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    The reason you don't see a problem with it is because you fail to see that there is a victim. You don't see a problem because you believe that humans have some sort of property to them that makes them the God of Earth. That type of thinking where a human/groups of humans thought they were justified in commiting atrocities just because of some arbitrary and insignificant characteristics has always shown to be a problem. Vegans and some non-vegans, (the discussions of this thread shows me that even if they don't follow the lifestyle, they agree what goes on is wrong and ultimately should be stopped) realize there are billions of victims who can not escape their living hell without help. I don't expect veganism to become the majority in my lifetime, however injustice will ultimately seize the exist. Hell, it took hundreds of years for humans to realize that that owning another human was wrong.
  3. Militant Vegan


    Show it off proudly! That type of thinking has always shown to be historically positive!
  4. Militant Vegan


    So after having a conversation with people, I am beginning to understand this more. In the end, I don't think I can change your mind. You believe it's okay that billions of animals suffer and are tortured every year just to please our taste buds even though we can obtain all the nutrients we need from plant-based sources. You also believe that our taste buds are more important than the environment and your own health. And you think it's okay that all of this happens because we have the ability to do it and that somehow we are deserving of other sentient beings lives. Glad to know where you stand!
  5. Militant Vegan


    1. Saying it taste better is not a moral justification. Like I've told other people on Thai thread. Is the taste of an animals flesh for that 15 minute meal worth the only life that animal gets? If not, then what is your moral justification for doing it? 2. So do you believe there are objective morals (killing is bad, rape is bad, enslavement is bad)?
  6. Militant Vegan


    I morally think that some races are inferior than others so it's okay to enslave them. There ya go! Just because you say it doesn't make it true. I can yell that 2+2=5 but no matter how much I yell it, it doesn't make it true. It is not MORAL, to inflict suffering on a sentient being unless there is a valid justification (i.e. if I don't eat this meat I will die of starvation). Most, if not all of us in America have no valid moral justification to eating meat and animals products. There is a victim with this act, and because of it, you need to MORALLY justify it. Again, because we can survive and thrive on plant-based diets, it becomes unnecessary for us to consume their flesh. Therefore, we have no moral justification to do it. Edit for further clarification: This all goes back to the fact that there are objective morals, one of which is that it is not okay to needlessly inflict pain and suffering of beings that have the capability to feel pain and suffer. Also edited a critical grammar error
  7. Militant Vegan


    Read what OG said, you misunderstood what I typed. I am saying you can't morally justify an action just because it's legal. With that in mind, how can you morally justify eating sentient beings when we can survive and thrive on plant-based diets.
  8. Militant Vegan


    You may be aware of my original post but you clearly have not read it... I argued against the 3 points you brought up and you have failed to counter-argue my points If killing animals for food has no moral justification, then how can it be seen as extreme for a vegan or animal-rights activists to help show you why demanding the slaughtering and torture of animals is wrong. Every other thing you brought up (including your 3 original points) were ALL answered in my original post and you have not given any counter-argument for what I have in that post. I suggest you actually read it when you get the chance
  9. Militant Vegan


    You clearly failed to read anything I have posted. Read my main post because I literally go over every point you bring up...
  10. Militant Vegan


    Sure there are some things that you can argue to be subjectively (im)moral, however, the reason why our society has not crumbled into complete chaos is that we understand that there are objective morals too. Everyone knows murder is wrong, everyone knows rape is wrong, everyone knows child abuse is wrong, everyone knows domestic violence is wrong, everyone knows slavery is wrong. We know these are wrong because humans are inherently compassionate beings and we know not treat others like shit. Remember the golden rule we were told to always follow? Treat others the way you want to be treated. Let's play along with your idea of morality being subjective. I'm sure you would not like me and a bunch of my friends to come into your home at night, kill your family and hang your dog in front of you. You can yell and scream, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU! WHAT YOU'RE DOING IS SO FUCKED UP!" Is it valid for me to say, "It's only fucked up to you, I don't see anything wrong with this."? I'm sure you would say that just because I think it's fine doesn't make it fine, it's because you understand that what I did was wrong and immoral. I took the lives of innocent beings simply because I had the opportunity. Having the ability to do something DOES NOT give you the right to do it. I'm sure you might want to bring up that what I did was wrong because it's against the law, however, laws have historically not lined up with our sense of morality. It once was legal to own slaves and do what you wanted with them. Sure it was LEGAL to do it, but was it right? (I hope you would say slavery was wrong) At one point in time, Jews were legally sent to concentration/death camps to do forced labor, be experimented on, and to ultimately die. Just because Hitler was legally allowed to do it, does it make it okay? Just because a government says something is okay, does not mean that it is okay.
  11. Militant Vegan


    I suggest you read my main post, it covers why you're line of thinking does not morally justify killing other sentient beings. I have taken the time to read and respond to everyone's comments. I'd appreciate you show some sort of respect by reading what I wrote which covers literally what you just typed out. Do you admit that you cannot morally justify eating these animals though. Like I have told others, it is not a moral justification to eat animals just because you like the taste of their flesh. Do you believe that your taste buds and 15 minutes of pleasure are worth more than the only life an animals gets? If no, then what is your moral justification for doing it? If yes, I suggest you re-read what I wrote in the main post lmao
  12. Militant Vegan


    Mac can live a life where cows aren't the focus, it's called growing crops. If he wants a cow as a pet, I suggest he rescues one before it gets slaughtered. I don't understand how my claim is questionable, the clear majority (<99%) of dairy production is not for the welfare of the animals, it's to sell their products. I would love to see a farm that does everything I brought up in your hypothetical. Until then, animal farming is inherently bad, it relies on the poor treatment of sentient beings in order to get a profit, the videos from documentaries show this to be true. In regards to subsistence farming, a family can produce their needs through plant-based foods, they do not have to resort to using animals products. If a family rescues hens, doesn't breed them, and treats them as if they were family then sure go ahead and eat their eggs. But it seems like so much trouble in order to obtain the most ethical animal product. Lastly, I am not lumping good farmers with bad ones, I'm lumping less bad farmers with bad ones. When a farmer treats cows and chickens in the way I addressed in your hypothetical, then there can be a discussion held about good animal farmers existing. Also, even if you believe there are good farmers, the milk that a majority of us get do not come from them. If you believe that their good farmers and bad ones, at least look to stop increasing the demand from the bad ones.
  13. Militant Vegan


    I don't see it as a contradiction. There is no money to be made when you treat these animals properly, it is why those farms don't exist. It was a hypothetical and it stays like that. There is a reason why after all these documentaries came out about dairy, that local farmers and big dairy alike don't come out letting people see for themselves that everything is fine and dandy at their farms. Animal farms are inherently bad because to run a farm you need to make money, and you can't make money by treating these animals they way they should be treated. If you haven't yet, check out the documentary I posted, it will show you the standard conditions that these animals go through. Quick edit: So many resources are used to help a cow survive, and if you can't even get the entire product (the milk) from the cow, then how do you plan on making that money. I see it as impossible to allow the calf to get all the milk it needs from its mother AND still allow a farmer to make money. Sure, in theory you can call it a contradiction, but in reality, the cows cannot get that treatment. I'm kinda lost on your second paragraph lmao, specifically when you say "But wait -- humans and cows are different because humans more are sentient! Lemme introduce you real quick to the world of chimpanzee milk that I believe we should be capitalizing on." I'd suggest you give some plant-based foods a try. I'm sure some foods you already love are vegan or can easily be made vegan and you just haven't noticed. On topic with you choosing to live an immoral life, I don't really know what to say. It opens up a big philosophical conversation about why we should strive to live a moral life for the betterment of the Earth, but I doubt you actually want to dive into that.
  14. Militant Vegan


    That's good to hear, I just remember one of my friends talking about how the cholesterol was incredibly high and so was the saturated fat, ill check it out though.