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  1. Fortnite

    It's a fun game. Different, more laid back sort of game play. I think the crafting option gives another dimension of play and gives you more options. I have a lot more funny moments on fortnite than pubg, and the former runs infinitely better than the latter. I prefer pubg overall, but fortnite gets a lot of undeserved hate
  2. my wcs menu is oversized --please help!

    play with the resolution that youre playing on. Sometimes that can be the cause of in game menus acting up
  3. is eugenics a good thing?

    I think this is a pointless idea. Y'all want a place to spam graphic photos/videos, or nudes, usually of fat sweaty girls so Eddy can get off for once, we don't need to open it to anyone on the server. I think the +18 thread is enough. It provides incentive to stay and retain seniority in the clan, while also keeping the sometimes literal shitposts, to a minimum. Or, you want a place to say the N word or other racist remarks with no repercussions, which is a weak point to argue in favor of this sort of thing.
  4. Swatting claims first victim over Call of Duty

    I read that the victim was confused and officers thought he reached for his waistband, to draw a weapon. I think people forget that there are other people on the other side of these screens and usernames and forget that their actions, while not directly in front of them, do have an impact. Shameful, pointless death. The caller should be charged with 2nd degree murder
  5. sG XMAS Party (Brofest) Vote For the DATE!

    jesus christ dude

    I didn't save the message but I got one too!!! Thanks Grayson!!!!
  7. Real Life Jailbreak

    RIP, my mistake. One way or another, the situation was wrong. Training isn't an excuse for shit judgement. If your training tells you to be a trigger happy piece of shit, then your training is wrong. The shooting that was called in was over an airsoft rifle, if I recall correctly. If he were reaching for his rifle, in his back pocket, wouldn't they have seen it sooner? "Oh well he could've had another gun!" but him not having a gun is even more likely. Officers are meant to deescalate situations, not toss fucking kerosene on top of an inferno
  8. Real Life Jailbreak

    I'd like to point out that the body cam footage was not shown during the trial, most likely being the reason why the officers walked rather than get charged.
  9. Real Life Jailbreak

    You're thinking of this as a situation where the person with a gun aimed at them is totally sober, able to understand orders, and perform them without reasonable accommodation. Krony, for example, wouldn't be able to hear the orders, as he said. They weren't so much as warning him as they were looking for an excuse to kill him. Down on the ground, cuffed, that would've been the best option for everyone. The cop was absolutely in the wrong, giving confusing instructions that contradicted each other at times. While I'm trying not to make light of something that amounts to a really shitty murder, the cop was definitely kill whoring. Only rather than a ban, he really should rot in a prison.
  10. Dr. Vojislav Seselj's Application [DENIED]

    I usually don't vote on recruits unless I know them well, and while I cannot vote no, I can say that your activity and posts on the forums are more toxic than the average player. I'm not sure if you're being edgy, but your attitude can lead to a more toxic atmosphere in sG. I implore the other sG members who read this to strongly consider the applicant before giving a referral. There's more to a player than just an in game persona.
  11. Burgham's Application [APPROVED]

    he's my son 3/20
  12. FoxCom's Application [APPROVED]

    Absolutely the cringiest fucks to ever grace the forums Exhibit A: Yes. 14/20
  13. Talk mad shit - Nov 17'

    Who let this dunderfuck make this thread
  14. Orange*'s Application [APPROVED]

    After deep consideration, I will give him a ref. 22/20.
  15. Question about the SG JailBreak server

    JB, along with a number of servers, has gone down considerably in population. Some of the blame lies in PUBG, some in just a general lack of interest in CSGO. It's not just our community feeling this, it's a lot of other CSGO communities as well. I think it'll recover eventually, but for now, the server just needs some love. We've done a couple of pop JB nights here and there, but they're typically short lived. If you have interest in reviving the server, I suggest hopping on and sending invites out to friends and sG members.