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  1. Second one is better imo
  2. Gotta get that 50 post count.
  3. But you abandoned rpg surf..
  4. I blame mimic. We need new staff. @Fugner
  5. Fearless. I don't want this to be a generic post. Thanks for the work youve done on kz, mg, and rpg surf. I hope to see you on sometime. You've done lots. Thank you.
  6. I would like to see the rules for teamspeak. I joined a channel and someone got super pissed because I asked him why he didn't want to play RPG Surf when he was on the other day, he exclaimed that since the spawning wasn't fixed (it isn't broken) he was going no where near the server in an extremely angry tone. I asked him why he was so mad, he started screaming, "GET OUT CHANG, GET OUT OF MY CHANNEL!!!!!!!", which was absurd. He could have muted me, and such, however he decided screaming was the best route to take and bellow out, "GET OUT OF MY CHANNEL!!!!!". I have no clue why he got so upset besides the group mentality Totes' group of friends have towards certain players like myself and other people within the sG community; which is becoming harassment. However he got super upset to the point where he sounded like he was going to cry and staff intervened; however, I maintained a very calm tone, as he was going off. I joined back 20 minutes later. Did not say a single word. I was then moved. I wasn't trolling the first time, nor the second time, however Cows thought it was trolling. Later, when that particular person wasn't in the teamspeak channel, I joined back, told a god awful joke, and got kicked; it was lulzy and I wasn't even upset. I have brought this issue up with Totes harassing me in the past with Cows, and nothing has seemed to change, however Totes is now harassing players besides myself it appears which shouldn't be happening as she hold the title of a staff member within the sG community. There are no team speak rules I have heard of, and would be glad to read some.
  7. Jason.
  8. Kevin
  9. You can reset just points. However this vote says we wont be doing so.
  10. Thank you for the generous donation!
  11. Entrance fees?
  12. Uhh yah that. Happy birthday jeferay
  13. Its been apart of the rules forever. Also I feel that the spawn protection needs a buff, as well does 80% of voters so far. @bulletford Can we make this happen?
  14. I was against making it a bannable offense as it would be extremely hard to combat against as you would have to witness it, or keep your eyes on the kill feed quite often. I never said I was against making changes to the spawn protection, as I have wanted it changed for a while, I just wasn't sure of a good way to do this. We never talked each other down, we were discussing. Right after our discussion on the server, we took it a private place to continue talking it over and see what we could do to make both ends happy. We both strongly like this idea.
  15. Yes kind of, however instead of 10 seconds, you will have unlimited time until you either move or use a weapon, so you have time to change your weapons, or upgrade your rpg. So those who go AFK won't be farmed, and will just go into spectate mode.