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  1. sG Skill Surf?!?

    For nearly three months.
  2. leaving sg

    I probably wouldn't have enjoyed this site as much, before I was in sG, if it wasn't for Sandy. Thanks.
  3. Happy Birthday MistaChang!

    Cringy thread from a cringy guy. (; Ps: give me the reps! If anyone wants to get me anything; $100 would do very nicely.
  4. Get Schwifty's Application

    Confirmed. Asked me for a ref awhile ago, seems like a good guy.
  5. Hello, my name is AntyCrix

    Welcome back Boondock.
  6. @Sweetrock.

    Dear @sweetrock. If you continue to send me boob pictures, and pictures of you in your bras and panties, I will be posting them in the FFA.
  7. Huuuuuuuh ya dad

  8. U


    Happy birthday penis sucker!!
  10. Who wants their voice in jailbreak?

    I'll make a few last ct clips for you to choose from. Maybe instead of one clip for each, you can have a few that get randomly chosen because one persons voice clip may become annoying. I'll also grab a few from people I know if they want to do it.
  11. What's up?

    Self pip, is best pip. (;
  12. What's up?

    That's not the one with your first and last name.. Congratulations on completing the program my guy!~ kən-grăch′ə-lā′shən
  13. Uhh thanks?

    Thank for the gift @Sdr! Time for some ultra wide fidget spinner simulations!
  14. Bro fest!

    Should have been posted in members only.
  15. OFFICAL - complaints of complaints in Complaint Department

    Tfw blondo comes for an unban but will be perma'd....