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  1. when the bundle has superhot but still isnt hot
  2. welcome
  3. thats cool
  4. paging @Lv. 100 Crobat yer being called out
  5. ftfy @Travesty
  6. also the only cop you've heard is shit is a woman? lol ok ironic
  7. i mean strong communities make police obsolete. i'd much rather call some of my comrades.
  8. all cops are bastards. being complicit in a system of oppression is no better than being an oppressor yourself. also while we're at it, fuck all those videos that attempt to humanize cops. instead of pulling someone over for no reason to give them ice cream just... don't?
  9. thanks sweetrock also first
  10. ironic is like the posterboy for clueless trump supporters lmao
  11. at least u put this shitpost in spam
  12. hi
  13. maybe now theyll give u an even bigger spray
  14. no

  15. hi
  16. sick
  17. hi
  18. you suck bulldog
  19. hi
  20. yep
  21. cool