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  1. Hey welcome back
  2. Jessica alba
  3. Welcome back
  4. Thanks for the donation.
  5. Can't be jp'd if he was never in the clan
  6. ^^^ Welcome to the forums dude.
  7. Hello welcome to the forums
  8. Oh so that's why you gifted me golf with friends it was your goodbye present. Thanks bud see you in about a week when you post the fresh start post or the I'm back post lol.
  9. Every time I post a new topic you always give it negative reputation...y tho... ;(

    1. tazmanianxdude


      Because you say dumb stuff, I neg rep u in this post because you are telling everyone JB IS DEAD okay we get it that isn't helping the cause other people see this and are like okay well JB is dead I'm not gonna hop on it. @Craze4war

    2. Craze4war


      The whole point of the post was bringing attention to the fact and I attempted to assist in repopulating it by asking if we could get an event going to bring people to the server. Pardon me if you take this the wrong way but you may want to read the entire post before giving it reputation. @tazmanianxdude

  10. Hello welcome
  11. Lmao ik but my pc wasn't letting me screenshot I tried a bunch of times.
  12. Cograts every one
  13. Thanks deer sorry for quality had to get pic from phone screen shot's weren't working :/
  14. I still remember the first time I claimed a room I ended up getting karma banned because people don't read the motd and know that claiming is so they just kept on entering :// rip lol But yeah everyone else above me pretty much summed it up.
  15. Lucky, looks like a fun game.