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  1. The realist maybe back ;)

    Fuzzy is a fucking retard, And I really used to fuck with Shifu and then he went full retarded.
  2. Console's Application [DENIED]

    Its ok to get banned on your alt, they didn't apply. @DMODW That may be the case, but so far man, I think we may be judging him a bit too early. Much like we did with that other guy from gmod, hamburger something? Seemed really nice and then at the end of his Recruiting period , became an asshole. Difference is, last time we could vote no.
  3. Fresh start

    @Lindsay youre a cunt still Ah shit i guess I already ruined my fresh start post. tomorrow ill make a new one
  4. Fresh start

    After a lot of chaotic conversation in discord I've come to the realization that I've been a toxic individual within the community and this is my thread starting over, a brand new person. New Day, new me. This is my fresh start I hope u guys giv me a chance to prove that i really changed. Im sorry to all my friedns whom ive hurt their feelings.
  5. Thats p good advertisement. I support it.
  6. ashleyann23

    Since this isn't CD; You're retarded and you should not eat soup without floaties because you might drown yourself. Welcome to the forums, you're on your way to becoming an admin. Soon™
  7. did i get in yet

    Wasnt gonna vote but now I am. Edit: Its closed, you're lucky.
  8. Thank you Centran

    I really appreciate it. It was very out of the blue You're da best. <3 @centran
  9. New to forums

    Hello man, I hope one day you get rich enough to buy yourself a little house! Hobos are cool n all.
  10. JB Ideas

    Simple fix for the issue Server Pop <8 = Unmute all players at all times Including dead players. Server pop 8> = Ts muted just like we have it now, dead players unmuted. If you dont want to hear dead players do a command such as !stopdead and it mutes all dead players. I think that's the best thing to do. Edit : I dont know how to sign, you got the gist.
  11. Jailbreak Mapping Contest (June 20th-Sept 1st)

    @ElectronicDrug @JFK @thorgot
  12. League of Legends Tournament

    We could always attempt to do a league torney, but it would require a high amount of players to want to participate. It would need a minimum of 20 people to participate for the event to be worth it, it would have to be 4 5x5 teams. No one wants to play 3v3 and it would have to be in a competitive scene. We can see what we can do about it, but the community would need to be able to have a voice on it. Start off by it being captains pick. A league event is simply a lot of work, and it would require HIGHLY on the community's commitment to it. Like not showing up late for the matches, since theyw ould have to be a Bo3 or something like that, to make it fair. That's easily 1-2 hours per team rotation.
  13. Payday2 Free

    Saw this on Discord but it seems like no one has made a post here yet Payday 2 is Free at the moment and you'll get a permanent copy of the game when you install it. http://store.steampowered.com/app/218620/PAYDAY_2/ In the case you don't have the game yet, I HIGHLY suggest you go and download it!
  14. coming back

    Welcome back, glad youre out of that abusive relationship.
  15. What's going on?

    We shouldn't make another event for Jailbreak, because even if we pop the server during the event, it will be short-term fix for the issue. As soon as the event is over, people will slowly fade away, just like it is happening once more. I'm thinking on what we can do to fix this issue, but at the moment, I think the best thing to do is wait a week for finals or so to be over, and then come up with an action plan, since people will be playing more often.