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  1. ChronosShift's Application [PENDING]

    refferino good paidmin, didnt abuse, cool guy to be around, doesnt cause trouble 2/20
  2. Hello sG

    are you sure about that? did you forget about @< FoxCom >'s intro for "esto clan-o?" also welcome to the forums
  3. pretty sure he called me a nerd two years ago on gmod ref 16/20
  4. My Resignation.

    Never got to actually talk to you but you seemed like a chill guy maybe ill see you around good luck buddy
  5. Happy birthday ya fuck

    HAPPY B DAY Grayson come back to ttt
  6. Hello

    waddup dawg
  7. Mouse causing lag

    It went away for about an hour and now its back. And its gone.
  8. Mouse causing lag

    yes it is via displayport
  9. Mouse causing lag

    It was on, I turned it off. Nothing changed. It seems to be an issue with the PC not the browser, because its happening on any application.
  10. Mouse causing lag

    I noticed that when Task Manager is on top, and there is a video playing in a window, whenever I move my cursor the video doesn't lag, but when my browser is on top the video lags.
  11. ok

    Welcome to the forums, pineapple is the only suitable topping for pizza
  12. Mouse causing lag

    I recently set up my first PC. Earlier today when I was playing PUBG I noticed that whenever I moved my mouse my computer would lag slightly. I brushed it off and just lowered the resolution. But after I got home from work today I went to play GMod it came back. It only ever happens when a game is playing. The cursor movement doesn't lag. I updated my GPU drivers, because I thought that might be the issue, but nothing changed. It only ever lags when I move my mouse. I tried to look up the issue, but I can't find an actual solution to the problem. It happens with any application that is running but is only extremely noticeable during games because any sound stutters, but when watching youtube videos its only screen lag. When I was playing Rocket League, I was using my steam controller and saw no lag when using it, but as soon as I moved my mouse my game would lag. I have checked for updates, there are none, I have unplugged and replugged my mouse back in, I have rebooted 3 times, I have also tried using my old mouse and nothing has changed. Taking a look at Task Manager also shows no issues. Mouse movement shows no spikes, CPU goes up to 23%, but no higher, RAM is at 37% stagnant, and GPU only rises up to 4%. I am at a loss at what to do. If anyone knows why its happening or how to fix it, please help. System: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X EVGA GTX 1080 FTW2 G SKILL TridentZ RGB 2x8GB MSI X370 Gaming Pro Mouse is Logitech G502