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  1. Sign me up Going for the PUBG because too poor to buy it
  2. This shit made me start craving mcdonald's nuggets and fries. I'm going tomorrow for lunch, thanks dood
  3. yo

    Welcome back man
  4. this is crazy how does stuff like this happen, it's 2017 people
  5. Congrats man!
  6. Happy Birthday man!
  7. Happy Birthday vnetsu, thanks for being a team player during the tourney
  8. it makes it so the classic left click right click doesn't kill. Also makes it so whenever you do a game where it's ct vs. t unfair and you have to give/strip armor from the players. T's are already handicapped by not having weapons, why add armor to make it even harder?
  9. Good luck to the participating members
  10. I got my username because my name is ZoMBiE_K1LLeR42O on playstation (was made when i was 12, ZoMBiE was the clan). Then it was K1LLeR because KiLLeR was taken by someone until a staff member got them to delete the inactive account and give me the name.
  11. Happy Birthday bro funky>yunki
  12. inb4 oldfags come on to mass fk one last time before they quit playing lookin at you iCop, i know you love them points
  13. I'm confused, are you implying that depression is going to eventually kill you? Whatever the case, i had lots of fun playing with you and thanks for all the times you helped pop jb or hopped on to admin it. o/
  14. Can someone give L4 access to /sonic on jailbreak? We can do speed and color but not sonic which is literally a combination of the two commands Haven't tested if we have /ninja either but i know we can do gravity and color as well.