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  1. What's Up Everyone!!

    Welcome back dude.
  2. Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (This weekend/ongoing)

    My shift ends at 10pm, so it's good for me Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  3. Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (This weekend/ongoing)

    I've been waiting for this! Count me in, yo. Also, if you remind me while we're playing, I can host my shitty MOBA that I abandoned and you can tell me how shitty it is lol.
  4. Nozraci's Application [PENDING]

    Just being active on war3 is good enough for me. REF Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  5. Merry christmas

    Merry After-Christmas
  6. Hello

  7. Well, what do Americans do best when they're forced to pay extra? Hmm, I wonder.
  8. Harmy's Application [DENIED]

    REF'D Typical ZE player, not harmful whatsoever. Also, why are people getting all butthurt over his intro post? If I'm not mistaken, "beating my dick so hard my left leg went totally numb" is quite clearly an attempt at humor.
  9. C++ sGCC v1.01

  10. This is true. However, it's not the main reason to create a programming area of the forums. If I were to post another program in the Pub, it wouldn't take very long for it to disappear from the first page. Whereas in a programming specific forum, I could: Make a post Make sure it follows guidelines Request it get added to the stickied Megathread or collection or whatever Then anyone browsing the programming forum looking for programming things could find the megathread and search for anything they're interested in. And as an addition, all of these programs would be made by sG members as we would have no reason to pull from other resources. So what do you say to that? A forum section specifically for sG creativity in programming form, where anyone coming onto our forum could see and possibly partake in. You know I like the idea because I could have my stuff moved there and anyone looking for it could easily find it there .
  11. The reason I feel like this addition would make sense is because of how out of place it is in any of the forums. So if there was a programming-specific forum, it could look something like this: Example pinned posts: sG Programming Megathread - Links to programs/source codes made by sG members Getting Started with <Enter Programming Language Here> - Tutorial on getting started with <Enter Programming Language Here> along with tips and tricks Forum-specific Rules and Guidelines - (I'm down to make the post if this goes through) Example unpinned posts: Help me with my counting program! I'm making a game Why language A is better than language B Which IDE is best for what I want to do? It definitely won't see as much action as the other forums, but programming isn't exactly a general topic like movies or music and deserves its own little space. (I also don't expect a ton of support for this, but i want to at least make an attempt )
  12. C++ sGCC v1.01

    It's because it's a rogue .exe file and Windows does not like those (for a good reason). Just click More info in order to run it if you still want to.
  13. C++ sGCC v1.01

    WARNING! THIS IS PURELY FOR HUMOR AND IS NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! Hello everybody, I come to you again with yet another C++ program! I present to you: DAKKA'S sG Cancer Calculator Why is this a thing? I was inspired by our local Clan Cancer Expert, Dr.@SpartanSakaro. What does it do, exactly? The program will ask you 10 different questions with up to 7 or 8 different answers to choose from. These questions are mainly centered around bans and posts. None of the questions ask for specific names, so don't worry about being put on the spot! Couldn't you have used your time more wisely? Could have, but I finished all of my homework early and I didn't want to get rusty for my upcoming final exam! Alright fine, where can I find this program? You can find the ONLY download link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a21b8wa2j9wnx6v/Dakkas_sGCC_v1.01.exe?dl=0 I won't be putting the file anywhere else and this will be the only post from me with the link! Author: @Dakka Tester: @fps_trucka Comments: Anyone in the clan has permission to edit the program however much they choose. If you want the code, just send a PM and I'll give you a link. If you have found any bugs, please let me know! It's a simple enough program, but with my level of skill I'm sure there's a problem somewhere. If you do end up using the code and making your own edits, please give me credit (mostly so I can see what you did)! Changelog: v1.01 - Replaced system("Pause")! Sorry, adding that is a habit from my professor.
  14. just Jah here

    Sucking dick like your life depended on it. Or just be friendly. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk