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  1. Post what city/state you live in!

    Ashland, Oregon. About 20 miles from the California-Oregon border. Real nice place, big artsy town, but I don't like art, but I do love the area, so that's why I'm still here.
  2. What's your favorite video game?

    I really love Halo 3. I think it was overall the best Halo game. Best combat, best abilities, best music, best levels. Just overall the best Halo game, and with Halo being one of the best video game series, Halo 3 is arguably one of the best games IMO.
  3. How Did You Come up with Your Username?

    I came up with Burgham, by my own first name, which is Brigham. Very similar. I guess just one day I said Burgham and was happy with it. I also every now and then use Liberty_Boy, because I was a libertarian for a few years, but not anymore, but the name still kind of stuck around.
  4. Destiny 2 Group PC

    Think this is the right place to post this. Anyways, Destiny 2 comes out on PC in about a week and a day or so and Destiny is a social game. So I was wondering if anyone else is planning on picking up Destiny 2 and was wondering if we should make a Destiny 2 group on our Discord. So please if you are picking it up, drop your BattleTag so we can do all the fun group content, since none of my friends have any intentions on picking up Destiny 2. My battletag is BriggyB#1994, so also just feel free to add me.
  5. Hey guys, my name is Burgham. Like the title says I've been playing on SG servers for a while, about 2 years at this point. After all this time I finally got admin on SG GMOD TTTs servers about 2 months ago. I really love the servers, love the community that is has. Love seeing familiar names and voices in servers. Just love every part about SG. Anyways, I have a suped up PC. Super powerful. Ryzen 7, 1080Ti, 16GB DDR4 2800, all the bells and whistles on this. Just kidding, not yet at least. Some more stuff I want to do to it, but I have to wait till I get the money (IE Water-cooling,LEDs,MOAR DEITATED WAM). More on a personal note, I'm currently 18, going to be 19 at the end of this. I am a freshman in college, going to be double majoring in Political Science and International Studies. I hope to work with the State Department in the future, as apart of the Foreign Service. Currently learning Japanese, hopefully will be able to study aboard in Japan in my Junior year. I like games, politics, history, running. Just a lot of interests. Currently I work for a car dealership, but will likely leave in a little while in order to pursue an internship that I hopefully will be accepted into. Anyways, I think that sums up me pretty well. If yall just want to get to know me better, just ask questions. I feel like a good chunk of people do know me already though.
  6. Monitors for a 1080Ti

    Hey guys, So a little over a month ago I built a brand new beastly rig. I have a Ryzen 7 1700 Base Speed, 16GB DDR4 RAM at 2800 speed, and finally (Most Importantly too) a 1080TI. My question for you guys is what would you recommend for a monitor, higher resolutions or higher refresh rates? I would love to play 4K on this build, but maybe 1440P with 144HZ refresh may be better overall. I'm currently using a 1080 monitor from my old setup, but this isn't good enough, I need to go bigger. So higher resolution or higher refresh rates? 1440p and ultrawide even? I really need help. Anyone with experience and also other 1080Ti owners, please post what you would recommend for me to get.
  7. Racism

    I also feel like Antisemitism is racist, as the Jewish are as much a religious group, as they are an ethnic and cultural group. However many people, even some in SG, don't seem to agree with me on that. Maybe it's because I haven't tried looking hard enough for proper stances by people, or maybe people are just kind of cool with Antisemitism, whatever it may be, antisemitism is still a form of racism when you get deep down to it, and needs to be punished.