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  1. Harmy's Application [PENDING]

    you make it seem like no one beats their dick here. i'll replace chang's ref. ref idk how to tag you but if you want people to take your app seriously then make a serious intro
  2. sG Stock Market Simulator - Season 2!!!

  3. Black Friday

    You said you gotta WIN the raffle. Even IF you win the raffle you still have the buy the shoe @ retail price. Plus, only a couple hundred people would win (200 at most). Plus, they use a ticket system in where you start off with 100 tickets that you put in each shoe. I've seen people in local facebook groups with 15k+ tickets and they also got multiple accounts that have that many tickets as well. Like you said earlier though is no harm in trying
  4. GCC PUBG Squad Event!

  5. Gaming Community Central Partnership

    Damn, even he has a Title. Ollie for GCC advisor? thinking
  6. GCC PUBG Event Sign-ups

  7. Ice's Application [APPROVED]

    ref ref count : 16/20 (including myself)
  8. GCC PUBG Event Sign-ups

    @sweetrock @Revöker @Piplup @Sponsored @just reX @Reaper0470 @Sportsteen583 you guys can make a PUBG team among each other. Choose the best people to make a team

    We bringing this thread back to life. Calling all sneakerheads. This week has a lot of hyped shoes coming out Off-White x Nike "The Ten" : https://sneakernews.com/2017/10/25/official-raffle-schedule-off-white-x-nike-ten-collection/ (Pics of Shoes and Stockists) Pharell NMD Hu "Hiking" : https://sneakernews.com/2017/11/07/pharrell-adidas-nmd-hu-trail-release-info/ Air Jordan 11 '82 : https://www.kicksonfire.com/air-jordan-11-midnight-navy-release-date/ What y'all think? @Sean @Chaulklet.Shake(Elmo) idk if you guys still follow shoes or not
  10. GCC PUBG Squad Event!

    @Sean Am I still in your team?
  11. David's Application [APPROVED]

    Will ref, has been active in the community for years and continues to do so. Very active on discord and forums too
  12. Guardian's App [APPROVED]

    Will refer
  13. Your Czar Salad's Application [DENIED]

    Since Travesty ref'd you, i'll ref you!
  14. nymical's Application [APPROVED]

    Will refer Seems like a smart dude and posts relevant IRL stuff on discord and on the forums instead of mindless bullshit or shitposts.
  15. AznNinja506 "SugarNinja" APP [APPROVED]