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  1. Mark from Facebook

    Community Update 6/28/18

    Congrats to all of those that got staff!
  2. Mark from Facebook

    Safe to say ZE is done for?

    Face is your Advisor.
  3. Mark from Facebook

    Culture of sG

    I do agree with this point within the community. I've already had multiple conversations with some friends within sG and staff members, and whilst I agree that the community is not dead, there is also no influx of new members comming in often. And reason for that is mainly due to sG being mainly a CSGO community, and other games capturing most of the casual gamers (fortnite etc). We still do have people that used to play in our servers want to come back , just the other day I saw someone in CD appeal a perm ban because he missed the community. In the end of the day, sG is different from most of the communities out there, and as much as I agree with most points that Destin made, and we do have room to improve, its not like sG is in a terrible place currently. Sure, we are not as popular as we were 2-3 years ago, our golden age, but that's because the game lost popularity. I do realize that HellsGamers aswell has maintained a solid population all around (checking their Game-me and Sourcebans) their servers maintains a solid 14-20 population on week days, I would say that we need to find a way to make our servers more populated, but the problem is no one knows how, and there is no real way to maintain the population. Something that I wished I saw more were more active staff in the frontrunner. Not just RO's and the Occasional advisor interacting with people, showing they are active, but people within Manager/JCS ranks being a bit more.. alive? I know Mimic is always in the shadows, and he is very active in the community behind the curtain, but at the same time, I only know that because when I was RO that is exactly how things were, but to those looking in, it just seems like they allow the community to slowly dwindle away. And I must ask aswell, Destin, given how you have said yourself - You've tried out three other communties prior to comming back to sG. If we are such a toxic community, and so unwelcoming, what made you come back? Why didn't you just stay where you were?
  4. Mark from Facebook

    hi from skorp

    damn dude been a while
  5. how you talking about 3's and forget LOTR? fucking degenerate
  6. Mark from Facebook

    TotalBiscuit Passed Away

    RIP Total Biscuit, he really helped pave ways into the e-sports journalism.
  7. Mark from Facebook

    How has sG affected your life?

    I joined around sG towards the end of High school, but damn it was fun. I've never been much of a go-out-and-party kind of guy, now days I do a lot more get togethers with my friends than I did throughout high school for obvious reasons, but even now I sometimes tend to not go out to just sit at home and play video games. I know how bad that sounds, but I like the peace and somewhat quiet that I have in my own house, just shooting the shit with people online. I've made a post about it, but sG has been my escape for when i was really down due to personal life issues, and albeit the servers are not popped the community is not dead. Whenever someone needs a get away from issues in their life, or something along those lines, there's always discord , where you can talk to other people and just have an overall good time.
  8. Mark from Facebook

    Step Down

    how will we keep track of the calendar now. what day is today
  9. Mark from Facebook

    Santa Fe School Shooting

    there is no such thing as privacy whilst in school.
  10. Mark from Facebook

    Santa Fe School Shooting

    What if we made the purchase of guns limited to those 21 and up? Mainly because the people in high school are 18 years old and sometimes they want to lash out, but with time, they leave that group of friends and life moves on. What if someone only above the age of 21 was legal to purchase guns, do you think that would have a positive effect on gun control (mainly due to them being older and a bit more responsible at that age?)
  11. Mark from Facebook

    Santa Fe School Shooting

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/18/us/texas-school-shooting/index.html Another School Shooting in the United states just happened. The article states that its the 22nd school shooting since the year started and third school shooting in eight days. I'm already desensitized over school shootings due to their frequency, but holy shit, something needs to be done for better gun control. I don't have the solution, nor I know what the solution would be without limiting the second amendment, but something needs to change before we have a new shooting every day. This is america.
  12. Mark from Facebook

    Humble Bundle Destiny 2

    https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?hmb_source=navbar&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=tile_index_2 Humble bundle currently has a 12 dollar a month membership with destiny 2 currently being the staple. You get to keep the game afterwards, so you have a high chance of getting a 60 dollar title for 12 bucks a month when they rotate their game subscription. didnt see a post regarding this yet.
  13. Mark from Facebook

    War3 CS:GO 5v5 Competitive Tournament - Poll

    following MOBA rules - They have a pool of 10-20 races to choose from, and each team has roughly 2 classes they can ban , limiting the pool a bit more. Example - I know i want to play a knife class, so I ban Molecule so that way when I pick flame pred, they can't immediately counter me. And much like a moba its a rotating pick. 1-2-3 4-5-6 So 1 picks, then 4-5 can pick their races and then 2-3 are allowed to pick and 6 gets to pick his class so he can counter/assist his team in any way dependant on how the enemy team has picked/his own team strats. Think like a League ranked game is ran. Same way would work. Seems pertty ambitious and if it works well, it can be a staple event to happen every few months.
  14. Mark from Facebook

    editing genius

    Reminds me of the oldschool youtube days when mw montages were all over the place. I like it tbh. good job jiffy, all these cucks criticizing the video can't do better. <3