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  1. Arctic Freeze

    Favorite Mercenary down

    UPDATE: As of 2/14 at noon I was discharged from the Hospital and able to return home Thanks everyone who suggested something to watch and sent your feelings my way!
  2. Arctic Freeze

    Favorite Mercenary down

    Hey all. Your favorite Ruthless is currently in the hospital for a fractured tibia and fistula after a 700 lb fridge fell on my leg. I don’t know how long I’ll be here but as soon as I’m out I’ll have way too much spare time. Anyone got any show/anime suggestions would appreciate it a lot!
  3. Arctic Freeze

    An Opinion

    I'm at a crossroad with Lady Hederine. In a Mid-Long range fight the race gets destroyed like almost all other knife races but in a close fight you are 100% dead. The true damage lets lady 2 shot you and the whip makes it so you can do nothing to counter her unless you are playing a specific race at the right time. You can't back peddle when she whips you either so you are a sitting duck to all of that true damage. 200+ health on a race that can 2 shot without needing to backstab is disgusting honestly. The race looks fun but some changes should be implemented to balance it. Oh and the screen turning red really isn't an issue if you aren't blind and an idiot. Sure the race has a 1.3 K/D maxed but so does Magneto, Goliath, Cannibal (1.06 K/D), and Human Lawnmower. It's a knife race it's gonna have a low K/D if it doesn't have a massive speed boost, 1K health or easy bhops. Besides 80% of the players don't know how to use knife races which tanks K/D. As for Igni I have never had a problem with it. Race is balanced and easy to kill.