot going on and probably won't be able to pay much attention to the league this year. @Jeff The Flying Shark @Avery ;; if you can remove me from the league and add waffles, that would be great.
  6. TotesMagoats

    Weeb birthday

    Happy birthday @Shiro Hope it's weebtastic.
  7. TotesMagoats

    Fantasy Football League

    OBJ is a great player but a terrible person, LOL. I picked him up 2 years ago and everyone laughed. losers :^)
  8. TotesMagoats

    Fantasy Football League

    Oh, we know...
  9. TotesMagoats

    Iherdcows Resignation

  10. TotesMagoats


  11. TotesMagoats


    No bamboozle, but it's also not my own speech (; I will chat with you though.
  12. TotesMagoats


    It’s good to be home. My fellow Syndicate Gamers, I have been so touched by all the well-wishes I have received over the past few weeks. But tonight it is my turn to say thanks.** Whether we’ve seen eye-to-eye or rarely agreed at all, my conversations with you, the people of sG - in living rooms and schools; on the servers and in teamspeak channels; at LAN conventions and on distant outposts - are what have kept me honest, kept me inspired, and kept me going. Every day, I learned from you. You made me a better Staff member, and you made me a better woman. I first came to sG when I was in my early twenties, still trying to figure out who I was; still searching for a purpose to my life. It was in communities not so far from here where I began working with the gaming industry in the shadows of dead games. It was on these streets where I witnessed the power of trolling, and the quiet dignity of serious members who were facing struggle and loss. This is where I learned that change only happens when ordinary people get involved, get engaged, and come together to demand it. After 8 months as your Recruitment Officer, I still believe that. And it’s not only just my belief, it is the beating heart of the Syndicate Gamers idea - our bold experiment in self-government. TLDR; peace out girl scouts. **Special thanks to--- @Bulldog, @Iherdcows, @Clamps, @fps_trucka, @centran <3
  13. TotesMagoats

    TTTGO Summer Event! (July 22nd-August 5th)

    Thank you everyone who came out to help make this event a success. If you haven't submitted your BINGO card for either a prize or the badge, please do so ASAP. If you have won a prize and have not received it yet, please contact myself or @Bulldog and we will get you squared away. This includes all raffle prizes that have not been picked up. Remember it is your duty to contact us, or add me on steam to get your game sent. Again, thank you everyone and hope to see yall at the next event!
  14. TotesMagoats

    TTTGO Raffle *-*

    Hidey ho gamers! First off I want to give a big thank you for everyone who's been partaking in the event! It's because of people like you who truly help to make sG the amazing community that it is! While there are still A LOT of main prizes left to be claimed (let's pop and get those achievements!) it's come time to reveal the winners of the raffle! Bad Rats-- @im meanryd Bit Blaster XL-- @FreeLancer Greyfox-- @Tyrone Kivi, Toilet and Shotgun-- @-Sharp- Protoshift-- @krony Reveal the Deep-- @jehovas witness Shake Your Money Simulator-- @DerpyPwny Shower with your Dad Simulator-- @Papyrus Surf Fingers-- @Hawk Swiftly-- @Leeroy Turbo Pug-- @Rufus Yet Another Zombie Defense-- @Booch Yet Another Zombie Defense-- @Birthday Senpai Lucius (donated by Birthday Senpai)-- @Shiro Escape This (donated by TheLJH)-- @Apache Dead Bits (donated by TheLJH)-- @Midnightx The Lord of the Earth Flame (donated by TheLJH)-- @Nav If you see your name on this list, you've won! Contact me immediately to figure out the way to get your prize. And if you don't see your name here fear not because you're all winners in my eyes-- you just don't get anything to show for it. Lastly the most important part, and my favorite thing-- a huge thank you to @TheLJH, @Swed, and @Birthday Senpai for donating prizes to the event! I can't thank you three enough!
  15. TotesMagoats

    Abusive Admin [BANNED]

    I would like to launch a formal complaint on the admin @Face "Face" STEAM_1:0:36277150 Today in war3 he proceeded to "unstuck" himself when he clearly didn't need to use admin powers. Then he called me a pussy. I am requesting a 3342 second ban. Thank you, Totes.