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  1. zebra

    Give Away

    I We pokemon need to stick together. I'm actually an Ursaring
  2. zebra

    Extra XP Maps

    Some maps don't give the extra % xp as displayed. For example, 50% maps give only 10% extra
  3. Buy some mosquito spray / repellent. If it's anything like the other counties in SE Asia, they're literally everywhere
  4. zebra


  5. zebra

    Dead Props

    I like prop possession don't hit me
  6. zebra

    Can we fix this?

    idk if making things more fair is inherently a good idea, you would be able to game the system somewhat if you knew who hasn't been T and has been T in the previous rounds. That being said, I do agree with the pseudo-random implementation where its weighted by who has/hasn't been I've also gotten T like four times in a row before so maybe you should just try gittin gud
  7. So you're telling me on several occasions that someone called you sus while you were a T, and it resulted in people actually following / suspecting the T? Maybe you were just being sus ya know, doesn't necessarily have to be shots fired / near killings to be sus. I look at people who have no paranoia / fear to be pretty sus
  8. zebra

    Nominate Westwood on Westwood

    its not a bug, its a feature
  9. zebra

    No love for war3 stats

    its broken again, spaghetti code
  10. zebra

    Necromancer/reanimated feedback

    What does the race even do? I haven't been on in a while, someone irl raceinfo me pls
  11. zebra

    B t w

    this is the master plan to expanding the war3 dev team