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  1. can we make sure the Dj on this map doesnt have any N*words in it. Looking forward to what everybody sends in <3 good luck on everyones maps @thorgotwhat you got comjing in this time?
  2. OMG its a sergal <3

    1. krony


      yis I love sergal


  3. CSGO Tourney Teams!

    Agreed, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. CSGO Tourney Teams!

    Well, I'm fucked... just off teams alone I'm gonnna call it, Rock Squad wins the tournament
  5. Rust Update 5/18/17

    Sick! I'm gonna start playing rust tonight, anyone able to maybe help me get started show me how to play a bit? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Join sG Oracle Fiesta guild?

    So i've been play on a game called Oracle Fiesta for a couple years. http://oraclefiesta.shivtr.com/ and i want to try and get some sG members together to start a guild on the server. wanted to see if anyone would be interested. i got a decent amount of gear close to cap, stuff to get everyone mid level around 100-110 so its possible to max out as a group. would anyone be interested?
  7. Runescape Double XP Weekend

    And he was never seen again, he was PK'd
  8. Class Of 2017

    Congrats everyone. i don't graduate till 2020 so its nice to see everyone glad to be done
  9. Jailbreak Event, May 12th - 18th!

    Gg everyone see u in a couple weeks for the comp tourney Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Jailbreak Event, May 12th - 18th!

    Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Jailbreak Event, May 12th - 18th!

    Can't, got football and finals. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hey

    Welcome to the community
  13. List Of JailBreak LR's

    Dragon Slayer FD - Opposite of the banned Dragon FD, instead of the T getting molotovs they are given x number of smokes to disturb the round. Ghost FD - Similar to Invis FD but the t is colored with [255, 255, 255, x] so they are slightly visible (Lowgrav is optional) Gimme Your Gun FD - The terrorist is unmuted, upon telling a CT to "gimme your gun <Instert CT Name> they are required to drop their primary (secondary if not applicable) Soccer Showdown - its X vs X soccer (Requested number Ex. 3v3), the T picks x number of teammates and the Warden picks the same number of team mates for a soccer match until the end of the round, or the set number of points to score has been met i.e. "First to 5" { Max Extention 2 minutes } No balls U won't FD - The T is Unmuted and can say to any CT "No balls U Won't ___" for commands like "no balls you won't run into the stack of t(s)" Penta Kill Shot - the T is given an AWP and is required to get a penta kill with 1 bullet, if the T fails they will be shot and killed by the remaining CTs and the round will end, if completed the T gets to kill the remaining CTs to end the round. Scooby Doo FD - The T is unmuted, if and when he says "Rut Roo Raggy" the warden or specified CT must respond with something remarking along the lines of "Jinkies", "What's Wrong Scooby", ETC (Something along the lines of scooby doo). If the CT fails to respond within 5 seconds that CT will be told they were "Caught by ____" and killed by the T NOTE: Not all of these FD's and Lr's have been given out yet, these are just interesting and diverse suggestions. (Ghost FD and Dragon Slayer FD have been given out and were successful, the others haven't been given yet but likely will in the future)
  14. Jailbreak Event, May 12th - 18th!

    Congrats to the winners, well done.
  15. [JoinSG] Anyone wanna play a comp match tonight?

    Sorry about forgetting the comp, i didn't get notified of it on my phone of any responses if you guys are still somewhat interested would any one like to reschedule for like Thursday or Friday?