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  1. Burgham

    ChronosShift's Application [APPROVED]

    Reminds me of me? No, no. I'm still better, but he is good. ref 9/20
  2. Burgham

    Humble Monrthly

    @wintergreen Exactly. I wanted Civ 6 as big fan of other Civ games, but really didn't want to buy it. @fps_trucka I AM A BOT SPAMMING THIS ON ALL FORUM PAGES. YOU CAUGHT ME.
  3. Burgham

    Humble Monrthly

    So I got Humble Monthly back in about September of last year, and my god, is this the best thing I've ever bought. Like seriously if you guys want games throughout the year and can afford it, a monthly sub to Humble Monthly is so worth it. I paid ~112 dollars for 12 months and I've gotten so much more than 112. In two months I've probably gotten games worth more than that 112. This month's bundle headliner is Civ 6 and 2 DLC. This is very worth it if you like turned based strategies games like CIV.
  4. Burgham

    Burgham's Application [APPROVED]

    Wasn't my first impression me crow-baring you to partial death?
  5. Burgham

    Burgham's Application [APPROVED]

    Oh shit. I hit 20/20. Wow, this is great. I want to thank everyone for supporting me in this. Also thanks for @Beerman for his post that literally got me this far. Solid support, and to think I'm saying this to a guy I didn't even really knew existed a month ago.
  6. Name: Brigham C. Blundell Age: 18 (19 on the 21st of this month) Location: Medford, Oregon Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Burgham/ Provide a link to your GameMe profile: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1221810917 Favorite Server: 24/7 sG | TTT Vanilla Minecraft [WEST|No Downloads] ( ) About Yourself: So, I'm an 18, almost 19 year old gamer. Been playing games since I was about 5 or so, that's at least the earliest I remember. The first game I remember playing was Halo. Enjoyed gaming ever since. I'm also really into history and politics. Former LD runner, hope to get back into it, but really every runner hates running deep down. I'm currently going through the process of enlisting into the Oregon National Guard, looking at being a 27D Paralegal Specialist. After getting back from BCT and AIT I will be joining my university's ROTC Program. I hope to graduate still somewhat on track, hopefully by late 2021 at the worst. Do you use a Microphone? All the time Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? Nope Questions or Comments: None Referrals (need at least one L2 or above): @krony Link to Introduction Thread:
  7. Burgham

    Army ROTC

    @UltaPonch Thanks for the in-depth response I got from you, I really appreciate it. I'm going to answer your few questions/comments you had. 1. I want to work the State Department later on in life, because I really want to be apart of US foreign policy. I also do understand that it is a four year long stint even after graduation, I am fine with that. I'm not planning on going into a technical/STEM major. Doing a International Relations & Political Science double major, do to this being able to help me with my career goals later on. If you wanna probe me anymore and try and get to understand what I want to do by doing this just ask. I know I might not be conveying my message in the best way.
  8. Burgham

    Army ROTC

    @ChosenOne2000 I'm applying for it. Doesn't mean I have it yet. But I'm positive I will be accepted.
  9. Burgham

    Army ROTC

    Hey guys, I want to thank you for all the inputs everyone has given me. I'm currently filling out the packet for AROTC for my univeristy, and will probably, if everything goes well, leave in December for Basic and AIT after that. I feel like this is best for me, because honestly I don't have the money for university without help like this. Oregon's NG is uncapped, so it's full tuition assistance, which sounds really nice. I'll let you guys know more as more comes up.
  10. Burgham

    Army ROTC

    @Ironic & @Ruffles I heard that NG/Reserves were a trap? That they sound too good to be true? Your opinions?
  11. Burgham

    Army ROTC

    Hey guys, So I'm currently a freshman in college as some of you may know. I currently have difficulty paying for college do to just not getting too many scholarships and not having that much money from my family. So college is really expensive for me. Prior to high school graduation I was interested in enlisting in the US Army, but do to miscommunication between the recruiters and I, I decided not to join the Army. However, now that I'm in college, I'm thinking it won't be that bad of to at least look into Army ROTC at my university. If anyone who has been in the military, currently serving or veterans, or any one going through ROTC currently want to give advice on this idea, I'd very much appreciate it.
  12. Burgham

    New PC build. Help would be appreciated.

    @Guardian @driz Just went on PCPartPicker, choose 2x4GB RAM Sticks, cheapest is from Mushkin, Mushkin is a good brand. So he can go for the cheapest RAM and be fine. What's really bad is unknown brand of PSU makers, because a lot more people make PSU than RAM. Let it also be said that was for DDR3 memory and not DDR4, but really it depends on what CPU he goes for, so we can't figure out that till he picks one. But cheap DDR4 is still from good brands.
  13. Burgham

    Ginger Girl & Relationship Advice

    @Travesty This mean sex?
  14. Burgham

    Ginger Girl & Relationship Advice

    @Beerman When we first facetimed after a few days of talking that was the first thing I said to her. I also said she had a beautiful voice.
  15. Burgham

    Ginger Girl & Relationship Advice

    @Rootbeer That's what you meant. Okay, yeah. I mean I will compliment her whenever we talk, but I don't really see that as flirting anymore, as it is just part of the relationship at that point. I always thought of flirting as something you do before a relationship and then it's just apart of the relationship when you actually become something.