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  1. Happy EzPostCountDay! Happy birthday
  2. Happy Birthday swed!
  3. My DotA has been having shit frame rate so it I can fix it by then, then yes
  4. Sign me up
  5. The times I was on JB these few months I don't remember there ever being an SO on. We had staff on, but no SOs. What's up with that? SOs we're too lazy to pop the server and now when it's pop'd they aren't on? I'm hoping it was just a coincidence that I never saw them on when I was playing on the server.
  6. Ty!
  7. Question for clarification- Only one person win the 13/15, one for 14/15, and one 15/15, right?
  8. That dude is a sick bastard. I'm not a religious person but when I see stories as horrific as this I wish a place like Hell exists.
  9. Assuming you're the Tobi I played DotA with, welcome back!
  10. Gj akeno
  11. Glad she's fine, stay safe patron Who else will I send pics of cheeseburgers too?
  12. thanks!
  13. I'd imagine it's everything an SO can do without being able to target/be immune to SOs