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  1. Welcome to the forums
  2. Thanks for your donation
  3. Question if it's removed that just means it's implied after every order right ? Or does this mean it will be like afk freee now?
  4. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/775028769547459643/E9508F57FAC7B30034E3FD7CE7037E63C96D57F6/ you sure about this unban barely back and already instigating. @Moose
  5. Happy birthday dudeee
  6. Yo guys what's up incase you guys haven't seen already I stepped down, reasons being I need to focus on these last week's for final's and on graduating and on whatever else comes my way during the summer I'll still be on the server's just not as much. And on a side note I'm looking for L3 refs plz:)
  7. Noooo baby come back :/ lol Goodluck man
  8. That's a bit dumb in my opinion if you make the person respond mid round then you leave him out in the open to be killed And ohhh okay good point then.
  9. you dont have to respond to the report until the round ends that how it always is, unless you type !respond during the game so I don't understand what you are asking for. Besides you should have read the MOTD before begining to play.
  10. Welcome to the forums!
  11. Sounds great! Can't wait
  12. ThanKS for your donation
  13. I don't graduate till the 3rd but I'm out of school next Friday so it's gonna be lit I'm so glad I'm done with school. Congrats to the other's that are graduating too.
  14. Happy birthday @BabyNicol3 !!!