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  1. Real Life Jailbreak

    Could a CCW have stopped this cop from shooting him? Probably.
  2. Gun control

    "Could a CCW have stopped all the people from dying probably if he was in the hotel at the time the shooting started." Water 2017
  3. did i get in yet

  4. David's Application [APPROVED]

    No Minglee emote gg ref 27/20
  5. They will probably scale down the cost of heros. Personally I like the change in pace that ea is doing they just got the values wrong. Ill still play it when it comes out
  6. happy b-day to totes

  7. Everybody but me in this thread is a retard.

    @Eddy is really video game dunkey
  8. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    Today I learned that 1 rdm is considered mass rdm
  9. Racism


    same dude.HBD
  11. Happy birthday, Noms!!

    Happy Birthday Nams
  12. i love the sg war3 server.

  13. Community Digest - 10/8/17

    huh why did I get a shoutout. GZ to the peeps who got promoted/staff.