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  1. Im pretty sure after that happened Trinity called me a mountain goat and i changed my name to mountain goat for a good few months. It was only a few years ago but i miss back then.
  2. Im about to get a job this summer or fall so i can start earning money and helping my mom. Its going to be different from what ive been doing.
  3. basically in the tittle. Pretty cool to be graduating and have some people in this community remember me from when i was in 8th grade.
  4. wait this looks dope im actually down
  5. its been so long since ive played 3's but i was c2 in 3s and almost c3 and hit c3 a few times in 2's. i think this season is the season i hit gc im coming hard this season.
  6. champ 2-3? im decent but havent played in a month needed a break
  7. So there is a new RL update that brings in cross platform partying! If anyone is trying to play add my RocketID @ Juicebox#4093 Now This is Epic
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