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  1. How autistic are you?

    I told y'all but you never believed me!
  2. First brofest experience

    if i wanted my own comeback i'd wipe it off of your mother's face
  3. First brofest experience

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I was told "bet" and "no balls" that I wouldn't. Mama Narwhals didn't raise no bitch
  4. First brofest experience

    You don't even get on camera you fucking waste of resources
  5. America's 43 most and least trusted professions

    I was convinced my dad's "friend" who was a mechanic would fix one thing in my car, slightly break or weaken another part, just so we'd have to return within a month or two.
  6. America's 43 most and least trusted professions

    people trust their vets more than their doctors lmfao also, these slideshow style articles still exist in 2018?
  7. Happy Birthday Pseudo Doctor

    I'm 23. My cat is 18. I've been diabetic for two decades. I've been around this community since 2010. Where has the time gone? It's all downhill from here, huh? Thank you everyone!!!!!
  8. Happy Birthday Kung!

    everybody have fun tonight everybody wang kung tonight
  9. Random post for spam.

    don't be a moron don't try to be "one of the guys" on discord. You didn't get denied because people hated you. You were denied for being a cocky dumbass and not thinking,"Huh, what are the possible repercussions of this action?". Keep your head down and don't let your excitement get the best of you.
  10. It's been a while.

  11. Syndicate Gamers Quarterly Update

    I'm stepping down, effective immediately. Thx 4 th mmrs
  12. Happy Birthday Wave

    Happy belated to my habibi
  13. Helpz meez becomers Adim!!!

    Id drop the retarded style of speaking if you wanna get anywhere near the clan/an admin position. You're not doing yourself any favors. Welcome.
  14. The realist maybe back ;)

    who are you
  15. Thoughts on Sonic the Hedgehog?

    sonic is a dying franchise that should die it's been haunted by horrible gameplay, glitches, and voice acting. They cant decide if they want a 3d or 2d game so they throw both and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt it's bad overall with some mentions of the goodies, but overall its bad