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  1. What happened? Fill us in on the story Junzie, let us lol with you
  2. This is actually true. Some people are actually born with a predisposition for loving kids. They do need help. But if they act on their instincts even a little bit, throw em in jail and lose the key.
  3. listen, it's a meme, killer isn't overly sensitive lmao I know I forgot the kappa, I didn't expect anyone to actually respond
  4. This is being blown way out of proportion. The guy is a troll. He's literally just there to rile people up. He's a smug son of a bitch, and some of his political views are awful, but the dude is largely trying to PISS everyone off around him.
  5. Please tell me it isn't @KiLLeR
  6. Didn't Dreamhack get banned for scamming a community member?
  8. You allowed someone access to your PC and didn't think, "Hey, maybe this isn't a good idea!"? You'll be lucky to get anything at all, because mess is out of your own ignorance, if we're being honest here.
  9. jesus, its sweetrock 2.0
  10. Ever since that B in English last year, you've been on a downward spiral
  11. This isn't the same without the music, @Travesty
  12. This reminds me of John Green saying why he pays taxes for education, for schools that his kids don't even go to "I don't want to live in a country where stupid people exist" Same logic here. Pay taxes to take care of your fellow Americans. I'm diabetic. My insulin pump alone costs $10k. I can't afford that out of pocket.
  13. "Guys, I'm not saying that they should be dead, I'm saying that they should be less alive than they currently are"
  14. Yo man, I'm cool with jokes and shit but I don't even know you lol slow your roll big dog. Get to know me before you try to get me into bed, goddamn
  15. The second suspect wasn't even involved in the issue other than calling the police to stop it. The kid's a hero. The stigma behind calling a terrorist Muslim is far more thirst quenching than it is to call a white kid a terrorist, so they choose "lone wolf", almost as a way to vindicate it. "Oh, he's troubled, ohh he was bullied. He didnt get the help he needs!" vs "those damn ragheads are blowing up everyone around them, ban them all" As a Muslim, Arab American, I feel so insulted when I see this happen. Sandy Hook. Colorado "Dark Knight Rises" film shooting, vs San Bernadino or the Orlando Massacre.