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    Congratulations Nicole!

  2. Hey guys, there's a lot of ZM on our ZE server and I was wondering if the people are wanting it removed.
  3. MistaChang

    New donation from Nau

  4. MistaChang

    Bulletford is a cunt.

    yah same
  5. MistaChang

    New donation from Nau

    ok this guy out here donating enough money for the whole staff to share pizza together at an sG meetup
  6. MistaChang

    New donation from Nau

    at this point you bless sG with freeposts
  7. MistaChang

    New donation from Nau

    ok listen here, that' 13.37 is like 2 pizza's in america
  8. MistaChang


    Hey, glad to see you've made your way here!
  9. MistaChang

    What do you use to jump?

    I use both, crouch jumping I'll use a space bar + shift and bhoping I'll just use mouse wheel.
  10. MistaChang

    They made a game about me

    Hey there sG, this company made a story about Uncle and it's free for a limited time. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/a-story-about-my-uncle
  11. MistaChang

    They made a game about me

    Not quite sure, looks like you jump and run. Not something that is peeks my interest. Check out a youtube video.
  12. MistaChang

    They made a game about me

    Just a free game for a limited time, thought someone might want it.
  13. MistaChang

    Nau's Application. [PENDING]

    #BringNauHome 9/20
  14. MistaChang

    Please fix the server

    I think we need to reverse the "zem" experience.
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  16. MistaChang

    In-home mice exterminating

    I've had mice in my house growing up a few times, as well once when I was on my own. It's pretty terrible. One good way is setting up a water trap so they drown. Another is good old fashion mouse traps. The drowning method works better because it gets more but I don't recommend it if you have other animals or kids around. There's also this guy on youtube who does mouse trap videos. You might find whats best looking up various mouse traps on their channel. Can't think of the link at the moment but it wouldn't be hard to find his content.
  17. MistaChang

    Ban Hammer VS Cheater

    one of the better things in csgo
  18. MistaChang

    Can I get an Staff approval?

    ok whens this happening?
  19. MistaChang

    Mudkip's Application [PENDING]

    ref 2/20 best places to get your hair done are usually salons
  20. kaY LISTEN HERE kid, ur the biggest gay in the world


  21. MistaChang

    Application 3 ;) [PENDING][APPROVED]

    Yes hello BakkaNeko. You are a syndickie, been around for a while. 15 yeets out of 20 15/20
  22. MistaChang

    Mudkips Introduction But not really

    Yes hello Mudkipz. You will carry ze one day, I foresee it with my experience as a "see--er".
  23. MistaChang

    Congratulations sG

    yeah and we sent it so hard
  24. MistaChang

    B t w

    Hey man that's awesome. I remember you talking to me about how you would move across the country for this girl. It's good to see you tied the knot.