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  1. Mark from Facebook

    Anyone here Vietnamese? Going to Vietnam this summer

    Pinging @Cat-o and @Taboo Pretty sure both of those guys are of viet heritage @Travesty I'd try and get in contact with them if you could.
  2. Mark from Facebook

    Arma 3 ?

    Yeah. Ive been playing arma a lot and even meddled in some arma 3 starwars RP. Shit's legit.
  3. Mark from Facebook

    Please accept me :) [PENDING]

    Wolfshade accepted, and never bothered to move the dude to sGr. That's yikes. thanks @thew for doing our RO's job. Cringy dude. I'll ref him, name's super familiar.
  4. Mark from Facebook


    When i go visit you you'll WISH you had more bones in your chest because im gonna BEAT U UP
  5. Mark from Facebook


    youre a disgusting pig and cant cook for shit go fuck yourself you god damn inbred @Hawk feedback please
  6. Mark from Facebook

    Getting admin back

    Yeah Shikaku, I think you're misenterpreting the entire situation. At no point in time he said "HEY LISTEN FUCKERS I NEED MY ADMIN AND I DESERVE IT." If you attempted to log in a server, and didn't have your admin, you would probably do the same thing, instead of saying "Oh my privilege is removed, guess that's it for me boys"
  7. Mark from Facebook

    sG Official Podcast

    Yeah. I'm the main host. Me trucka and Vexer are going to be in every podcast (as much as we can at least). But 20 minutes prior to recording they said I'm main host now.
  8. Mark from Facebook

    My time is now.

    Quality shitpost
  9. Mark from Facebook

    Post pictures of your food

    Alright so these are going to be from the Earlier years to most recent, all taken from my phone. I'm nowhere near Hawk's level of cooking, but I aspire to be. I love cooking way too much. I'll take more pictures as I progress, those are what I had on my phone, and as much as I love cooking, I may take a culinary course after college. <3
  10. Mark from Facebook

    My new profession

    A lot of the American market has shifted that Blue-Collar jobs are bad. In Europe they're still sought after, afaik. But Im glad for blue collar jobs, because if my car broke down, I sure as fuck don't know how to fix it. c:
  11. Mark from Facebook

    Congratulations Nicole!

    @BabyNicol3 Just came in the discord chat and told us she just threw up, pulling a classic sweetrock! Congratulations on your pregnancy, best of luck with the new kid!
  12. Mark from Facebook

    I Have A Dream [Social Experiment] [[SASSY]] [TikTok Anthem]

    Shit dude, this was quality read. Welcome home destin.
  13. Mark from Facebook

    Nau's Application. [PENDING][APPROVED]

    Abstain.42/20 @Revöker has hit the nail in the head. And I'll post what I've written in discord to naufrage directly that best sums up my thoughts on the entire voting system. But the biggest thing is that there is no more incentive to really vote, but Naufrage is bringing population back to the forums, which has been dead since discord has been the biggest way we've talked to one another. But in the end of the day, Its about what the community wants. If we're wrong, we're wrong and he'll get Jp'd again. If we're not and he actually matured, it will be a good addition to the clan. Best of luck Nau.
  14. Mark from Facebook


    ...... Are we not telling him? Nice to see you Ocean, I saw you beating the maps in skill surf, and you still need to teach me how to surf, don't think I forgot that.
  15. Mark from Facebook

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    I thought that the idea of no armor would be to the solution of the problem, hence why I voted that way. Specially so when T's want to rebel, it would make more sense for it to happen. Playing the past 2 days in JB for a couple of hours, in high pop, moderate pop and low pop, it came to the realization of how much damage we can do as a prisoner with no armor to the CT team. I want to change my vote to Armor but no helmet (certain maps give you pistols to rebel, and it would destroy those maps if there were helmets). Or maybe find a 50/50 (50 armor + Helmet being in use), but then I think that would be useless. Its hard to find a balance, be cause if it is 100 armor and helmet, I feel like it is very CT sided (I do understand that there is a disparity between CT and T's , so there will never be " CT sided" ), but with no armor it becomes too easy to rebel. 100 armor no helmet seems to be the most viable way to do so, because 0 armor + helmet would equate to just as easy of a rebel (2 cut), 100 armor would put them to a more valid standpoint against your average knife fight, but vunerable to maps with pistols to start. IF THE MAP GIVES YOU ARMOR+HELMET THAT IS FINE, BUT NOT EVERY MAP DOES SO. SO ON AVERAGE, I FEEL LIKE IT WOULD BE A BIT MORE BALANCED