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  1. All these people saying thanks but not giving rep.
  2. This is my first 4/20 sober in 5 years. : : I might
  3. : :
  4. How am I flaming him?
  5. Yah they should, or infract me. Like I said, I'm going to stop. Idk, i got the idea from centran from the other post.
  6. I'm actually going to stop now. I feel like a bit of a cunt now. @Lazzercat Again, sorry if you feel like you were attacked by me, I seriously mean no harm. I should also say sorry; so I'm sorry fam.
  8. Alright, I'm editing this post to be less troll like. Now I'm not sure what to write here. Anyways I'm sorry about blowing this out of the water, I shouldn't have commented on the original post and just left it.
  9. Nobody personally attacked you. I'm sorry you feel like I attacked you, but after you pinged me near five times, I got a bit annoyed, and asked you to subside from doing so. You continued and started trolling me, continuing to ping me. I made some remarks. There is always two sides, or more to each story. If you didn't notice at all, @fatb0y was being a cunt to me, I didn't really care. You can't let people under your skin, because in every community, there are always assholes.. *cough* @Moose (; *cough cough*.. I also didn't attack your past, I shared mine with you too, and told you basically you can change and use your past to propell you forward in life. When I said yes, I'll give you another chance at being friends calling you a boosted ape, it wasn't a rude remark at all, but rather a meme. You seem alright man, but nobody here is going out of there way to attack you. Also, I wouldn't let anyone online get to you or make you feel an emotional tear in life. This place is really positive, and without this place, I probably wouldn't have made life improvements to move onto my next level of education.
  10. This thread...
  11. This is in spam though? also I can barely understand your post.
  12. 3toxic5me

    1. dash



  13. f
  14. Happy Chocolate Shitting Rabbit day!