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  1. Apache

    Happy Birthday Apache

    Thank you everyone! @BabyNicol3 I will dont you worry lol @Juice Box Happy birthday man!
  2. Apache

    Minigames concern/suggestion

    While Imperium has a point, I inherently dislike auto bhop, but if it helps then it should be implemented. I think it would beneficial to have a vote command to turn it on and off autonomously, to help please players on both sides of this.
  3. Apache

    What Happened To The CS:GO Severs?

    Well there's a lot of issues right now, CS in itself does not have a lot of new players coming in, we don't really have regular players to populate the server anymore and things are going poop. There's general unrest with most staff, there's also no longer a steady amount of players joining sG, and a lot of members like myself who used to be on the time, have started school and new jobs etc. leaving them with less time to play. I forgot to mention there is a slow but steady amount of players leaving, so we have no new blood and are bleeding. Currently the only servers that I ever see people playing on are Rust and Gmod, make of that what you will. It's several issues all manifesting, and unless something changes sG is going down the drain, crazy thought ain't it. Those are just my 2 cents though