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    Sith Stepdown Thread

    WOW I mean you're not wrong, but still. Anyways Thank you for the time you've put in. Good luck.
  2. one can only hope
  3. thew

    Aye whats up

    Welcome to the forums! Come check out our TTT servers sometime.
  4. thew

    First brofest experience

    i thought i was gonna see narwhals and sean facing off but instead i saw narwhals and centran just showing off what kinds of heat their packing
  5. thew

    How Did You Come up with Your Username?

    When I first started playing Steam games, my name was "mietzen," my last name with the first letter swapped with the first letter of my first name, and then after two months or so of playing on the TTT servers I made some friends who had their names as colors with an asterisk at the end and I wanted to be like them even though practically everyone from sG hated them so I changed my name to "Blue*," kept that as my name for a few months then I wanted to apply and I saw a bunch of other people already had "blue" in their name so I changed it to "Orange*," I kept that name for 2 years, and then after I took a 6 month hiatus from games to focus on school I came back, disliked the name, changed it practically ever 20 minutes and when I wanted to reapply I knew I needed to stick to a name, and at the time one of my friends kept referring to me as "thew" because my first name is "Matthew" so I changed my name to "thew" and now I'm back to changing my name every 20 minutes. I also go with "thew" because my ex hates that nickname for me. if you couldn't tell i hate sticking to one name but i guess it helps people get to know you instead of having to be reminded of who you are
  6. thew

    Happy Birthday Pseudo Doctor

    how do you still have SO? anyways happy birthday, "good" "guy"
  7. thew

    Happy Birthday Kung!

    happy birthday kung
  8. thew

    Happy Birthday Matthew!

    Thank you everyone, except you Kaleb and that guy below me
  9. seems fine havent had a reason to dislike him 6/20
  10. thew


    Welcome to the forums. If you happen to own GMod, you should come check out our TTT servers some time.
  11. thew

    I'm Back

    welcome back
  12. easy yes 20/20 welcome buddy
  13. thew

    Serif's Application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    who is this guy? 14/20
  14. wow i even told you i would ref you no thanks 6/20
  15. thew

    Console's Application [DENIED]

    fine guy on gmod, no issues there, the only reason im holding back a ref at the time is that you only have 3 posts, one being a complaint about an admin that didnt actually go anywhere, second being intro post and the third is this app. just wanna see more activity on the forums before a ref