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    Thanks hawk you did a lot
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    Welcome to the forums
  3. So I went online and saw the movie tickets where out for the movie theater so I clicked on them and then it played me and said “sorry they are not available yet” whatever but anyways what are your guys theories for this movie? what are you guys hoping for ?
  4. Since when do we take action with no proof just for peoples “word”
  5. A couple actually most of the are jb kids that are super toxic but somehow made it in because we couldn’t vote no off the top of my head i could name out @Wolfshade no offense but the way he was acting when staff was on was different from how he was regularly the problem with us not being able to to vote no is the fact New recruits will put a good show on for staff but once they are off they’ll go back to being toxic. Also on a side note he was not ready to be staff he would abuse it and act like he was right on something when he clearly wasn’t like the SO’s has to correct him on the rules he was forgetting about or rules he was trying to make. Bottom point is it won’t hurt to bring back NO like everyone else is saying we have plenty of staff to view circlejerks they can deal with that.
  6. When I thought of drey this not what came to mind
  7. Don’t spam posts;) welcome though
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