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  1. Lindsay

    Hi Noobs

    hi ollie
  2. Lindsay

    Joined jailbreak recently and im loving it.

    welcome, stay the hell away from ironic because hes gayer than I am
  3. Lindsay

    B t w

  4. Lindsay

    Any Xbox One Gamers?

    ill add ya, just got my xbone the other day. I play gta and bf1 because that's all I have lol. my user is lindoA
  5. Lindsay

    where is eddy?

    ahh, everyone neg repping tacky. the good ol days
  6. Lindsay

    The Bens step down thread

    stepped down faster than i did, wow thanks i guess, you ruined everything i did
  7. Lindsay

    Long time no see

    hey buddy, it has been a little bit. ive sold my soul to corporate and now im a target worker im also a little gayer too
  8. Lindsay

    Happy Birthday Dawg

    what a big homo
  9. Lindsay

    hello there

    so when can we ban this guy?
  10. Lindsay

    Fall TTT Event

    if hes there, then im definitely there
  11. Lindsay

    Sg is big homosexual

  12. Lindsay


    heya pal, @Ironic is the fattest kid I know, so stay away from him. he'll eat your lunch