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  1. Tier Listings

    That's the point. If the average of all players is absurdly higher (like >2 standard deviations), than it's obvious that it's inherently stronger. If you wanted to add another factor, you could even weigh the individual KD's for each maxed race by a player's time played to get a more accurate representation of maxed KD.
  2. Tier Listings

    If you wanted an objective tier list, you could just weigh the maxed KD for each race and have a proper bell curve
  3. Exalt Sorc

    RTN's ult overrides Exalted's immunity to radar skill
  4. Archmage Proudmoore

    Race says 100% for 60 clip m4a4 and five seven, but I get 45 m4a4 and 50 five seven
  5. Ranger of the Woods / M4a1-s

    Isn't that required since it's a restricted gun race?
  6. Map XP bonus

    Here's what the map pool should be: cs_office de_office
  7. No more pistol rounds

    I noticed with the recent changes to how spawning works when the round has already started, pistol rounds are pretty much gone. The map changes and only a few people can spawn in on time to actually play the round. This leads to an entire server watching a couple of people play the first round and the majority to finally start on round 2.
  8. An Opinion

    race broken confirmed, time to delete whip and move on
  9. Opinions are cool

    noob doesn't know that ring is king
  10. Opinions are cool

    Restrict tomes on maxed races :^)
  11. An Opinion

    Don't get me wrong, they're definitely strong races, but so is half the other races. If they get nerfed, its only gonna be X time before you guys start complaining about the next one to nerf
  12. Selune Phase Door

    spaghetti code confirmed
  13. Elemental Ult

    Goes through ult immunity Was Ares, still caught fire
  14. [SM] If you use this more than once every few maps, Face will remove your access. can we get an unnerf pls, its time to bring back the glorious days of s t a f f cash
  15. Gnomish Engineer

    Occasionally, one of the two ults straight up doesn't work (as in there's no ult cooldown timer, no effect, as if it didn't exist). Seems pretty random between the pistol or knife ultimate, but happens pretty often.