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  1. MistaChang

    Congratulations sG

    yeah and we sent it so hard
  2. MistaChang

    B t w

    Hey man that's awesome. I remember you talking to me about how you would move across the country for this girl. It's good to see you tied the knot.
  3. MistaChang

    New donation from thew

    Mans donated his pizza funds back into sG instead of getting one. Thanks habibi
  4. MistaChang

    Cool stories in music videos.

    This is a really cool thread. Actually I immediately saw this and many videos flashed before my eyes, but there was on that stuck out the most. During 2016 the dab became popularized due to the song below. That's crazy! https://youtu.be/mWulmBUNnHk
  5. MistaChang

    Dead Frontier 2(free)

    tons of new stuff man, surprised I haven't heard of this game. Everyone I've gotten to try it is pretty shocked by the gameplay and environment.
  6. MistaChang

    Dead Frontier 2(free)

    Dead frontier 2 came out on the 5th, really fun game so far. If anyone wants to play hit me up in discord. https://store.steampowered.com/app/744900/
  7. MistaChang

    Happy birthday Lillabeth!

    Ty for the games Thanks for the wishes
  8. MistaChang

    The Uncle Of ZE has returned

    Ohwow, you read the title! I am Uncle Chang and I play ZE. I've come back to pop servers and fuck bitches. Come on tomorrow night to get your game on ZE!
  9. MistaChang

    Kingpins Application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    Ohwow its kingpin 5/20
  10. MistaChang

    If you had to lose...

    Look at these beta cucks wanting to lose their cocks.
  11. MistaChang


    No me
  12. MistaChang


    Not another golf with friends
  13. MistaChang

    Hello...I am back...

    Hello welcome back.