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  1. We might as well just give him JCS...
  2. Salt Queen, or Meme Queen?

  3. art

  4. http://m.imgur.com/aKIrj61?r Rice, quinoa, broccoli, cauliflower, hotsauce, soy sauce and sriracha, with lentils.
  5. Is this a dating sim? Also just so you know for future reference, sG isn't full of weebs..
  6. Idk why, but I had a dream last night that @TotesMagoats infracted me for saying "fucking" in a none member thread. She also promptly banned for for a day from forums due to the incident.
  7. So tonight @DR3Y claims his favorite pizza was from little ceasors, with it being a pepperoni variety. My question to sG, is: what's your favourite pizza, and from where? Also what's your favourite pizza deals?
  8. The fuck did I just watch?
  9. Crazy women are the fucking bomb.
  10. Very nice introduction. Welcome to the forums. If you look through our zombie escape forum, you can view tutorials people have put together and learn information like that.
  11. Then get making it.
  12. Who's the biggest fag of them all? Jokes aside, does anyone else feel that the servers(aside from jailbreak) are more full of community members than previous years?
  13. I miss Bob Ross zombie... </3
  14. Join the group, equip the tag.