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  1. Eeiu

    eeiu birthday :d

    still remember being like 14 and having to wait to make my app to join the clan @Marine Putin 17y/o starting to feel like a grandpa D: also sry for never being active anymore it's basically all @Jiffy's fault
  2. damn that mustve been a fucking kneeslapper LMAO! LOL LOL!!!! OMG!! holy actual fuck kevin hart sign my profile plz why do you get mad enough to block me if it was just a joke
  3. yo also shoutout to @-Sharp- for lying to his team that he's A+ on ESEA and Main not to mention saying hes the best in sG LMAOOOOOOOOOOO i posted on his ESEA guestbook exposing him & he deleted it and blocked me https://gyazo.com/a7c3207be67a1bde4eeaaa35f12c464b yeaaa.. bruh ur probably the best in sG arent u and u dropped like 10 kills against me because of ping lag huh? https://gyazo.com/5f4074154b63ae854a6c36a6a97a4988 LFMAO what a joke
  4. @Sean ggs https://clips.twitch.tv/HotSpunkyPangolinSmoocherZ https://clips.twitch.tv/PlacidAthleticLaptopPJSalt @Jiffy and @Rufus are suck and place 2nd place noobs 1st map https://gyazo.com/04a5bf9900ab5e2feaa1574563652499 2nd map https://gyazo.com/689d04b11a955cb6a63fdbcd02d9a525 3rd map the stream ended early, but heres scores on left and right 1 round before end of map (16-10) https://gyazo.com/0bda18fcd76223b8eb3332f198c249ab
  5. Eeiu

    GCC CS:GO Random 5V5 Tournament

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/eeiu/ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:43002821
  6. Eeiu

    sg > every other clan

    highlights of the last bo5 (only 1 game since they forfeited after it was 1-0) shoutout to justin's 360 cz 1tap one time (not in bo5) https://clips.twitch.tv/BetterImpossibleToadOpieOP rufus on purpose 1deags definitely not accidents (went on to drop like 6 kills the rest of the game) https://clips.twitch.tv/PricklyProudBisonTBTacoLeft jiffy calls runboost in 2v1 and hits the light on top of a site cache https://clips.twitch.tv/PleasantAcceptableTrollDogFace azzkicker meat grinder on a site and ace stolen really fuck that eeiu guy holy shit https://clips.twitch.tv/AstuteThoughtfulPidgeonDAESuppy rufus fails to trade the easiest kill highway, instead of just swinging versus an awper who cant shoot he shoulders whitebox and holds his mouse with his elbows https://clips.twitch.tv/TriumphantManlyNuggetsTF2John oh we also had a meat grinder on b site ggs https://clips.twitch.tv/EnthusiasticEasyGarageTheTarFu also jiffy's prize was @Misaki too forgot to add that :]
  7. Eeiu

    sg > every other clan

    we only ever shit talked whatever team Asmi was on some of his teammates were shit talking us before we said shit, saying jiffy wouldn't ever get out of main, or like even asking jiffy's teammate to expose his worst maps and shit like that
  8. Eeiu

    sg > every other clan

    update: bite just bet away his $130 knife on csgoruby
  9. Eeiu

    sg > every other clan

    no other clan can take a map off of us in csgo its so easy also prizes from GCC if anyone was wondering, rufus: ~$85 steam games bite: $130 steam games + like some other shit that hes getting 10 days from now jiffy: $8 skin gambled away ($0) (azzkicker) dethyus: $8 skin gambled away ($0) eeiu: $4 steam game nerd: 0$ (dethyus stole his skins) [*] good work team
  10. Eeiu

    Idea for an event

    how about a csgo tourny yep yup ^^^
  11. Eeiu

    Happy Birthday, Sweetrock!

    hbday mom