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  1. Toxic Server

    Thanks for your input everyone, war3 is literally crack so I'll probably succumb eventually and come back. For now I am not coming on and maybe it will miraculously get less toxic by christmas. Heres hoping.
  2. Toxic Server

    Thanks cro. Unfortunately I would have no one left to talk with if I muted everyone who was toxic. I come for the community and I guess I leave for the community :/
  3. Toxic Server

    Getting really sick and tired of not being able to have any sort of conversation on the server without being told to kill myself, that I'm retarded or dumbshit or any number of other attacks on me just to get a reaction/make themselves feel better about themselves. Not gonna point out any names you know who you are and what kind of shitty people you are and can be. I come on cs to relax and love war3 but end up wound tighter than a fishing reel trying to interact with the community. Everyone I talk to says its my fault for letting "people on the internet" get to me but fuck that. If 10% of the time I can relax and talk with people / shoot the shit why the other 90% of the time do I have to get punished for putting myself out there and trying to interact by getting shit on and trolled. Anyway im not coming around anymore. Have fun guys, enjoy hating on eachother and berating everyone with "jokes". Not gonna get called retarded and told to kill myself anymore cause it makes me feel like shit.
  4. Winter 2017??

    Thats awesome coldfuse thanks for stepping up!
  5. i love the sg war3 server.

    Jah messages me every night if I'm going to come on and most times it gets me to jump back in. He is a staple of the server and should be a member!
  6. Winter 2017??

    Just throwing the idea out there of having another tournament before the New Year. Maybe a Christmas break thing to allow some of the younger players in the community to come out as well?
  7. Restricting movement skills

    On movement speed - Certain maps it is certainly fairly griefy to die 3-8 seconds into the round while still buying nades. Locking movement at the beginning of the round, however, is not imo the way to address it. Using your mic +teamwork and/or countering with a certain race seems much more reasonable. On new players - There aren't enough SO's to be instructing every new player 24/7 on how the server works. As Toad stated about instructional messages that is an excellent idea. I understand we already have wcs / war3menu but the fact of the matter is this is not 1.6 / source and the community of GO is not as patient, understanding or familiar with community servers. Should wcs be enough? Yes. Unfortunately many people leave before even scratching the surface of the information they need to take in. My suggestion, on top of reinforcing Toads idea, is to appoint those who wish to assist in the matter to a "helper" position. No powers such as kick or ban or money but just be able to talk in colour chat and stand out as an official to help new players get in their groove. I remember when I first joined a warcraft server in source I read forever until I understood because 8 year old me got screamed at, called a retard / goof / etc. Most people leave after someone says "READ WCS YOU IDIOT, GAWD PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID"
  8. Hey everybody its Dr.Nick!

    Just kidding it's not! Never been too active on the forums so hello everyone. I play on War3 and occasionally mini-game and am thinking about applying for member. This post is totally not to increase my post-count whatsoever /s. Hope everyone's having a good friday!
  9. Big thanks to Destin!

    Shout out to Destin for taking the time to put together this tournament for us. A big fuck you to the people who a.) got mad and quit or b.) didnt show up at all. It's as if everyone expected a personal message from the staff telling them when to play. You signed up ffs check the forums.
  10. So to be clear CST is 2 hours ahead of PST?
  11. CSGO Main Signup Thread

    http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/707359 GNM http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198134100220/ No Captain.