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  1. Thank god I didnt jump in the hype train all my friends were trying to push me to p2p is cancer. >Charges full Triple A price for a game >Cuts corners everywhere they can to save money when they add in servers they'll just fill the game with microtransactions
  2. I mean, you've already waited 18 years to get a tattoo. If after you asked someone their opinion, someone that has more experience than you in the service, Someone who is your direct boss, and he told you to wait, why the fuck would you go ahead and still do it? What's another year or two for a tatoo dude? that shit's in your skin forever. Just wait. Listen to him. He probably knows better than you.
  3. Long time no see buddy. How've you been Val?
  4. Servers are based on central/ PST. You're retarded. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  5. The population in Jailbreak does need to change. The server is lower populated than it used to be. To be honest, what travesty has said is very truthful about the population decline. I know that the last time I played jailbreak, I was tired of it after 45 minutes. Reason being is due to wardens being repetitive, the same things happening after every round. Our Jailbreak has found a pattern: Out of cells, play one map game, give lr. Rinse and repeat. The moment someone tries to do something different, they end up or dying due to rebellers, or no one cooperates (which is fine, its the point of the game) , but nothing comes out of it. Even if they do succeed, the next warden tends to repeat the pattern, simply reverting back to its nature. Rust has helped the population decline, which is understandable, the servers are always populated in rust, its fun to raid and cause chaos with your friends. A Lot of the Jailbreak population (And other servers) shifted to rust as their main gameplay. Now, take in note that I am not attacking the rust server nor hold a grudge against it. Another major point regarding Jailbreak and our community The community shuns and ridicules jailbreak. Let me emphasize that for you The community shuns and ridicules jailbreak. Most of the people here started in the jailbreak server, and yet they get to a point in time in their life where they change servers and then forget about jailbreak. Talk to anyone regarding jailbreak, the first thing they'll say is "Jailbreak's cancer". People tend to turn their back to their roots - I understand if you don't like the server anymore, but the more you diminish it, the more you mock the population and the server, the more people will be repelled from it and join the bandwagon of "shitting on jailbreak." Jailbreak for the longest time was the bread and butter for the community, its main source of income, and instead of promoting it, everyone just shits on it. There's no support whatsoever. its hard to want to play a server where almost everyone just shits on you for doing it.
  6. All fixed. Try again.
  7. After two weeks Welcome back @MistaChang he went through with it @Travesty. Pay up. Thanks to @Duex for reminding me of it on discord edit: Duex's a cunt.
  8. She got destroyed. Obliterated. Fucking drilled into hell. But on the other side, all of the clips shown were biased towards Democrats drilling into her, I'll take it as a grain of salt because yknow, different parties making life harder for eachother.
  9. I really appreciate the game, February, I never played arma 3 but I cant wait to roleplay in it. I'm going to be a little girl that needs to be rescued and in exchange for sexual favors. @October
  10. Happy birthday to my favorite German in the community, and one of the only mappers for TTTGO ! <3 @Jodas
  11. Hi

  12. Clear bhop scripts, thank you for the evidence. Banned.
  13. No I need another 5 for tip and tax Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  14. The thing that annoys me the most is Papi calling us SG as if we are slayers gaming. Our s is lower case, please sir.