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  1. Fishy´s App[ACCEPTED]

    Confirm, friendly player who already tries his best to make sure everyone has fun on the servers. Will make a great addition to the community.
  2. JuiceBox's App [APPROVED]

    Juicebox is an outstanding fellow in our community. Time and time again he shows us, Syndicate Gamers, what it truly means to be a true gamer and more importantly a loving human. In dark times like these, we see fewer people interested in joining the prestigious clan we hold dear to us. BUT, when a fine gentlemen like this knocks on our doors, we open it and let them in, just as we would with The Lord, Jesus Christ. The Lord declared in Jeremiah 29:11 "Juicebox, I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." IT IS OUR TIME TO FULFILL THE MESSIAH'S VISION! WE SHALL NOT STAND COWARDLY AND INSULT HIS NAME AND LET THIS MAN, OUR FUTURE, WALK DOWN THE WRONG PATH. WE SHALL GUIDE HIM, JUST AS THE LORD INSTRUCTED, TO A RIGHTEOUS LIFE. BLESS HIS NAME, AND LET HIS LIGHT FLOW THROUGH OUR SOULS! yes
  3. Staff Changes 9/17/17

    Grats! Great changes coming, can't wait to see what my boys will do!
  4. 5v5 DotA (Saturday Night)

  5. 5v5 DotA (Saturday Night)

    BUMP @Pike
  6. When: September 9th starting 7 PM EST Who: Anyone who plays DotA Prizes: None, fuck you No flaming please.... Looking at you @fps_trucka
  7. paging @slyfox for JB videos
  8. U

  9. Free Speech

    (Coming from an extreme right-wing source)
  10. Free Speech

    (Using YOUR link) This backs up: As for evidence backing up: http://www.portside.org/2013-11-04/absolute-proof-civil-war-was-about-slavery
  11. Idea to bring back Custom

    First game I really played on Steam was custom TTT, I'd play every so often if there were people on
  12. well fuck you too btw still support my CT on narwhals in this incident because he said on his mic out loud "Oh it sorted it unevenly? not my problem" He knew there was an unfair advantage for the Ts and still carried out the game. Bad warden!!!!
  13. Squeaker Getting a Little Less Squeaky. HBD

  14. Chester Bennington Lead Vocals of Linkin Park Dead at 41

    Heartbreaking to say the least. They were an influential band that I grew.up listening to in Middle School. RIP
  15. Happy Birthday Jeff!