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  1. MistaChang

    Dead Frontier 2(free)

    tons of new stuff man, surprised I haven't heard of this game. Everyone I've gotten to try it is pretty shocked by the gameplay and environment.
  2. MistaChang

    Dead Frontier 2(free)

    Dead frontier 2 came out on the 5th, really fun game so far. If anyone wants to play hit me up in discord. https://store.steampowered.com/app/744900/
  3. MistaChang

    Happy birthday Lillabeth!

    Ty for the games Thanks for the wishes
  4. MistaChang

    The Uncle Of ZE has returned

    Ohwow, you read the title! I am Uncle Chang and I play ZE. I've come back to pop servers and fuck bitches. Come on tomorrow night to get your game on ZE!
  5. MistaChang

    Kingpins Application [PENDING]

    Ohwow its kingpin 5/20
  6. MistaChang

    If you had to lose...

    Look at these beta cucks wanting to lose their cocks.
  7. MistaChang


    No me
  8. MistaChang


    Not another golf with friends
  9. MistaChang

    Hello...I am back...

    Hello welcome back.
  10. MistaChang

    The Chang Dynesty has fallen

    Hello friends of Syndicate Gamers. As a staff member of Syndicate Gamers it has become clear I wont be returning this month and this was my last month of procrastination. I've seen zombie escape take a turn for the worse and would like to see someone attempt to fill my shoes and repop the server. I'm not quitting ze. I'm working toward a brighter future and feel a weight would be lifted off of me stepping down. Essentially I had family problems and one of my friends were in a serious car accident so I moved to their place and each month I have felt I was going to be moving at the end of the month. I've decided that I cant hold onto that hope. It's unfortunate that it took me this long to give up the position. After I settle down and such I'll be more active.
  11. MistaChang

    Anyone watching Big Brother this season?

    Yeah I was down last year but then bets were taken away.
  12. MistaChang

    ZE Problems

    We will be looking into the problems futher this weekend or shortly after. Thank you posting.
  13. MistaChang

    App [DENIED]

    Ref cuz we bbfs 27/20
  14. MistaChang

    Happy Canada Day

    It's Canada Day today. Bless the peace we have.