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      WIPE HYPE- Early Edition   01/12/17

      Nicer junk, further optimization, loot table fixes, and more.   Go check out the new map:   
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      There is someone who is banned from sG who is pretending to be me trying to scam community members. DONT ACCEPT ANY OFFERS FROM THIS PERSON, DONT EVEN ADD THIS PERSON His steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198305480550   SteamID: STEAM_0:0:172607411   He was already perma banned for impersonating another JCS member.


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  1. I have the razer naga chroma as well have been using naga for 3 years are great
  2. Guess I get to buy more cases
  3. Who the fuck are you
  4. Why wouldn't everyone farm?
  5. yea. Anyone can ask but people we hate we just won't respond to
  6. Squeaker Squad has already done this if you interested in joining. Anyone can ask me and I'll invite you to our discord. No people we hate.
  7. When someone beats you at strafe jump "He is hacking" This kid has been playing sG recently and he just nutty @KiD Fearless
  8. got the 15$ thing now I can play the games I played on xbox
  9. @Piero I took some screenshots for you dude
  10. So I was withdrawing 200$ on CSGOroll and I saw a gut knife Doppler that was really red. I bought it and what do you know it's one of those rare patterns.
  11. I'm sorry for your lost of a best friend.
  12. I like your BIG, BLACK W E W L A D

  14. Where would Star Wars clone wars 2003-2005 fall into this?