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  1. Fishy Taco

    #Oprah2020 will be your next President?

    With a reality tv star currently on office, who describes himself as: "like, very smart" and " a very stable genius" it would not surprise me if she ran. I still think, eventually, people will go back to voting for serious candidates who have governing experience, respectable curriculums and know what they're doing, but for now meme candidates will do.
  2. After repealing Net Neutrality the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai makes this shit, this guy is seriously disconnected with reality or a sociopath.
  3. Just a thread so SC2 sG players can find each other to chill on discord for some 1v1s or 2v2s. BTW SC2 is Free To Play now so if you´ve never tried the game you might wanna check it out. My BattleTag: #Dictator1707
  4. With The Game Awards´ Game Of the Year coming in December, I was wondering what you guys consider the best game of the year and why. Mine would be TLO Zelda: Breath of The Wild, its just open world techno-fantasy goodness all around . I´ve always been a fan of the series and this installment did it for me just right. If you have the opportunity I heavily recommend you check it out.
  5. Fishy Taco

    "Go To" Games (what´s yours?)

    Friends? Rip
  6. Fishy Taco

    "Go To" Games (what´s yours?)

    I have 1k+ hours on CS:GO, but it´s been 80% community servers and 20% fucking around in comp or dm. I´ve always liked cs:go esports and maybe it´s time I give competitive a serious try. I´ve always wanted to form a 5 man team to apply strats,roles,etc. But all my friends are way out of my skill group in the game I guess I gotta git gud. thx you´ve inspired me to stop being a dirty silver scrub Bulldog What games? (I play CoC regularly but Its not a game I can take too seriously).
  7. Fishy Taco

    "Go To" Games (what´s yours?)

    Hey guys, I have been getting pretty tired of LoL (not here to complain about the game), but it has always been the game that I play the most and I always went back to for the last 5 years. I´ve played around 4k matches on it but I think I wanna find a new one. What´s your "Go-to" game? I wanna check some out and if you could enlist why its the game you´re comfortable playing for years that would help to. I'm looking for: Replayability Progression Room for improvement and skill development (Competitive ladder or Unlimited Progression) Community Developer care (updates or expansions) (if it runs on a low-end PC would also be a big + but not necessary) Does anything come to mind?
  8. Fishy Taco

    sG Poker Club

    Is this club for Texas Hold´em exclusively? Or do you play modes like Omaha and 7Stud too?
  9. Fishy Taco

    Browser Based Strategy Games

    Risk and Pandemic are pretty good.
  10. I know there are some poker nerds in here so I wanted to share this three consecutive hands where Dan Negreanu trolls Hellmuth and he tilts off the earth (Phil tilting is not an uncommon thing though).