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  1. zebra for captain 2018
  2. idk if it's intended, but your fix is a huge nerf too by cutting the damage in half. I don't think the physical damage was ever mitigated through armor, or at least it didn't show in /debug so cutting it from 30 to 15 is pretty big. I've found out that the 0 damage occurs when you overkill someone; the ability sometimes reads '0' because it never applied because they're dead (?), which turns out to be fine I think.
  3. this is a terrible idea /thread
  4. Boots of Unyielding still gets bashed by Magatha's totems.
  5. Bloody Dagger straight up doesn't work right. Console will print out damage and it's not accurate. It says anywhere from 0 to 30 (usually 0) and even when it does say +30 damage, it doesnt do 30 damage.
  6. Gargoyle loses enchanted skin (50% magic resist) passive after stone forming.
  7. http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/710261 mge http://steamcommunity.com/id/x5340 no captain my captain
  8. tfw when ghoul respawns entire team of orcs
  9. Arctic blind confirmed
  10. im a newfag to warcraft, how do i play this game
  11. There are races that silence abaddon. Anti mage can burn his bullets while hes ulted. Any race with a movement speed buff can outrun him, etc etc... Personally, I just hold down mouse1 right back at him and see who dies first.
  12. Time to break out all the war3 exploits
  13. Ice totem doesn't work with Glacius's ability root.
  14. Name: Adam Age: 21 Location: Georgia, US SteamID: STEAM_0:0:46684397 Gameme: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/710261 Sourcebans: Bans Microphone: yes Favorite Server: Warcraft3 GO Previous Member of a clan?: no Questions/Comments: About me: I might not be 5/5 JCS approved like a certain green dinosaur, but at least I was never perma'd. CSGO Recorded Hours: 660 hours, 0 minutes, 26 seconds
  15. I don't understand all the whining about nerfing races. All of you constantly complain about a race until it gets nerfed and then proceed to the next race to bitch about. Blademaster has been on the server for who knows how long and hasn't been touched, then all of a sudden, its a giant circlejerk to get it nerfed. Edit: instead of nerfing races, we should just move onto the top10 players. 1% chance to evade marzu's bullets