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  1. SmugJack


    Some gameplay of me not playing with my team, as per usual.
  2. SmugJack


    This game is simply awesome. It borrows alot of mechanics from Chivalry and some in Mount and Blade. Anyone playing this? If you aren't, you should. Already put in 170 hours.
  3. SmugJack


    Happy Birthday.
  4. SmugJack

    B t w

    Congrats dude.
  5. I have never heard that comparison. Haha good one.
  6. Sorry to hear that. Seizures are pretty scary hope you get on some meds that work.
  7. The AoE passive appears to be breaking on map change and just doesn't work. It is very inconsistent sometimes works and sometimes doesn't but will stay broken for the whole map.
  8. Thank you, SmugJack for your donation of 555.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  9. Wooo! No bans for me! Have fun dude.
  10. Thanks for the kind words for this Smug bastard!
  11. Thanks for the donation! Helps keep my war3 addiction alive.
  12. Thanks for the donations keeps thw War3 server up!
  13. I have spent many years on War3 and made many friends. This is my way of paying it forward from the times when I was struggling with school, low paying job, and stress. sG has been a great place for me to unwind. Now I got a job that allows me to be able to be generous once in awhile. Thanks for the good time.
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