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  1. JB Night - Fri 17th/Sat 18th

    Why it gotta be night let's do the whole day.
  2. Gaming Community Central Partnership

    Seems like a great idea
  3. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    Rip when u don't get the logs of him killing everyone else lolol
  4. Nemo's Application [PENDING]

    Ref confirm does carry
  5. Help on gmod server!

    I thought you were a admin barry?
  6. Orange*'s Application [PENDING]

    I'm hurt he didint ask me for a ref Hell yes to ref Had a lot of fun times playing with him on GMOD
  7. Did I...make one?

    Welcome to the forums
  8. 4 day school week

    Why did you have a week of half days ?
  9. David's Application [PENDING]

    Ref he fun to play with on wcs
  10. Howdy

    Welcome to the forums
  11. ZE Team Wars (Nov-20 - Nov-27)

    First And awesome ze event haven't been in one of these can't wait.
  12. "Go To" Games (what´s yours?)

    •csgo •gta5 • golf with friends (if you have friends that enjoy messing around and talking shit)
  13. sG CS:GO Bunnyhop Server

    First Looks great I'll be sure to check it out