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  1. Lindsay

    hello there

    so when can we ban this guy?
  2. Lindsay

    Fall TTT Event

    if hes there, then im definitely there
  3. Lindsay

    Sg is big homosexual

  4. Lindsay


    heya pal, @Ironic is the fattest kid I know, so stay away from him. he'll eat your lunch
  5. Lindsay


    this game is best game ever made. I like play game good. I play much game yes. wizard101 very yes game good, join me
  6. Lindsay

    Wittly Wayne App [PENDING]

    of course, it'd be a dishonor not to ref you! 11/20
  7. Lindsay

    Staff Changes - 10/1/18

    grats sponsored, my bby is all grown up grats to everyone else too I guess
  8. Lindsay

    danielyeetman's Application [PENDING]

    5/20 isn't annoying
  9. Lindsay

    Cool stories in music videos.

    surprised this wasn't already in here, pretty good song and a good story.
  10. Lindsay

    Hello World!

    back to this old song and dance again? welcome to the forums, @Ironic is smelly and you should stay away from him
  11. Lindsay

    The Sweetrock Academy for the Gifted

    where do I donate?
  12. Lindsay

    Best Super Gay Member

    this thread is gold. please, we need more. i havent seen this many people all at once in a while!
  13. Lindsay

    Best Super Gay Member

    my life is a lie
  14. i would ref him, but this is the faggot that always tks me in siege
  15. Lindsay

    If you had to lose...

    well...I mean...
  16. Lindsay

    Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

    oh the liquor is already here way ahead of you only slightly
  17. Lindsay

    Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

    hey guys look im legal!
  18. Lindsay

    Stepping down as SO

  19. Lindsay

    Stepping down as SO

    wow, i even gave you SO and everything. good luck in college bb ily can i step down from exstaffmin?
  20. Lindsay

    GMod TTT Server Suggestions

    roblox maps pls