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  1. Cman

    Next Poker Tourney

    Is it time to lose to a king flush with my queen flush?
  2. Cman

    Its about that time

    Now I only have skitt for staff leaks
  3. Cman

    Culture of sG

  4. Cman

    WAR3 SO Situation *Please Read*

    I can take care of that
  5. Cman

    Sith Stepdown Thread

    Like and subscribe boys
  6. Cman

    Waylon's Application. [DENIED]

    Just going to leave this here
  7. Cman

    Happy Birthday Reaper!

    Happy belated birthday
  8. Cman

    anyone who plays war3

    All servers are located in Chicago now iirc
  9. Cman

    Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    @CanadianBill FUCK OFF YOUR DUMB
  10. Cman

    Fortnite + Tornado = I don't mind dying while gaming

    I think that version will be released free when the game fully comes out of early access.
  11. Cman


    Just trust the Docs man, they know what they are doing. Glad all is well.