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  1. 49/20 heard hes been poppin servers
  2. KiLLeR

    The Chang Dynesty has fallen

    Thanks for all your work as a ZE adv and good luck with life
  3. KiLLeR

    sG snapchat group.

    wait this isn’t the sG chat that’s been going for a while now right? This is something new i’m assuming and not the poop chats group iTsAlex279
  4. KiLLeR

    Populate Jailbreak Tomorrow

    hopefully i’m on. ping me on discord pls
  5. KiLLeR


    Happy birthday bro, have a great one!
  6. KiLLeR

    Happy Birthday KARMA

    Happy Birthday Hope you had a good one
  7. KiLLeR


    Yeah definitely one of the best maps ive played in a long time
  8. KiLLeR

    Currently I'm putting together a Slap City Tournament

    Never heard of it but it looks pretty cool. I’d be interested in playing during the event. I haven’t seen much but free for all sounds like a better way to do a tourney.
  9. KiLLeR


    Welcome to the forums
  10. KiLLeR

    Definitely a flying shark birthday

    Happy birthday man, hope ya had a good one.
  11. KiLLeR

    Destiny 2 Free Weekend

    $100? Its all for sale right now for $40 which is way less than the original price my dude. I agree with both of you that they fucked this game up bad. I didn't play at all during the 2nd season but i've enjoyed the warmind DLC and the Spire of Stars lair isn't that bad. Also both raids are getting new prestige modes for free in like a week.
  12. KiLLeR

    Destiny 2 Free Weekend

    why though? If someone were to pick it up now they would have enough content to last them till september which is when the game is supposed to be even better than its current state.
  13. KiLLeR

    Destiny 2 Free Weekend

    If you're like me and haven't bought destiny 2 yet on PC you can play it this weekend free with all the content unlocked. There is also a discount on the game + dlc combo pack which im hoping to buy since I currently play this game on PS4 exclusively. Here's an article with more information on it: https://www.pcgamer.com/destiny-2-is-free-to-play-this-weekend/ Just figured i'd let everyone know in case anybody is bored and wants to try a different game for free.
  14. KiLLeR

    Steppin down

    Thanks for all the stuff you did as an SO
  15. KiLLeR

    Dicey's App [PENDING][APPROVED]

    15/20 we used to play back in the day we should play sometime man