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  1. Humble bumble (GET OUTLAST FOR FREE)

    man amongst boys
  2. Fishy´s App[ACCEPTED]

    Wildly stupid but goddamn it i love this dude will ref
  3. What Happened To The CS:GO Severs?

    pubg killed csgo community servers
  4. Custom TTT Feedback

    I disagree. The newton launcher has a solid cooldown between shots, so i think it's balanced it.
  5. Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    Based on what? Not challenging you, just wanting a good reason why.
  6. happy 9/11

    So she was a new years present????
  7. Custom TTT Feedback

    Punch o meter does not recharge fast enough. You wait half the round for it to recharge fully and its pretty shit. Im not suggesting proptown levels of punch, but a faster, harder recharge would be nice
  8. Custom TTT Feedback

    Yes. Also also, the new weapons pack? There are a few guns that don't spawn in naturally in maps, or their respective ammo drops do not spawn either. also, also, also, lots of the new T/D weapons are missing icons or textures. It's booty cheeks, looking at the shuriken with purple and black checkerboard patterns
  9. Custom TTT Feedback

    Yeah, the normal sniper seems to be just fine. Also, Newton Launcher does not have enough power to send people flying. It's more like a little bump than anything. Even at full charge
  10. Custom TTT Feedback

    awp scoped in sensitivity is horrible. its hard to control Snipers in general do not hit where the crosshair is located. I dont know whats causing this, but i can be aiming at a still head and miss with a clear shot. Something doesn't seem right
  11. Get Schwifty's Application

    Confirmed, even though he just harasses me on Gmod!!!! I enjoy playing with him, good admin, and he's shit at comp. Fits the bill to a T
  12. rip daca (not dakka)

    I still don't understand the logic behind this decision. They aren't here illegally, they're typically more law-abiding than natural born citizens. They're usually pretty educated, so The first lines make me think you're talking about the people affected directly by this change. Your last line makes me think that you're making a joke and want to deport the Trumps. But I'll address it in the case of the former. You should have sympathy. The sins of the father are not to be laid upon the children. Why return kids who grew up here to a country they don't know? They've joined the workforce, they pay taxes and actually develop the economy further, rather than hurting it. Don't forget, the leeches are those on Welfare. I say that lightly, because I understand it's a necessary evil, but let's say that citizens receiving hand outs far and away take more from hard working Americans than highly educated, hard working migrants. They're nothing but good for America and the economy. I see no reason that they need to leave. They're here, and once here long enough, they can apply for citizenship and get a label for something that doesn't truly matter in the grand scheme of things.
  13. Rocket League Tournament Suggestions

    I'd like to see a 1v1 best of 3 RL Match
  14. Hello Again

  15. Free Speech

    You could say that there's just a whole lotta blank space when it comes to extremist groups