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  1. Dakka

    Poll: Armor on JB?

  2. Dakka

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    Armor is a crutch for bad CT's. A GOOD CT Team: Positions themselves well Pays attention to possible rebels amongst the T's Watches each other's backs Knows that weapons are what the T's are after and keeps them out of reach at all times Focuses on the objective (kill off T's, give LR, win) You don't need armor to win.
  3. Dakka

    Nau's Application. [PENDING]

    JP Round 2: Electric Boogaloo 28/20
  4. Dakka

    Luke's Application [PENDING]

    Come on in. 13/20
  5. If you've ever watched any anime as a kid, I'd recommend going back and rewatching them to understand it better. As of this comment, I am on episode 58 of Naruto and having a blast watching it again.
  6. Dakka

    Mudkip's Application [PENDING]

    Here's a vote 15/20
  7. Dakka

    Clara's application [PENDING]

    Sure, hop in. 12/20
  8. Dakka


    I play from time to time, multiplayer is really fun when nobody is destroying the base for shits and giggles.
  9. Dakka

    Application 3 ;) [PENDING][APPROVED]

    4/20 Fun to play with, really cool. And unlike you fucks, he actually plays games I play.
  10. Dakka

    B t w

    Congratulations!! You must be so overjoyed that you could cry, I bet.
  11. Dakka

    Wittly Wayne App [APPROVED]

    21/20 Bonus referral!!!!!!