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  1. LindsayLoo

    Centran conspiracy theory

    can someone move this to spam
  2. LindsayLoo

    Happy birthday Spider!

    you're two now, right? happy birthday
  3. LindsayLoo

    happy valentines day!

    ill do some more valentines wishes since you nerds are just so nice. @Nau stop being good at ttt, but keep playing @Avenger you are my best friend and I love you @Dark Fry I appreciate you and @cookie eater for always making me feel good about banning more and more people @FanService you're a pretty cool dude, so stay that way or else ill find you @Rayne big ol' fuck you! keep being awesome and being concerned when I stay up too late @Destin im sorry I murdered that snowman @BabyNicol3 you're my favorite weeb @KiD Fearless thanks for helping bullet on tttgo stuff sometimes, its not unappreciated effort! @Mimic do more work ya big ol fuckin gay asshole. love ya though <3 @Beerman GET SOME MORE FUCKIN BONES BRO @Sponsored when are we hanging out @Clara there I love you too
  4. LindsayLoo

    happy valentines day!

    happy valentines day y'all. I know a lot of us are pretty good at sucking dick so make sure to tag your favorite cock suckers of 2018 and 2019! <3 @Muddykips maybe you'll get SO one day! @fps_trucka you're probably the best at it, keep up the good work! @thew you could be better! @Ironic you still smell, but I love you anyways edit: post #1500, love me edit 2: @nothing_but_fail ur the best
  5. LindsayLoo

    Obligatory Check-in

    good day to you
  6. LindsayLoo

    Post what you're listening to right now.

    some very interesting music for y'all
  7. LindsayLoo

    Please accept me :) [PENDING]

    "I do stuff" -wolfshade *doesn't move nick to recruit* 2/20
  8. LindsayLoo


    you monster
  9. LindsayLoo


    fuck no
  10. LindsayLoo

    Dead Props

    My opinion is that it should be closer to the system in GMod where it requires a long duration of recharge before you can use it, and have it perhaps do less damage in general. In GMod, usually props would have to launch themselves in the air and come back down to damage anyone (which would take a while unless proptown was turned on).
  11. LindsayLoo

    Getting admin back

    Only people who did something deserve Ex-Staff.
  12. LindsayLoo

    Thanks guys!

    Good luck, I hope it goes well. ALL HAIL BEERMAN, THE PEOPLE'S JCS
  13. LindsayLoo

    Getting admin back

    Yeah, only for CSGO. Zach has said L3 wont get it on GMod.
  14. LindsayLoo

    Props in TTTGO

    A little while ago props would do a decent amount but would not be an instant kill, and that tended to work very well for the server. It wasn't OP and allowed a chance for players to defend themselves, less they get caught off guard.
  15. LindsayLoo