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  1. Rufus

    Sad to say

    Peace bro
  2. sign me up @Sean
  3. ok ill be there
  4. Rufus

    New donation from SmugJack

    pizza party?
  5. Rufus

    Happy Birthday Clamps!

    happy Bday
  6. Rufus

    sG 2018 World Cup

  7. Rufus

    Hi everyone

    Wb bro
  8. Rufus


  9. Should have been flash instead of eddie
  10. Rufus

    GCC CS:GO Random 5V5 Tournament

  11. Rufus

    Happy Birthday Beerman!!!

    Happy bday
  12. Rufus

    sg > every other clan

    It was random
  13. @Travesty Team Name: The Retired Members: Rufus STEAM_1:1:53767998 Eeiu STEAM_0:0:43002821 Bite STEAM_0:0:127719098 Jiffy STEAM_0:0:42782562 Nerd STEAM_1:0:93283786 Sub: Dethyus STEAM_1:1:95033032
  14. Rufus

    I Am Back BABY!!

    WB man
  15. Rufus


    Minecraft Pubg?
  16. Rufus

    New Years Poker Tourney

    Im down sign me up
  17. Rufus

    Happy Birthday Marine!

    Happy Bday Spiro