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  1. It was fun while it lasted guys. Thank you for everything.
  2. thew

    Happy Birthday!

    Wait how do I still have staff? Thanks
  3. thew


  4. HAPPY BELATED VALENTINES DAY youre a whore also i tried to bring it back but it was already dying by the time i became advisor
  5. 3/20 i changed your rank to recruit good luck
  6. thew

    im alive

    "1,000,000" subs Welcome back dude its been too long
  7. Can't wait first poggers
  8. thew

    Fall TTT Event

    @Ironic won a copy of PUBG courtesy of @Ironic for most C4 kills. @Wolfshade won a $20 steam card courtesy of @Ironic for best crowbar art. Thank you to everyone who participated in this TTT event.
  9. thew

    Fall TTT Event

    Last call for screenshots for prizes. Either post them here or send them to me on discord @thew#7711. I won't be accepting any after 10/30 @ 12 AM CDT.
  10. my name is Agreeablespoon2
  11. Thanks for your help with the TTT servers.
  12. thew

    Happy Birthday Dawg

    Happy birthday @Ironic hope 13 treats you well thats all have a nice day ur bad at ttt
  13. thew

    Fall TTT Event

    i changed it just for you
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