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  1. Post a Picture of Your Setup

    The monitors are un-level because of the mount on the back of my AOC, also if the right monitor was any lower I wouldn't be able to reach the power button on the monitor since the speaker is there. I like the way my setup is, but your criticism is valid my desk is brand new, 73-inch sit-stand from Ikea. however, I can't bring it to college because it's too big
  2. Destiny 2

    the only real beta for destiny 2 hasn't started yet. #pcmasterrace
  3. Banned from CS:GO

    fuck off hacker

    suck my ass happy birthday zeep zeep
  5. I enjoy new movies, and I like watching them in theaters. I do not like when movies don't die, like Transformers, its getting too fucking old
  6. lmao, I'm so much better god damn casuals, man.
  7. Thinking about buying a decent PC.

    What area do you live in? because your local microcenter or even Costco might have decently priced PC's
  8. PS4 players

  9. Build Log - July 6th 2017

    Does that case feel flimsy at all? I've read some reviews and I still can't decide what case I should get. The hue+ is on my list along with the s340 elite
  10. Rainbow Six Siege won't launch on this computer..

    have you tried running as admin? edit: i cant read for shit
  11. Trinity Crushes Food Adventure

  12. Step Down

    see ya later alligator
  13. Let me just hit a dab <o/

    hey hey hey my man