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  1. Personally I dont think a 1000 dollar pc build for an I3 is worth it. I say scrap it and re-do it. When I built my i5 my entire pc cost me 860 dollars, monitor and windows OS was bought separately.
  2. about 25 cents
  3. Rust doesnt have dinosaurs. Get ark, play PVE with me.
  4. 30 dollars.
  5. So listen, I've been binge playing Ark survival. I play a modded server, and it has gotten to the point where I just want people to play with me. Every time I die I tend to loose a few of my items and starting over. Anyone interested in playing Ark or is this game a dead trend?
  6. Yeah, my schedule got all over the place and I kind of just... fucked you guys over. Once everything slows down for me, I'll be able to play again. i might have also gotten burned out slightly of DnD so the way everytrhing happened is kind of good, since it will allow me to... well.. recompose myself. And I think im just too behind to hop back on, I'll see at another campaign.
  7. Befriending a reject member from the weeaboo army called @Lux i can 100% confirm as a staff member that taboo is the general of the weeaboo army. I repeat taboo is their general , or as they refer to ; Mighty Overlord. Kill the head of the sneak.
  8. and not even a picture?
  9. Nau never showed up
  10. Bumped. Added Overwatch Badges + sG Veteran badges. Badges have already been delivered for the O.W Event Winners
  11. Congratulations to team #69 for winning the Overwatch Tournament. @Rufus @shikaku @Nick #FUCKISIS You guys are the winners and get to pick first place from our prize pool. Simply state what you want from the prize pool in the Event listing. Second place goes to : Gang Gang Crip Blood @DerpyPwny @Rootbeer @Chowder Willl pick the second prizes. This is the brackets and to see how everyone did how the matches went. http://challonge.com/sgoverwatch3v3 Remember folks that there is also the Bonus clip, just send us the proof of your Play of the games, rules are listed in the original topic.
  12. I'll Play.
  13. Due to some changes in the planogram, Uxsee's team requested to resign from the event since some players from his team were not able to show up. Current teams for the event are- Team#69- @Rufus Nick @shikaku Gang Gang Crip Blood- @DerpyPwny @Chowder @Rootbeer Thicc Boys - Rex Pepper @Sponsored Chowder > Naufrage - @Reaper0470 @Shinoa ツ @York Meme Nation - @krony @DR3Y @TheAAAngel One more team if anyone would like to sign up would be ideal to make a full set of 6, but thanks all for your participation and signing up for the event.
  14. hey look its a staff digest.
  15. Hes fine, I locked the other thread, I asked for them to sign up in this thread to make it all unilateral for the new sign ups