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  1. PSA for ZE

    Crouch spam is allowed from here on out until further notice. I will update the rules eventually.
  2. Stoned Zombie Run

    It appears I didn't have a time for signups to end. 8 hours after event start signups are closed.
  3. Stoned Zombie Run

    Some are tracked, others you get a screenshot and post proof here. Make sure you read the rules under the achievements.
  4. Lets make a story only two words!

    Had gays
  5. Games to play?

    I heard rs3 has a great trade economy that's addicting. :^)
  6. Yo Yo

  7. Post your favourite Dish's or recipes.

    Yeah I bet. Currently waiting until about 6 pm to marinate a beef round with PC marinate to marinate for 22 hours. I'm thinking of pairing it with a garlic bread and maybe a salad or some sort of mac and cheese.
  8. How Did You Come up with Your Username?

    I got inspired by Mister Clean. That bald headed man has been in more womens hands than any other man.
  9. Sorry I'm rude.

    Hey Charred, it's good to see that you've made your forum presence heard. Enjoy your stay with us.
  10. PSA for ZE

    On ZE we have never allowed third party software to be used to give an advantage. With zombie's being able to die readily, it should be a welcoming change. ATM I can't think of many maps where this will be an issue, aside certain choke points on easy maps, of which they can hold up somewhere else. I want to get away from having a crouch safe space.
  11. PSA for ZE

    Console macros are fine as far as I'm aware, however most people use mouse wheel. 3rd party macros are "scripts" I think. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong as I might be.
  12. PSA for ZE

    As we have had many changes to ZE, there are more to come. One of those being we are allowing jump spam in crouched areas until April 19th 11:59PM CST. We are the only server to punish for this offense. In the past zombies were nearly unkillable and had extremely high health. I remember enforcing this rule on easy-mid tier maps in crouched areas where there would be (irl half a foot idk the units in csgo) a small crouched area, usually a wall like on the map ze_defense3003 warehouse in the beginning round. I can't recall many tryhard maps which have crouched areas which can be ruined by zombies crouching jump spam. I am also leaning toward this decision with the new zclasses we have implemented. Zombies are extremely killable now with a few people holding in an area. I will make up my mind before the event: this will lead to an update on the rule page. However, for now, we are nullifying that rule and I am encouraging zombies to see if this will be a problem. I know on some maps like voodoo Island there are holds you can barely hold in a crouched area, however this makes it nearly impossible for zombies to infect humans which ruins one of the areas for zombies. On top of this, there are other places to hold besides a nearly impossible area for zombies to infect humans in most cases where this has been a problem in the past.
  13. Zombie Escape Map Idea.

    It's in beta. Once the maper fixes the exploits on their map it will come to sG.
  14. Stoned Zombie Run

    Hey Pepe, good to see you made your way here from last night. By posting in this thread like you have, you are now eligible to claim prizes. Good luck!
  15. Fuzeee's Application [PENDING]

    Confirmed ref