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  1. Rainsurge

    What do you use to jump?

    mwheeldown mstr race.
  2. Rainsurge


    Well, the title is kinda what this is about. When I started playing in this community it was my 8th grade year, and I am now a senior in highschool. Time has flied, and it truly hurts to think back to all the memories and how these people that I spent so much time with in the community on my summer nights are no longer here, and well I guess I just wanted to say that I miss them. All the (summer) nights filled with fun and laughter. All the unique experiences and things worth playing for. And well its more of a question thread. I by no means have been in this community for a long time, seeing that some of you (very few) have been here for 8 years, so yes I'm pretty much just a fag, not an old one or a new one. I just wanted to know who here has this feeling, who here misses someone they shared this same experience with? Is this feeling of "nostalgia" bittersweet? Thanks gaymers. (sorry for my fggt blog im annoying) Sincerely me.
  3. Rainsurge

    Bought a 1080, should I be worried about temps?

    Meant to include in the original post. Airway is cool, its sitting on my floor away from my walls so none of the exit vents are blocked. I've got a CORSAIR CARBIDE 100R Mid-Tower Case. The airflow on the case is not awful but I should probably upgrade, and I've currently got 3 fans on the inside.
  4. Well, I decided I would spend some of my hard earned good boy points and buy a new graphics card (currently have a 1050 ti). So with that, I decided to kinda go all out and buy a 1080. I bought a new psu to accompany it, because my current would be just at the minimum recommended wattage, and I don't feel like frying my $500 gpu. But I also don't want it to melt. Do any of you have a 1080 or experience with high end gpus, and do they overheat terribly? I've read about the blower cards having heat issues, but this one is obviously different with the two fans. I read the reviews and I didn't see very many problems, but was a little concerned with the only truly negative reviews inciting peoples cards LITERALLY lighting on fire. I don't plan on overclocking, which is one of the only other things I can think of that will stress/overheat the card aside from putting it under heavy load. I guess i'm just asking for some incite from people who may own a 1080 and get some feedback on their temps.
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