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  1. If you ever pm me or one of my friends again talking about beans, ur fricken gonna get beaned on man.
  2. Yeah I don't want my point swaying away from the original. Not having post count makes it more serious and less spammy. I just miss the voting system that was in place. It was amazing. Preach!
  3. No, but we've lowered the post requirements for applying for ranks, as well I've actually voted/reffed people for a while.
  4. Being able to vote on recuits was a lot of fun and added a huge boost when being accepted. Applying to Syndicate Gamers meant used to mean more. When I was accepted it felt like I was joining something. Now we don't get postcount from reffing people and I feel the ref count is a bit aggressive, however I would like to see it pan out as it was really low. In past there have been times of massive circle jerk. Look at Nau for one. He reapplied and there was that huge shit storm. He reapplied after playing on the servers for a month and people genuinely wanted him in, whereas before everyone was saying "oh **** that guy".
  5. Happy birthday brudduh
  6. dam son thanks makkes me want to donate a fat $4.2 $1 per rep
  7. Ok so I need a new keyboard, thinking about just grabbing a used one but might just buy new. I don't want a mechanical keyboard as my experience has been absolutely horrid with them, from key caps falling off and breaking, to the company not allowing me to buy key caps and only get a maximum replacement of 10 keys. Basically I'm wondering if anyone here is using just a regular keyboard that works really well for them, and for them to link it.
  8. What booch said, with longjump, if bhop is enabled a player wont be slowed down.
  9. This is a pretty big oops haha. In my field you'll always make an oops here and there just don't repeat mistakes and you're usually golden.
  10. :Confused: :WaitWhat: :waitwhat: :REE:
  11. pm sent yo so all you need to do is download borderlands 1 and buy the dlc if you don't have it, it will cost like $4 since they're a dollar each rn the whole game plus dlc is $8 then buy the other pack that costs $250 for %94 off so it costs $14, it comes with borderlands 2 and the pre sequal and all their dlcs
  12. I think you forgot the N
  13. Going to be starting the borderland series. Got most of the franchise for $25 iff steam if anyones interested.
  14. Happy Valentines day Harmabe. We aren't together again this year but I'm thinking of you.
  15. dipping fries into ice cream is lit, but those people who do that are weirrd.
  16. dab some of that shit on an egg sandwhich and guy ferri will be getting hype mixing mustard in with your egg salad mix 100!
  17. With every admin having the ability to see who the t's are when their dead, I can for sure see t's getting messed up far before an inno by anyone who is l3+.
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