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  1. Rompers come in all sorts of patterns and designs aswell as colour schemes. They are the new apex of clothing for men.
  2. Anyone got their eye on a romper the summer? (;
  3. Careful of those damn server officers trying to dick on you.
  4. Ye Thanks for doing this totes btw.
  5. Can I get a hoyahh?
  6. @Branden
  7. This kids a boosted ape. .
  8. Thanks for donating to our community. We appreciate the funds. My thanks, as well as our sincere gratitude, rock on brother!
  9. You're a fucking... squirtle?
  10. @Banana Joe Joe; You're such a big boy now. Happy birthday my dude.
  11. Ref. Came in and killed a beat back a few months the ago when we had a rap brofest. In case that wasn't enough. Watches my snaps I send him. Sends me nudes. Makes burgers. Isn't vegan. Isnt vegetarian. Probably bi. (; If not I'll make him. Pisses off white folk. Memes everyday. I'd stick it in. He'd enjoy it. We would enjoy.
  12. Anyone want to buy a knife for $150 CAD? Paypal only.
  13. Chang, why you so coot?

  14. I have to poo, but I don't want to get up.