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  1. John wick was a good movie so I'd be down to watch the second movie.
  2. Yes I'm guessing I might have to go back and relax word the questions my group members made.
  3. Nah like 90, 80, 85, 76, like that. And don't ask me about the questions I didn't make them my group did I'm just getting responses.
  4. So i have a school project where i have to create a survey and theis more details but thats not the point i need 100 responses so if you guys can take it that would help a lot. https://goo.gl/forms/bkKseWo6ALZYzydg1 thanks guys. Even though it has to do with people still in school even if you're not in school if you can still take it that would be great.
  5. I'd suggest just stop making new post, just got on the forums and post on stuff that you can relate too or have a opinion on.
  6. Welcome to the forums
  7. Thanks for the donation.
  8. no

    Look's just like mine .1/100
  9. Hey welcome to the forums we have a jailbreak server you should come check it out sometime.
  10. I dont know you but we can change that lol welcome back.
  11. Yooo happy birthday bulldog.
  12. "It's the hard life"