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  1. @Travesty Team Name: The Retired Members: Rufus STEAM_1:1:53767998 Eeiu STEAM_0:0:43002821 Bite STEAM_0:0:127719098 Jiffy STEAM_0:0:42782562 Nerd STEAM_1:0:93283786 Sub: Dethyus STEAM_1:1:95033032
  2. I Am Back BABY!!

    WB man
  3. Fortnite

    Minecraft Pubg?
  4. New Years Poker Tourney

    Im down sign me up
  5. Happy Birthday Marine!

    Happy Bday Spiro

    Happy Bday
  7. Staff Changes 9/17/17

    Gratz guys
  8. Happy birthday Yunki!

    Happy Bday
  9. HBD: Kawaii Taboo Edition!

    Happy Bday
  10. Happy Birthday Lindsay!

    Happy Bday
  11. Who wants their voice in jailbreak?

  12. Happy Birthday Ruffles!!!!!!

    Happy Bday
  13. TTTGO Raffle *-*

    Thanks FAM
  14. Happy birthday to a huge nerd

    happy bday
  15. RAYNE!

    Happy Bday
  16. Squeaker Getting a Little Less Squeaky. HBD

    Happy Bday reese
  17. Karma

    Happy Bday
  18. Banned from CS:GO

    Thanks fam
  19. Banned from CS:GO

    im not surprised if he gets banned on leage too.