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  1. Happy birthday!
  2. Going to be in Santa Barbara with my gf all day tomorrow. Unfortunately you won't be blessed by my holy 1.4k skills
  3. welcome
  4. I'm leaving too
  5. who r u
  6. cute dog! how old is she?
  7. ty
  8. AHHHH PAPA BEERMAN!!! Good luck my dude and I'm glad to hear you got a promotion! Keep in touch whenever you can and goodluck with the future!
  9. My nickname in Hebrew is pronounced Yunk-Al-Eh. That can be shortened to Yunki. Ez
  10. So the issue at hand is if we eventually get to a point where we can get rid of all genetic disorders, which lowers life expectancy, we will have to deal with overpopulation. So we have a choice now, we either allow all these genetic disorders to be treated but have to deal with overpopulation, which might lead to a one child policy and other restrictive laws, or we don't allow genetic disorders to be treated through CRISPR. Are we going to potentially sacrifice the individual rights of the many in order to allow people who would've died early on due to birth defects, live longer lives.
  11. The thread is better this way. So back to the end of my last post. I would argue it is better to not use eugenics to get rid of birth defects. Would you say it is still worth all this trouble? Is it okay to restrict the rights of many in order to save the lives of people who were naturally supposed to die early on, or deal with any other complicstions with their defect?
  12. Is a one child policy the only law we can enact on order to prevent overpopulation? If that's the case, I would argue it is ultimately immoral to allow for the disappearance of birth defects. A one child policy prevents personal freedom and allows for the government to control ones private life. Do we allow the rights to be taken away in order to allow those who were "supposed" to die early to live longer?
  13. Would a one child policy actually work though? Is the government going to start fining couples or forcing women to get abortions?
  14. Talk Mad Philosophy March '17