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  1. O Shit. I hope you enjoy yourself and work any problems out.
  2. Damnit. There was no Removal update looks like I'm not special.
  3. Took valve 2 weeks. Nice
  4. This is probably the last post I'll make (for a lot of you guys you will be relieved). I just want to say thanks to the few that truly helped me grow as a person @bulletford @Travesty lastly my boy @Howard Dean Peace out sG
  5. i got a new snapchat @Ironic get on ts3 i'll give u new one
  6. @Ironic we need to start playing world at war again
  7. @Ironic get on ts3
  8. I got some coupons that I don't need if you want any just add me and message below which ones you want.
  9. Newfags. My boy @Longcat has been out here slaying since day 1. A year ago was his 40th anniversary.
  10. Not saying we shouldn't remove it but I fell like a lot of people who don't actively play JB anymore are just bandwagons to remove it.
  11. WC3 Overwatch first of its kind
  12. Wow now I know why Fearless Fixes the maps so he can put a giant ass watermark.
  13. @Valamarl I'm going to need to add u on skype again
  14. @Eddy Can't val reclaim community member like how renegade and savage princess did?
  15. Valamarl The man the myth the legend skype with @Hay0ger.Tonee and I again