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  1. Sadlyevil

    sG WoW

    @Sean are you all still playing?
  2. @fps_trucka If you download super smash brothers melee on dolphin for the computer i will play with you, my wii u is broken lmao but i think that would better prepare you for smash ultimate
  3. Sadlyevil

    Post your Battle.net IDs here!

  4. Sadlyevil

    World of Warcraft Guild?

    So i heard around that we have a WOW guild and i decided to start playing the new expansion, if anyone has any info on the realm that its on or the guild please let me know <3
  5. Sadlyevil

    Competitive CS

    i can play with you on my alt account lol
  6. Sadlyevil

    Competitive CS

    anyone down to try and rank up in CSGO? (Prefer Prime Matchmaking)
  7. Borderlands series is super fun, but borderlands 3 just got delayed until 2020. Also Skyrim has a multiplayer mod in development, that would be hella fun.
  8. Sadlyevil

    Santa Fe School Shooting

    We have school police at our school and I promise and I would feel more safe with them than with America’s homeless veterans. I do think America’s veteran problem is a real issue but that would be a terrible way to go about getting them a job, especially when many of the homeless veterans have mental illness like PTSD. However I don’t think this is a gun control problem at all, I think that this is a societal issue in America. Somewhere the kids of our (my) generation are failing to see the importance of life and especially respect to others. Suicide rates have also increased as well as school shootings. In the high school I attend, If someone wanted to cause harm to the school or students, they would do it regardless of gun control laws and regardless of school protection. We need to change something in our society. I would also say I go to one of the more aggressive schools in at least Nevada. We often have 2-3 fights break out every week. I just feel like people are raising their kids wrong.
  9. Sadlyevil

    Lets make a story only two words!

    Past present or future???
  10. Sadlyevil

    Lets make a story only two words!

    Last time
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