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  1. Not a furry Loves Dota hxh and my hero are his fav animes 6/20
  2. Hello

  3. Real Life Jailbreak

    Why not have one cop cover the door and have the others finish the arrest? Hell, they could've dragged him by his hands.
  4. Real Life Jailbreak

    When cops give bad orders that result in your death, that's on them.
  5. Real Life Jailbreak

    The cop who made the orders should be held accountable too then. His shitty orders are the main reason he is dead
  6. Real Life Jailbreak

    If there are two paths, and one involves someone dying and the other allows for them to live (and then to let the courts decide his fate) I know what the right choice is. This was NOT an active shooter and should have not been treated like he was. P.S. I'm not a liberal
  7. Real Life Jailbreak

    Did the cops simply ask the an to get into a submissive position and wait for them to arrest him? No. They asked a scared and drunk man to perform a task which had many restrictions, any of which that he broke would result in his death.
  8. Real Life Jailbreak

    Oh shit, true! That relieves the cops of all responsibility when they mishandle situations. How could I forget???
  9. Real Life Jailbreak

    My response never says having weapons drawn was unjustified. Edit: I don't think anyone in this thread thought to have guns out was uncalled for either. The arguments being made are the unreasonable orders the cop made and how he handled it poorly overall.
  10. Real Life Jailbreak

    Looking at it realistically, this cop made terrible orders and handled the situation poorly. The consequence of the event is because of his poor judgment. 1. The cop should have asked if they had anything to drink, NOT if they were drunk. One drink is all it takes for your body to be affected by alcohol (reduced reaction time, impaired cognitive processing). 2. When asked if they could understand and obey his orders, they say yes even though they have both had drinks. People, when intoxicated, overestimate their abilities. That's why we have people who think they can drive under the influence. *cough* *cough* 2.5. Not necessarily the cops fault, more on the department, but cops should be trained to be able to identify if someone is inebriated. 3. The cop should have ordered them to simply lay down with their hands out in front. Then handcuff them one at a time, not have them do some stupid and unnecessary crawl. Did Daniel fuck up by not telling the cops he had something to drink? Yes. But, because of the cops poor judgment, training, and orders, someone needlessly died. EDIT: Let's not forget that on top of having drinks, Daniel was obviously scared shitless. Cops feel scared in these situations too, I think we can all agree on that. But cops are and MUST be held to a higher standard. They are trained to remain calm and think logically in all situations. If you are unable to do that when there is an intoxicated and scared man, you are in the wrong job and should be held accountable for the incident.
  11. Real Life Jailbreak

    sincerely hope this was sarcastic
  12. David's Application [APPROVED]

    Will ref, always see him on discord and shit and I'm pretty sure I've played with him a few times. Will be good to have more active members playing on our servers and whatnot. Ref Count: 14
  13. New donation from ☠Valiant☠

    Thanks for the donation my dude!
  14. Community Digest - 10/8/17

    Grats to new staff/promotions and welcome back Eddy! Also glad to see the changes to recruitment!