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  1. sG Skill Surf?!?

    What do you mean all I did was answer his pregunta
  2. sG Skill Surf?!?

    A while.....
  3. Saying hello.

    I feel like I've see you before anyways welcome back
  4. New donation from Leeroy

    Thanks for your donation
  5. JuiceBox's App [APPROVED]

    I'll ref him for the time I had playing with him on jb he seems like a fun guy not toxic like others I think he'll be a great member to our community.
  6. pop jb

    I'll get on rn
  7. Staff Changes 9/17/17

    Oh no @Ironic can aboose me now Congrats to all the new staff though
  8. hullo

    Eyyyy what's up
  9. Lick my nuts

    Nice man you're lucky af
  10. What Happened To The CS:GO Severs?

  11. leaving sg

    Sad to see people leaving
  12. CSGO streamer streams himself cheating

    Well that's really dumb of them
  13. GMOD Custom TTT Server

    Yesssss custom is back woooooo!!!! Time to go back where it all started. I'm coming home bb @Sith @Ironic @Tuxedofunk and others I forgot I used to play with on gmod.
  14. Hey

  15. rip daca (not dakka)

    They are finishing college this year most of them off to do big things in the medical field. And @Travesty you wouldnt be joking about it if you knew how it felt to have a family member be affected by this.