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  1. the only real beta for destiny 2 hasn't started yet. #pcmasterrace
  2. fuck off hacker
  3. suck my ass happy birthday zeep zeep
  4. I enjoy new movies, and I like watching them in theaters. I do not like when movies don't die, like Transformers, its getting too fucking old
  5. lmao, I'm so much better god damn casuals, man.
  6. What area do you live in? because your local microcenter or even Costco might have decently priced PC's
  7. Does that case feel flimsy at all? I've read some reviews and I still can't decide what case I should get. The hue+ is on my list along with the s340 elite
  8. have you tried running as admin? edit: i cant read for shit
  9. cutie
  10. see ya later alligator
  11. hey hey hey my man
  12. yo yo yo