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  1. MistaChang

    ZE Problems

    We will be looking into the problems futher this weekend or shortly after. Thank you posting.
  2. MistaChang

    App [DENIED]

    Ref cuz we bbfs 27/20
  3. MistaChang

    Happy Canada Day

    It's Canada Day today. Bless the peace we have.
  4. MistaChang

    sG snapchat group.

  5. MistaChang

    sG snapchat group.

    Wouldnt be the first time in sG that a group had a rat. Lul
  6. MistaChang

    Community Update 6/28/18

    Ohwow I made a quarterly update without being demoted.
  7. MistaChang

    Welcome to me <3

    Yes, hello.
  8. MistaChang

    Safe to say ZE is done for?

    Hello Harmy. I have been dealing with a few things and havent been able to play recently. I should be getting back next month as this ones coming to a close. The server officers and I will put on an effort to repop ZE.
  9. MistaChang

    Happy Birthday Clamps!

    Happy birthday you "pizza expert".
  10. MistaChang

    sG 2018 World Cup

    I'll take panama
  11. MistaChang

    sG 2018 World Cup

    I'll pick Saudi cause those guys are explosive. If not Senegal
  12. MistaChang

    Happy (totally not belated) birthday Fearless

    Happy birthday kid
  13. MistaChang

    Zombie escape ZClass relook

    What should we do for regular zombies? 10k health and slow regen? I remember someone who used to be a regular really pushing for that.
  14. MistaChang

    hi from skorp

    Feel free to join the sG snapchat group
  15. MistaChang

    Stepping down

    REE thx for everything