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  1. huh why did I get a shoutout. GZ to the peeps who got promoted/staff.
  2. Cant tell if you are talking about trump or kim or both.
  3. Racism

    The issue with allowing the non -er versions of it is that then retards will think its okay to then go all out racists and start spamming all versions of it. Personally the word itself doesnt bother me because just like you rootbeer I've grown up with just about everyone using it around their friends. You can either ban it all or allow it all.
  4. Custom TTT Feedback

    I believe @Jeff The Flying Shark increased the cooldown on it to 10 seconds last night.
  5. hullo

  6. Skill Surf Ideas/Complaints

    Not sure how we killed the server when I litterally had to do your own job for you on the hard server going through every single map in the rotation picking out which ones were either broken or needed rezoning. At first I would either post on forums with bug reports/maps not working or @ you on discord about specific maps not working. It didnt take long for me to realize that you either didnt care out the server or just were too lazy to do anything. So from there I would just tell jeff about what changes needed to be made, or what maps needed help. Dont become a Advisor for a server if you have no idea what the fuck you are doing, especially if you are going to just fake step down once for "memes" and then proceded to actually step down a week or so later cause you dont want to do anything.
  7. Skill Surf Ideas/Complaints

    I agree that the rtv cooldown is really annoying and imo should just be removed. Currently there is no head admin of surf because @Destin abandoned it after doing a shitty job at maintaining it. Shoutout to @Jeff The Flying Shark and @ctark for fixing shit on that server, for now I guess they are the ones to goto for skill surf related things.
  8. Cman mc shit[Approved]

    _Cman_ Yes War3
  9. Custom TTT Feedback

    I was just talking about certain player models being available to only donators. Where as everyone has access to the point shop upgrades. You could even add custom jihad sounds in there etc. Also @Avenger @ZachPL the !servers and !donate commands do not work.
  10. Custom TTT Feedback

    A point shop would be nice, not sure how I feel about adding new player models for donators. But doing so would encourage more people to donate to the servers. Currently serious TTT pointshop has upgrades you can buy for the punch meter as well as increasing the crowbars attack speed.
  11. Happy birthday Yunki!

    Happy date of birth you slark spamming fag
  12. Idea to bring back Custom

    They have a great system but my god their admins are actually mentally ill. @Jeff The Flying Shark knows
  13. Solar Eclipse and Twitch Chat? Hell yes.

    I went to a lake about 2 hours away to watch it. Was 100% totality there, was pretty cool. It only was dark for like 3 minutes tho.