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  1. LindsayLoo


    Welcome to the forums! Don't listen to @Ironic. Come try TTTGO!
  2. LindsayLoo

    TTT:GO Map List

    Replaced de_westwood with de_westwood_07_sg
  3. LindsayLoo

    Trelvick's Application [PENDING]

    he protecc he attacc but most importantly, he delay the round 22/30
  4. LindsayLoo


  5. ah shit, here we go again 7/30
  6. LindsayLoo

    TTT:GO Map List

    Added: de_nipperhous2 Removed: de_hamsters
  7. LindsayLoo

    Community Vote to Remove de_hamsters

    I'll remove it later tonight!
  8. LindsayLoo

    TTT:GO Map List

    Removed: ttt_golf
  9. literally scared the fuck out of me on ttt 7/20
  10. LindsayLoo


    happy birthday! I wont bully you for today, but only today
  11. LindsayLoo

    TTT:GO Map List

    Added: -ttt_rooftops_sg_v2 -ttt_crummycradle_sg_fix_final Removed: -ttt_community_pool_redux_hg_v1 -ttt_crummycradle
  12. LindsayLoo

    Journey to the End of Time [Video and Discussion]

    well, I watched it. it was nice, im having an existential crisis now on the real note, that video was very interesting and presented information that some of us probably already knew, but the depiction and presentation is phenomenal
  13. LindsayLoo

    Update to the Rules, 3/13/19

    @Mr Eagle
  14. LindsayLoo

    Update to the Rules, 3/13/19

    It would be considered Traitorous, and if it is deemed to be RDM, it could be slayable/bannable. No delaying is in there.
  15. Hi all! Yesterday, (and I'm dating the post for today as I did not mention it on the forums last night) the rulepage for the server received an update. The rules are fundamentally the same, however the end goal was to create a more clear and concise set of rules that people may understand easier. The intention is to still have a less strict policy while also promoting interpretation. As always, you can find the rules here. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a certain rule or about them in general, feel free to leave a comment here or to PM me on Discord or Steam and I will get to it when I can. Thank you for playing on the server, and I hope the rules are more clear for you all.
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