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  1. Nature

    It's been a while.

    Welcome back!
  2. Nature

    Board Game Night

    I love tabletop sim soooo much!
  3. Nature

    Syndicate Gamers Quarterly Update

    Congrats everyone!
  4. Nature

    Post your favorite marvel movie.

    The xmen series <3
  5. Nature

    Happy Birthday Wave

    Happy birthday!
  6. Nature

    Hello Folks

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  7. Nature


    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. Nature

    Wassup Y'all

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  9. Nature

    I wanna become an admin so im gonna introduce myself :)

  10. Nature

    Thoughts on Sonic the Hedgehog?

    I think he is fast
  11. Nature

    Happy Birthday, Sweetrock!

  12. Nature

    [Race] Zealot of C'thun

    This seems like such a sick race. It could also be a counter to second wave bombs
  13. Nature

    Idea for an event

    This sounds like an amazing idea! I would definitely attend
  14. Nature

    Second Wave Ability damage

    To be honest, its only a good race when cloud plays it
  15. Nature

    Stephen Hawking passed away

    Saying that he was suppose to die a lot sooner, I would say that he lived a good life, became famous, and discovered some cool things about black holes. So not a life to regret.