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    It do
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    Happy Birthday

    Ok this applies now
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    Do you think sG is just going to start trolling recruitment just because we would have the ability to vote no? We don't even have the ability to retract our votes if we made an early decision. Voting was such a huge thing here and brought a lot of activity and it also made recruitment feel like you had to be on your best behaviour. For a long time this way reffing people into sG, has the same power to be circle jerked as the no vote because no one here really has an opinion on who gets in, it's just impress 20 - 30 people and by the end of the month people just pitty ref people that they haven't even had an interaction with all month. Thus, a recruit can shit on people in sG but still suck enough dick to get in; sure you can argue that you can post your interaction on their app, but it would be better just to hit them with that no and get it over with. Then just go to the whole, "if they're toxic we can just kick them out if the time comes". Why use that mentality? We have a community full of people who genuinely care about this place, and if some shitstain is just voting no on recruits to vote no because they got that l2 flex, infract them.
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    Hey wats good guys!!!

    Mans is gonna make sG ZE great again with yt algorithm.
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    Happy Birthday

    We were talking about her birthday and how she got all this stuff as gifts, I just assumed her birthday came and past.
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    Post what you're listening to right now.

    absolute BANGER
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    Happy Birthday

    I guess I'm just too excited.
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to one of our greatest members of sG. They have been with us through thicc and thinn, and they have refused to leave and have stayed with us through periods of good times and slow times. I think if we all took a step back and appreciated this member we could learn a lot about how to live our day to day lives. Happy BIRTHDAY SWEETROCK, may you have a year of good health and prosperity. Don't let these fricken sG members yeet on you! Congratz on the PC that you got as a gift too btw! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETROCK edit: was just infmored her birthday isn't until march 17th
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    sG Equality and Fairness on Servers/Discord

    Thread has been failed to been locked by staff members, instead this is being trolled. @Mimic F. Welcoming/Respect - We encourage everyone to help out members here. If you don't have anything nice to say to them, don't say anything at all. Basically, be polite reasonably nice at all times. H. Trolling - Trolling is defined as making a post or thread in order to provoke an angry reaction from a member/ group of members/ everyone. While some find this amusing, it is not allowed. Everyone has a little troll in them, and staff recognizes that, but as stated earlier, if you break the rules frequently, you will be punished more frequently and more harshly. O. Bullying / Cyber Bullying - Harassing someone with the intent to make them leave the community, or organizing groups to do the like, will not be tolerated. Members are encouraged to report bullying and other harassment, and to stay clear of any groups encouraging it. I fully expect infractions.
  12. 1F, 1H, 1O. Three of our rules within the global guidelines that are not being kept up with Bulletford, Moose, Clamps, and Travesty. I have been getting constant shit from the community as well, surrounding the FFA due to what I "might" post. I'm being punished for something I haven't even done. Below is my evidence and the infractions are stated at the beginning. After I gained access the channel was locked down because I had been given access. I had been denied access from bulletford into the channel until people started talking about inequality and mistreatment of myself. I was going to hold out until 9 tonight to make the CD because of the pretence that I was going to pay Moose's personal paypal money to split with bullet. I assume this is a meme but this is the information we have been given. After people started causing a commotion, I was given the role for free. I had not paid the full amount. I sad idly in discord "afk" and watch what unpanned out. I'm not in sG to be treated like garbage by the higher ups the community and be excluded from servers, channels, and forums that I, and every other member should have access to. Now it's been hidden until further notice since I have access to this. I feel Mimic should handle this as this is a case about his peers/JCS partners being involved in the complaint. bullet flexing in general chat that someone's paid to keep me out of the channel Moments before the channel was hidden Other's noticing that people are shitting on me Claims of being ignored by moose Staff saying I should make a CD/ Clamps saying he's paid up for my removal. Being denied payment Being ignored by moose, which I assumed he was busy during the day, but I've been told he's around Missing one item during my uploads, can reload all again if there seams to be a hole missing.
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    Surf Server Suggestions

    One of my suggestions is not allowing buy zones on the server. Buddy got close to 15 20 molly's and spammed the server with molly noises.