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  1. Do you capitalize every word on purpose or is this like a nervous twitch? welcome
  2. I'm not sure what the censored word is, in English or Arabic... But what's your stance on extremists and all of this?
  3. no.
  4. Gee, feels great to be a Muslim in this community when a tragedy strikes... @centran I disagree with your assesment. I don't think it's a lack of culture or tradition, it's the destruction of it. This bastard is from Libyan. Libiya was the center of a massive uprising not too long ago. Fleeing your country takes a big toll on you mentally. It's being told that when you leave one place to go to another, that you aren't one of them, that you're different and don't belong. There's too much fear and hate going around and that's causing people who don't belong to gravitate to people who will accept them. I'm a Palestinian American. my family fled to Jordan after the Nekbeh in the 40's. My immediate family came to the US in '92, and I grew up in a mostly white, nuclear suburb. I dealt with a lot of the same shit. "You aren't one of us, you're brown". But the same shit when I visit family overseas, "You're American, you aren't one of us". I'm lucky because I had so many chances and opportunities to do what I wanted to do, while being involved in my hometown's community. Salman was the same age as me. We took different paths. He chose exceedingly poorly.
  5. Look at these fake friends, only adding you because you're giving out games
  6. You're headed to a gay conversion camp, aren't you? Your posts lately have been leaning on the racist grandpa side of things... Jkjk good luck fam
  7. Seems like a good lad. Hasn't banned me for my shit memes yet. Can't be that bad, right>?
  8. Thanks Totes!!!!! You da bomb dot com
  9. buying gf 1k gp
  10. This thread has made me feel much older than I am
  11. remember RDming each other when we knew we weren't traitors? Or prop killing each other? ohhh 2010 days
  12. Pick me pls pls teacher, ohh ohh, me me
  13. Oh jeez, here comes the app lmao
  14. This is very interesting to me. I'm healthy mentally, but I help a lot of the people around me with their problems. I see a two main types of anxiety/depression sufferers; People that actually have a real disorder, and people who think they do. The latter's disorder can become such a crutch/excuse for the "sufferer's" problems or issues that it hinders them more than true sufferers. It's commendable that B cock is actively working to turn this hurdle into something he can control, rather than allowing it to control him. Keep in mind that everyone has a personal problem that they can either control or be controlled by. Using anxiety as a crutch should never become commonplace; it keeps you under it's thumb and won't allow you to grow into the person you're meant to be. You can do it, you just gotta find the best way to control it. I used to use the breathing method to lower my heartrate before a diving meet. It really does help