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  1. well fuck you too btw still support my CT on narwhals in this incident because he said on his mic out loud "Oh it sorted it unevenly? not my problem" He knew there was an unfair advantage for the Ts and still carried out the game. Bad warden!!!!
  2. Heartbreaking to say the least. They were an influential band that I grew.up listening to in Middle School. RIP
  3. hbd
  4. #Respect Thanks for what you did as RO as well as getting the skill surf server started up!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Happy birthday Clamps!
  7. Jailing people for drug use is counter productive to rehabilitating people. If people are non-violent drug abuser/user, they need to go to rehab (provided a court finds it necessary). ALL drugs should be decriminalized and marijuana should be sold for both medical and recreational use. That is the beginning to the most effective way to lower drug ABUSE
  8. Omelet du fromage
  9. O tis gunna b gud
  10. Happy EzPostCountDay! Happy birthday
  11. Happy Birthday swed!
  12. My DotA has been having shit frame rate so it I can fix it by then, then yes
  13. Sign me up