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  1. Happy birthday @Destin
  2. Thanks appreciate it will try tomorrow. @Joscal
  3. Question so umm this happens a lot to where I join jb and when I connect it takes me straight to spectator and I can't choose a team like I'm there I can type on admin chat and everything but I can't play:( and no one can tell that I'm on it doesn't show up I'd be a ghost, so I have to leave and come back like twice before I can play. Is this a issue on my side or??
  4. Now it's funky>yunki Thanks for your donation
  5. Happy 4/20
  6. Welcome to the forums
  7. Bet bet bet you'll see me on a lot getting me that dub.
  8. Welcome back
  9. Thanks for the donation
  10. Even though you guys will think it's funny or dumb actually jacking off releases a lot of stress, but besides that I just go for a run.
  11. I'll stick to my ricer life;)
  12. I enjoy the star wars movies so I can't wait to go see it.
  13. Welcome to the forums you should hop on to our csgo servers
  14. Don't use the vapes with nicotine it tastes so nasty and it burns going down your throat, as for just the flavored ones I don't know how bad they are really but i used to vape for a bit it helped with my anxiety but luckily I haven't seen any effects it's had on me.
  15. @Scrub helped me with mine maybe he willing to help you?