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  1. Listen here, you punk ass paidmin piece of shit, don't you ever fuck with me again. You scum come up in here acting like you run this bitch just because you used mommy's credit card?!??
  2. what a cringy intro... welcome
  3. Actually, reading this twat's complaint then the posts here, this is an artist's rendition of what he looks like in real life
  4. Now this was some shitposting
  5. This shit is so surreal. I grew up listening to Linkin Park. Chester's voice was so damn unique, I'll never forget it.
  6. So you were caught for using some third party program or hacks. That's nobody's fault but your own... But if this is your fight song, cool, I guess?
  7. I fucking love superhero movies
  8. sG = surfing gamers
  9. You aren't expected to police the server. That's up to the SO's. Your admin powers are for you to do as you choose, within reason. If you're the only admin on, enjoy the game if you want. Police if you want. Do it correctly and don't abuse, and you'll have fun.
  10. The title made me think of this
  11. It doesn't matter what time I sleep. It's one of the twelve labors of Hercules to wake me up. I've had friends frantically knocking at my apartment door because an hour nap turned into eight. I'm usually out by 3 doe, up before 11
  12. @Reaper0470 @Travesty @Wave lmfao this shit is too fucking funny
  13. Welcome back grify!!!! It's been a minute
  14. After 9 usually every day, EST
  15. Ban all of these fucking squeaking, bottom feeding, pieces of shits with no chance of appeal: Jeannie, Matthew GTX, Kordless, Jahova, Half of Gmod TTT, all of JB, and Avenger. I honestly think we'd be better off in the long run!!!1!!