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  1. In-game Name: undeadnis How did you find sG?: sG Jailbreak Have you read, and do you understand the rules? yup
  2. Hello Again

    ayyyy welcome back my guy!
  3. dear lord this is what i was waiting for
  4. The age of olderness

    Happy birthday @Junzou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ecks dee
  5. It's been awhile

    omg vally is back i have been waiting for this day. i missed u my dude
  6. This is about Nicole and Fox's Newfound love

    this isnt new Rose it was pretty obvious from the start xd :^)
  7. Hey Faliona

  8. Dray and Totes Relationship

    Uhhhh scuse me, can we leave the fan fics to @Kim Jong-un????? Thanks.
  9. he got banned before the perma for player disrespect i believe he had 6 bans regardless of fearless's most recent ban.
  10. Thanks Paul_Pancakes

    Thank you my boi @Paul_Waffle i appreciate this high quality game which can potentially kill iherdcows.
  11. Hello

    @Shiro trying to cover up his position in Slayers Gaming xd! Welcome!
  12. Hi, So This is a Plan B.

    Welcome! i dont really mind being plan B since not all plans work out like you would like it to. thats what my parents say
  13. Hello everyone, Warden Frostwater/Flamewater here

    another cali friend, welcome
  14. Hello

    surf was once a great server
  15. Thank you, sG!

    THANKS @Junzou! Sorry for the late thanks as u gifted me this after i left steam due to my parents not allowing me to open steam during the weekdays