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  1. tazmanianxdude

    Post a picture of yourself

    When I thought of drey this not what came to mind
  2. tazmanianxdude


    Don’t spam posts;) welcome though
  3. tazmanianxdude

    Post a picture of yourself

    went hiking with my gf had a lot of fun
  4. tazmanianxdude

    Jailbreak is great!

    Old school maps are where it’s at but that’s all that’s ever in the rotation, we play the exact same maps every time I’m on, everyone knows exactly where everything is at every vent and i think they get tired of playing the same games, bigger maps give the T’s the diversity of playing a whole bunch of map games. So which big maps are u talking about that no one likes playing ?
  5. tazmanianxdude

    sG | Sunday Funday

    Let’s play uno
  6. tazmanianxdude


    Welcome to the forums I see you is part of the rebel family on jb
  7. tazmanianxdude

    Clara's application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    Ref quality jb player 13/20
  8. tazmanianxdude

    Christmas Nightmare

    Let me get the $50.00 steam card plz and thanks.
  9. tazmanianxdude

    Holiday Picture (2018)

    Someone put me in <3
  10. tazmanianxdude

    Christmas Nightmare

    Starts 2 days before I start working oof is okay after work I’ll get on
  11. tazmanianxdude

    Old guy from way back

    Welcome back man
  12. tazmanianxdude

    Christmas Nightmare Teaser

    Still looking for my cameo
  13. tazmanianxdude

    Joined jailbreak recently and im loving it.

    Welcome to the forums, played with this guys and can say he’s not toxic
  14. tazmanianxdude

    The Bens step down thread

    Later man thanks for being advisor
  15. tazmanianxdude

    Post a picture of yourself

    So am I cuter than @Beerman now