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  1. Post from ODL: " Milo has stepped down as Tech Editor at Breitbart. Make no mistake: this was not about pedophilia, pedophiliac remarks or anything of the sort. Just a few months ago, the NYT and Salon were doing their level best to to normalize pedophilia, and Salon scrubbed the articles by an actual pedophile advocating it off of their website yesterday. This was a witch-hunt, pure and simple. He could not be brought down with false accusations of being racist, xenophobic, not-really-gay, anti-women, or any number of other things. He could not be censored, save for at a few colleges, sometimes with violence, and he only got bigger. It took an insidious character assassination attack conducted from both the Left and Right that called a victim of child abuse (Milo) an advocate thereof. If Milo had been on the Left in the slightest, this never would have happened. If Milo had not been so provocative, this never would have happened. If Milo had not been so right, this never would have happened. Child abuse is beyond the pale, and evil at its core. I believe this entirely. But just as with the Duke Lacrosse Case, this is a railroading. And this time, rather than just some random athletes, they went after a powerful Voice of Free Speech. I do not agree with all of Milo's points; in fact I disagree on several of them. I find him to be at least slightly hypocritical on the issues of gay men vs. gay women (though to be fair, I may just not entirely understand some of the dynamics, given that I am straight). Milo will not go quietly into that good night, and he must not. He has exposed the incestuous intertwining of the Left and the Elite of Higher Education. He is starting some new venture, it is each individual's choice whether to support him. Regardless of what everyone else does, #IStandWithMilo ~SF (His full remarks are in the link). http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2017/02/21/full-remarks-milo-delivers-speech-press-conference-amid-video-scandal/ " Another argument brought from the right in this whole debate - George Takei and his response to having a sexual encounter with a 19-year old counselor when he was 14 Story starts at 2:20
  2. First 8 minutes is his statement and then he does a Q&A
  3. Please I want to beat the high score for BTD :^)
  4. welcome to the forums
  5. This is pretty neat. The safe answer to "nature vs nuture" was always, both. With this though, people can start saying that while nature can have an impact, perhaps it is nurture which has the "ultimate" say in behavior. I'm sure you would know better than most of here, but has there been studies or instances where children who are predisposed to disorders like pedophilia, schizophrenia, psychopathy, etc., have seemed to offset their odds by being raised in a "more secure" lifestyle? While not directly related to the article, how strong can nurture be? We see it can make an individual who (as far as we know) had no reason by nature to commit sexual abuse against children, but does it have the "power" to stop someone who IS inclined to commit these acts or types of behavior? Back to my question about the study in my first paragraph, if people still seem to fall victim to these disorders, even with an exceptionally better upbringing, then I think we get back to square one, where they both more or less have the same impact.
  6. ^^^ If you wanna play anything hmu
  7. Holy moly
  8. Fuck you
  9. I don't think thats a good way of thinking. You are assuming that 1) when the government does something it's beneficial and done properly and 2) without government intervention, there would be no X. Using the same logic you could argue that the government should be in charge of almost everything. Obviously we want a perfect society, but just saying "give money to government" isn't a good solution, just look at the flaws of ACA. "I don't want people going hungry, let's give money to the government to fix it." "I want people to be able to raise a family off a minimum wage job, let the government fix it." Etc etc You are assuming the government can do it well and efficiently.
  10. These are comments I love to see, so thank you for that. Was Ted correct in regards to wait times for hospitals? Do you have to wait days/months on end to see your doctor for surgery that could've been provided faster if people weren't on a government healthcare system?
  11. Starts at around 7:00 - Haven't finished watching it yet, however I feel Cruz has made stronger point compared to Bernie. What do you guys think is the future for America's healthcare? Who do you think won this debate? @Travesty they bring up Canada a good bit, if you have time, care to comment if you know anything about it?
  12. grats new staff!
  13. I'll try to translate this for other people "No offense to Bulletford because he is trying to fix it, but to everyone else involved with the server, if you got off your ass and helped Bulletford maybe, just maybe, the server would be populated and all the players, old and new alike, can play TTT and have fun together rather than it be a dead server."
  14. I think the point Driz is trying to make is if a Mosque is burned down and no one was inside during the fire, it then means it is more than likely started by a Muslim. People burn down Mosques with people inside them all the time and thats when it is non-muslims commiting the act. According to Driz, when a Mosque is burned down and no one was inside of it, it is safe to assume it was started by a fellow Muslim. If a non-muslim wanted to burn down a Mosque they would be sure there were people inside of it.