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  1. tazmanianxdude

    Fall TTT Event

    You already know I'll be here
  2. tazmanianxdude

    Wittly Wayne App [PENDING]

    REF 8/20 maybe she will be a better challenge at yu-gi-oh than her father was
  3. tazmanianxdude

    Jailbreak Map Removal (Post your opinion)

    Legoland is pretty big but has a lot of minigames I really enjoy it, what's wrong with that map?
  4. tazmanianxdude

    Staff Changes - 10/1/18

    Congratulations to everyone
  5. tazmanianxdude


    Jb- I remember someone kicked @all on aaccident and everyone roasted him hard after that MG- when I got the screenshot of fearless being flagged by console for his bhops I was like I finally got you ez ban lmao
  6. tazmanianxdude

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    I feel bad for whoever had NYG picks they got destroyed last night.
  7. tazmanianxdude


    Do u have BO4 beta or fortnite ?
  8. tazmanianxdude


    If anyone has a ps4 and had psn last month an got dead by daylight for free add me it is such a fun game and I'm trying to play with more people find out who's the best team. PSN: tazmanianxdude
  9. tazmanianxdude

    Happy 21st Birthday

    Happy birthday I'll carry u harder in comp
  10. tazmanianxdude


    I want to be on blobs level go afk a few years come back check if the clan still alive and be on my marry way.
  11. tazmanianxdude

    I'm back

    Ya I'm back got my desktop back today im off all next week so who trying to play some jb all day this up coming week
  12. tazmanianxdude

    New donation from thew

    Thanks for the donation
  13. tazmanianxdude

    Next Poker Tourney

    I'd actually look forward to a poker tournament someone make it happen
  14. tazmanianxdude


    So I'll be gone for a bit something as silly as the monitor isn't getting a signal from the pc is stopping me from playing. (I already checked and it wasn't the cord) Sooo until that gets fixed cause u don't have any money or time rn I'll be gone from the servers so unfortunately I won't be in that jb event coming up
  15. tazmanianxdude

    hi from skorp

    Scrub the JB SO we need I've missed u bud